6 Best Oster Dog Clippers of 2020

Oster has carved a niche for itself in the production of top quality clippersHowever, the company operates in a highly competitive marketplace. It faces perennial rivalry from Wahl and Andis brands as well.

Nonetheless, there are quite a few awesome clippers that only come from them. In fact, there are groomers who swear by this brand. So, when it comes to choosing trimmers from them, the big question remains – which one is the best Oster dog clipper? Let’s investigate.

Quick List of Best Oster Dog Clippers

Whether you want to be a professional groomer or doing it just for your doggie at home, the following list is meant to inspire you. Keep scrolling for the detailed reviews.

Best Oster Dog Clippers on the Market

1. Oster A5 Two Speed 078005-314-003 Animal Grooming Clipper

The Oster A5 Two Speed Clippers is a product of Oster, a company with a good reputation in making high-quality products since 1924. The order is a kit for running the clipper and maintaining it. Items included in the kit are a #10 CryogenX blade, a cleaning brush, clipper grease, blade oil, and replacement carbon brushes.

The Oster A5 Two Speed Clippers comes with a quiet motor for stressfree clipping of your dog. Besides, it is a two-speed clipper with high and regular speed settings of 4000 strokes per minute and 3000 strokes per minute. The two speeds make it possible to use the clippers to tackle different types of coats.

In addition, you can use the regular speed for clipping your dog’s sensitive parts. The clipper is fitted with a detachable blade, called Cryogen-X Blade, renowned for its performance. Also, because the blade is detachable, cleaning it is much easier.

Cryogen blades undergo a hardening process for sharp and durable blades. The Clipper has a 12 feet cord, which is enough length for convenient clipping.

With regards to affordability, it is moderately priced.


  • The motor operates quietly
  • It has two speeds
  • High-performance Cryogen-X Blade
  • The blade is detachable making it easy to clean
  • It is a popular choice among customers
  • Long cord


  • Corded

2. Oster Volt Cordless Pet Grooming Clippers 078004-000-000

The Oster Volt Cordless Clippers features the magnet motor, which is an efficient motor system. Although it is a bit pricey it comes with the convenience of being cordless.

It features a single-speed motor with 2400 SPM. As much as the speeds are low, it works with high torque to deliver power for effective clipping of all types of coats. Higher motor torque with low speeds prevents the blade from heating.

The battery running time of up to two hours is long enough to complete the grooming of a pet, while the battery charging time is 1 hour. Worth noting is that additional batteries are sold separately if grooming sessions need to be extended.

The clipper is compatible with Oster A5 detachable blades. The order includes Oster CryogenX Blade, ultra sharp blades. CryogenX Blades are carbon-steel blades which undergo cryogenic treatment which is a hardening process for durability and high performance.

More so, detachable blades make cleaning the trimmer effortless. 


  • Cordless
  • Long battery running time of up to 2 hours, charging time is 1 hour only
  • Detachable blades for easy cleaning
  • Non-heating blades
  • Higher torque


  • Its price is on the higher side
  • One Speed
  • The motor is not quiet running

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3. Oster 2-Speed Outlaw Clippers Dog Animal Grooming Kit

You need a kit to effectively groom your dog’s coat. Therefore, if you don’t have a dog coat grooming kit this will be great. The included accessories are for operating the clippers and others are for keeping the clipper clean and well lubricated.

The set includes various items including grooming shears, 10-piece comb set, a storage case, cleaning brush, oil, a #10 blade, and step by step DVD. The good thing is that the kit is a good bang for the buck and it is covered by the manufacturer’s one year warranty.

The fitted motor has excellent features, firstly it a two-speed motor providing provision to vary the speeds when trimming sensitive parts of the dog. Additionally, the motor can is powerful and can manage most coats for different breeds of dogs. Thirdly, it is a silent running motor ideal for stressfree clipping of your dog.

Besides that, the blades are detachable, which makes cleaning the clipper easy.


  • One year warranty
  • It is an all-inclusive kit
  • You get value for money
  • Detachable blades make cleaning easy
  • Silent running motor
  • Two-speed motor


  • Corded

4. Oster Professional Turbo Clippers A5 Heavy Duty 2 Speed (078005-314-002)

Two-speed clippers are suitable for an animal with a thick coat or a badly matted coat. The universal rotary motor has over 2100 SPM. The 2100 speed may appear low, but the motor boasts a high torque which can manage all types of coats.

In addition, the torque keeps the blade cool.

Included are detachable blades #10 CryogenX, which are ultra-sharp and hardened for high performance and durability. The blades are detachable, which makes cleaning effortless.

Just as importantly it comes at a moderate price and it is covered by the manufacturer’s one year warranty.

Most importantly, the durably designed housing is chew-proof, which will ensure that your clipper will last long.


  • High torque motor
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Two Speed clippers
  • Cryogen X Blades
  • Detachable blades
  • Various colors to choose from


  • Corded

5. Oster Professional Turbo 2 Speed Clippers Anti-Bacterial Coated Blade

Oster Professional Turbo Clippers feature a powerful magnetic rotary motor that has high torque and two speeds. The motor has up to 4,200 SPM which can cut through all types of coats. What’s more, the motor runs quietly without heating the blades.

Just as importantly, the blade is a Detachable CryogenX #10 Blade Anti-Bacterial Coated. The anti-bacterial coated blade reduces the chance of your pet getting an infection. To add to that, it is a detachable blade which comes with the convenience of cleaning the blades. That is not all, because the blades are constructed using the cryogen technology, they are sharp and hardened for longevity.

The housing is contoured which prevents fatigue especially if the clipper is being used for all-day professional grooming jobs.


  • Quiet and cool running motor
  • High performance, durable anti-bacterial blades
  • Detachable blades for easy cleaning
  • Two speeds, high torque motor for clipping all types of coats
  • High speeds of up to 4,200 SPM
  • The housing is ergonomically designed


  • Corded

6. Oster Cordless Professional Clippers Turbo A5 Heavy Duty

Enjoy a cordless grooming experience with the Oster Cordless Professional Clippers. Its motor is engineered with speeds of 3000 SPM for high-performance.

The clipper is compatible with Oster A5 detachable blades. The detachable blade comes with a lot of convenience to your grooming. The blades are easy to change, in addition, they can be cleaned effortlesslyFurthermore, they come with Cryogen X blades that are sharp and hardened for precise cuts and durability.

The order includes a battery, size # 10 Cryogen X Blade and a charging stand. The included battery has a running time of 2hours, which is quite sufficient for grooming. Also, the clipper has a moderate price.


  • They are cordless, which comes with convenience
  • The trimmer is compatible with Oster A5 blades
  • The blades are easy to clean, thanks to the detachable blade
  • Long battery running time of 2 hours


  • Expensive

Buying Guide for These Clippers

Much as Oster has a track record of producing some of the best clippers the world has ever seen, not all that bear this brand are worth their salt. So, the best way to make an informed verdict is by taking the following factors into consideration.

Corded vs Cordless:

Cordless clippers are good for when you need to have freedom of movement. Corded clippers, on the other hand, are ideal for power. They, however, limit you to the vicinity of a wall plug and this can also limit your freedom of movement.


While it’s good to go for a unit with high-speed blades, it’s even better to invest in a 2-speed unit. That way, you can use the slower speed setting to shave the delicate areas and the fast speed one when you need to get the job done faster.


How well built is the clipper? Heavy-duty clippers are ideal for durability. The quality of the blades also matters and if you can get the Cryogen-X blade, that would be great.


Much as heavy-duty clippers tend to outlast their light-duty counterparts, it’s convenience that ultimately rules. So, avoid extremes. Also, consider the overall design and whether or not it fits comfortably on your hands.

Which One Is The Best?

We really like the Oster Volt Cordless Clippers Grooming 078004-000-000 because of its reliable Lithium-Ion battery. The battery is quite powerful and provides you with continuous power until it’s completely depleted.

What’s more? Its high torque design complete with low blade speeds keep it cool for long making it generally easy to operate. The best part is that it’s 2,400 SPM speed makes it ideal for cutting through matted fur.

Final Thoughts on Top Oster Dog Clippers

It takes a lot to remain consistently at the top of the markets and Oster has been able to do that year after year. Therefore, if you’re considering buying a clipper from them, we hope that the reviews above will help you make an informed decision.

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