Case trimming is one of the most important steps you can take in order to re-use your fired brass. Indeed, this is a process that can give you good value for money especially as it eliminates the need to acquire new rounds.

But as it turns out, not all case trimmers are capable of doing the job expected of them. Fortunately, there’s the Lee Case Trimmer which many experts agree does a pretty good job. So, if you’ve been doing case trimming, the old school way ......

Step 1:

Start by making sure your brass is ready. It’s important to double-check and confirm that it’s a neck sized unit and that it’s properly cleaned.

Step 2:

Get your drill in your hands and check it up to see if your cartridge and stud are in your drill.

Step 3:

For each brass, ensure you take the primer pocket for cleaning of any ashes. Take the primer with one hand and scrap clean the primer pocket with the other hand side.


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Step 4:

The next step is to take the stud and put it on the brass, slowly and gently tightly lock it up. Take the steel wool for cleaning and start polishing the brass.

Step 5:

On this stage, take your cutter/pilot and start trimming the brass. Ensure that the drill is going forward. If your speed is at medium, you will feel it when it stops cutting. Make sure you have a trash can with you because the brass will shave off. Avoid doing this on the floor or the carpet as all the brass shavings will be on it, making it dirty and uncomfortable.

Step 6:

The next thing is to change the mouth of the brass. This enables your bullet to seat without tampering with the outside of the crap. Turn it gently a few times and avoid overdoing it.

Step 7:

Check to see your outside part of the case have the chamfer. Ensure you do not over trim your case, if it is over trimmed the outside of the case will find some brasses running over. With that use the chamfering to trim the excess brass.

Step 8:

Once you are done with all the trimming, the result will be a very clean and attractive mouth. It should be sizeable, not thin nor broad. Reason being It may make the mouth crack and reduce its lifespan.

This is basically a more natural way to do it manually, but there is another automatic Lee Case Trimmer.

Unlike the manual process which takes quite a bit of time and effort, the automatic process tends to be quick and comfortable. There are no manual setups involved. Likewise, you don’t need to adjust any complex measurements.

Here’s How to Go About it

Step 1:

Select the right shell holder in line with the length of your case. A wrong hold can cause your cases to chamfer both on the outside and inside.

Step 2:

Complete the usual installation process and end up with a quick press.

Step 3:

At this point in time, you’ll be more than ready to start the trimming process.


When done with the Lee Case trimmer, the adjustable stop is just a click away. You can reduce, increase or even standardize the trimming frequency.

Final Word

Using the manual Lee Case trimmer could be a bit tasking and involves a lot of hard work while using the automatic one is flexible, very fast and painless. Please note, the shell holders and Lee Case Length have been designed to only fit particular gauges. So be sure to keep such factors in mind before you put your Less Case Trimmer to use.

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