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4 Best Andis Clippers for Fades – A Complete Review
Ask any grooming expert and they’ll tell that to get the best value for your money you’re better off investing[...]
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5 Best Wahl Clippers for Fades Reviewed
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Best Wahl Hair Clippers Reviewed – A Complete Guide For You
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10 Best T Outliner 2019: Plus A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide
T Outliners are so called because of their extremely long length. In fact, they closely resemble letter T. Their unique[...]
Best Andis T Outliner in 2019 – A Look at 6 Popular Choices
Both Andis and Wahl produce T-outliners. However, it’s Andis that seems to have an upper hand. Their outliners have become[...]
Best Blade for Andis T-Outliner in 2019– Top 4 Options Reviewed
Let’s face it – we’ve all used those cheap trimmers that require lots of direct force to work. But times[...]
Best Eyebrow Trimmer – Our Top 10 Picks For 2019
So you have an upcoming meeting but your eyebrows have gone astray. You probably are looking at yourself in the[...]
Best Hair Clippers For Black Men’s Hair 2019 – Recommended by Barber’s
Someone once said that once you go black, you’d never need to go back. Indeed, being a black guy comes[...]
Best Hair Clippers For Fades 2019 – Barber’s Choice
We are yet to find any man who doesn’t look dapper with a properly done fade. So, whether you’re an aspiring[...]
Best Beard Trimmer Under 50 – Top 9 Picks for 2019
Maybe you’d like to keep a short beard with a square jawline or perhaps your best idea is to settle[...]
Best Vacuum Beard Trimmer for 2019 – Top 9 Picks
Whether you’re looking to shave your goatee, trim your chin or perfect your side-burns, getting the right blade clipper matters[...]
7 Best Electric Nail Trimmer for 2019 – With Buying Guide
Can you imagine getting to trim your fingers by simply rotating them in a clipper? This effectively does away with[...]
Best Waist Trimmer for 2019 – Top 11 Tested Options & Handy Tips
Are you worried that you’re putting on too much weight around the midsection? Do you have an apple-shaped body and[...]
7 Best Waist Trimmer Corset for 2019 – Latest List
Have you ever taken a few seconds of your day to think about your body shape? Well, we all do[...]
Best Bikini Trimmer 2019 – Top 10 Options Reviewed
Before you settle for any bikini trimmer out there, there are a few things you should know. First and foremost,[...]
Best Nose Hair Trimmer Reviews 2019 – A Complete Guide & Reviews
As an unavoidable fact of our life, we start losing hair, as we grow older, from certain areas. Similarly, we[...]
Best Straight Razor Reviews in 2019 – A Complete Buying Guide!
A straight razor refers to a razor whose blade is foldable into its handle. Cut-throat razors and open razors are[...]

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