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Apart from Andis and Oster, Wahl is probably one of the biggest clipper manufacturers in the whole world. Founded in 1919 by Leo J. Wahl, the century-old Illinois based company has earned the reputation of delivering award-winning grooming products.

But just how good are their dog clippers? To this end, we can confidently confirm that the company has come a great way. They have a wide variety of clippers some good but a few other not-so-good ones as well.

Comparison Table: Best Wahl Dog Clippers

Below now is a list of some of the units from this company that we feel are quite well-made. We have also paired them up with detailed reviews below.

Wahl Dog Clippers Reviews

1. Wahl 9777 Professional Animal SS Pro Pet and Dog Clipper

Thick and heavy coats require to be groomed regularly because they make dogs uncomfortableThe Wahl 9777 Professional Animal Clipper is a complete kit providing convenience in grooming your dog and also maintaining the clipper.

The package includes everything you need to clip your dog effectivelyThe kit includes the clipper, a Storage case, Drive tip removal tool, 2 Stainless Steel Attachment Combs, #10 Competition Series blade, blade oil, a cleaning brush, and 2 extra replacement drive tips.

It is a single speed clipper with an incredible power of 3,200 SPM for efficient and fast clipping. It is fitted with a heavy-duty power cord to withstand any pulls during grooming.

For ergonomics, it is cool running, while the housing is contoured and ridged for a comfortable grip. In addition, it is lightweight preventing hand fatigue.

To top it all up, it is affordable and it is covered by the manufacturer’s one year warranty.


  • Cool running and ergonomically constructed for a comfortable grip
  • You are getting a complete coat grooming kit and clipper maintenance accessories
  • It is inexpensive
  • It has the manufacturer’s one year warranty


  • The clipper has one speed
  • It is corded

2. Wahl Professional Animal 9791-301 KM10 Brushless Motor 2-Speed Pet Clipper

The Wahl 9791-301 Clipper provides stress-free clipping, thanks to its quiet motor. You are getting value for money because although this clipper is a bit pricey, it is durably constructed and it is covered by the manufacturer’s five-year warranty.

Additionally, it features two speeds of 3700 and 3000 strokes per minute. As such, you can trim your dog’s sensitive parts more easily using the low speed. Besides, the clipper is fitted with #10 Ultimate & Competition blades which are crafted with high-grade steel for longevity.

The clipper is only 12.3 ounces which is an easy weight on the hands. For maintenance, it is designed with a rounded front housing which prevents hair from clogging the blades. Noteworthy, the clipper has to be lubricated to keep in good shape.


  • Five-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Two speeds
  • Brushless Motor Clipper
  • Quiet running motor
  • It is lightweight for ergonomics


  • Corded
  • It is a bit pricey

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3. Wahl 8786-1001 Professional Animal ARCO Cordless Dog and Pet Clipper

The Wahl 8786-1001 Professional Clipper comes as a complete coat grooming kit with clipper maintenance accessoriesThe main advantage of this clipper is that it is cordless which offers convenience when clipping.

The order includes the clipper, 5-in-1 fine blade set, a soft storage case, a charging stand and charger, four plastic attachment guide combsOther items in the order are a cleaning brush, blade oil, 2 drop-in NiMH rechargeable battery packs, and an instruction book.

Its battery charging time is 75 minutes while its running time is 80 minutes which is limiting.

It features a slim and lightweight clipper which comfortably fits in the hands and can be handled for extended periods without experiencing hand fatigue. Moreover, the adjustable blade offers a variety of cutting lengths.

Above all, it comes at a moderate price with the manufacturer’s one-year professional warranty.


  • Cordless
  • It is a complete coat grooming kit
  • Different colors of clippers to choose from
  • The order includes clipper maintenance accessories
  • One year manufacturer’s professional warranty
  • Lightweight to avoid hand fatigue
  • Adjustable blade for different coat lengths


  • Limited battery running time of 80 minutes
  • No corded option

4. Wahl 9484-300 Professional Animal Clipper U-Clip Deluxe Pet Grooming Kit

There is more to grooming than just having a clipper. The Wahl 9484-300 Professional Animal Clipper is a 16-piece grooming kit. It includes clipper maintenance accessories, an apron, an instruction book, and a grooming and styling instructional DVD.

What’s more, it comes at a bargain price. As if that is not enough, it is covered by the manufacturer’s two-year warranty.

The clipper is powerful with speeds of up to 7200 strokes per minute. Besides that, the fitted blade is Wahl's Standard Adjustable Blade that has three cutting lengths of 30, 15 & 10. The good thing is, the blades are constructed from high-grade steel for durability.

The corded clipper weighs 1 pound, in addition, it is fitted with an 8 foot cord, which is a bit short and can be inconveniencing.


  • 16 piece coat grooming kit
  • Powerful speeds of up to 7200 strokes per minute
  • It comes at a bargain price
  • Two-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Durable blades with varying cutting lengths


  • It is corded
  • The length of the cord is a bit short

5. Wahl 41870-0438 Professional Animal Cordless Bravura Pet Clipper

You can conveniently clip your dog with the Wahl 41870-0438 Professional Cordless Clipper, and when the battery runs out of power, simply plug into a power outlet and continue grooming your dog.

The Wahl 41870-0438 Professional Cordless Clipper is designed with powerful speeds of 5,500 strokes per minute for efficient trims. It is suitable for light body clipping of small and medium-sized dogs. For all dog breeds, it is best for clipping the face, feet and doing finish work.

Additionally, the motor is cool running and has low vibrations and therefore there are no stressful grooming experiences for your dog as a result of noise. Moreover, it comes with a 5-in-1 blade which provides the convenience of cutting coats to the desired lengths. The blade adjustable sizes are #9, 10, 15, 30, and 40.

Besides that, the clipper is ergonomically designed and weighs only 8.8 ounces. The lightweight results in reduced hand fatigue. However, it is a bit pricey.


  • It is both cordless and corded
  • Various interesting color models
  • It is ergonomically designed
  • One year limited professional warranty
  • Variety of cutting lengths
  • Powerful speeds of 5,500 strokes per minute


  • It is expensive

6. WAHL 9766 Cordless Clippers Dog Complete Grooming Kit

You can use the WAHL 9766 Cordless Clipper for a complete grooming job or touch-ups between professional grooming visits. It is an easy-to-use clipper that comes with many advantages. Firstly, it is an all-inclusive coat grooming kit with clipper maintenance accessories designed for full body clipping of all breeds of dogs.

Secondly, it is cordless bringing convenience to your groomingThirdly, it is very affordable, in addition, it is covered by the manufacturer’s five-year limited warranty.

And there’s more, it has a quiet motor for stressful free clipping. Also, the battery has a 2-hour battery running time which is long enough and a short 15-minute charging time.

Just as importantly, the blades are snag free and self-sharpening. The kit includes color guided combs for cutting the desired length of coat. Its main disadvantage is that it lacks variable speeds.


  • It is a coat grooming kit with clipper maintenance accessories
  • It is cordless
  • Quiet motor for stressful free grooming
  • Very-pocket friendly
  • Five-year warranty
  • Color guided combs
  • 15 minutes quick recharge of battery and 2 hour running time
  • It is a popular coat grooming choice


  • No variable speeds

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7. Wahl 9590-210 Home Pro-Series Clipper Dog, Pet Complete Grooming Kit

Conveniently clip your dog cord-free with the Wahl 9590-210 Home Pro-Series Clipper. And when your battery runs out you can plug it in a power outlet and get the grooming job completed. This cord and cordless clipper come at a budget-friendly price, what’s more, it is covered by Wahl’s five-year warranty.

The clipper is best for clipping double coated or medium coated dogs. It is also excellent for doing touch-ups for all breeds of dogs.

It boasts a power-driven motor that manages the toughest of coats. In addition, it has self-sharpening blades. Moreso, the blades are detachable for easy cleaning. It comes as a complete grooming kit featuring color guided combs and an instructional DVD.

However, the motor doesn’t have variable speeds.


  • It is a complete coat grooming kit that includes clipper maintenance accessories
  • It is a popular choice
  • It is pocket-friendly
  • Five-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Detachable blades for effortless cleaning
  • Self-sharpening blades


  • No variable speeds

Factors To Consider When Buying Wahl Clipper

Much as the company has a solid reputation, not all of their clippers are worth investing in. At this point, it’s important for us to talk about the dos and don'ts when shopping for these gadgets.


You might be lucky to own a powerful clipper but the moment it’s noisy, using it to groom sensitive pets becomes a tough call. So, just to be on the safe side, look for something that operates quietly. Most quiet clippers use the rotor motor – look out for it on the list of specs.

SPM & Multi-Speed Operability

Normally, the higher the SPM of a clipper is, the faster it gets. However, not all parts of a pet need to be shaved using a fast clipper. For instance, some people prefer to shave the areas around the face at slower speeds than the back area.

In that case, investing in a clipper that enables you to use at least 2 different speed settings is a good idea.


A clipper that’s light in weight and easy to hold for long hours is a big plus. So, look at the weight specs so you avoid buying something that’s too heavy for you.

The overall design of the clipper also matters. However, this decision depends on the size of your hands. If you have small hands, it might be a good idea to go for something tiny and compact.

Corded vs Cordless Wahl Clippers

This debate not only relates to Wahl clippers but to all kinds of clippers in general. Corded clippers tend to have more powerful motors and that’s because they’re meant to be fully powered by the wall plug. They, however, limit you to the vicinity of places that are connected to the power grid.

Cordless clippers, on the other hand, are generally easy to use. They are battery powered. However, they also, generally, tend to be weaker than their corded counterparts. But unless you’re dealing with matted fur, chances are that you’ll not even notice this.

Which One Is The Best?

Our top-preferred Wahl dog clipper is none other than the Wahl 8786-1001 Professional Clipper Animal ARCO Cordless Dog and Pet Kit. It’s slim and light in weight. You can hold it in your hand for long hours without suffering any significant wrist fatigue.

What’s more? It has a powerful battery with a decent 80-minute run-time. Its unique design makes it a boon for anyone looking to trim hard-to-reach areas.

Final Thoughts

We’ve got to give credit to the awesome guys at Wahl. Much as they’ve got to keep up with the challenge of changing trends, they seem to be doing quite well in remaining true to the values the brand is known for. That’s why we approve of their clippers and hope that this review will come in handy in helping you make an informed bet.

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