How To Use Dog Nail Clippers Correctly

How To Use Dog Nail Clippers Correctly

Aren’t Dogs a fun to have around, cute creatures. They have a way to release our stress. When I am not working, I play with my dogs Sushi and Stag. But just like humans, they too need adequate care. One of these is how you take care of your dog nails. You don’t need to hire a dog groomer to trim your dog’s nails. This is something you could get done yourself simply if you knew your way around it. It can certainly save you a lot of money and time.

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Probably this will be your first time trimming your dog nails yourself, but there is no need to fret, course today I will take you through all you need to know.

  • The best nail clipper for small and large dogs
  • Holding dog nail clippers
  • How to use Guillotine dog nail clipper
  • Steps to trim your dog’s dark nail
  • How to trim your dog’s toenail
  • Alright, let’s get to the fun!

The best nail clipper for small and large dogs

There are two highly vetted nail clippers you could use to trim your dog’s nail, but it all depends on the size of your dog. So, do you have a puppy or a Rothweiler?

The Guillotine Nail Clipper

When it comes to smaller dogs, Guillotine nail clipper is recommended because these dogs have thinner nails. The thing I love about this clipper is that it provides a clean cut. It is also very comfortable to handle, especially for individuals with hand pain or arthritis. This clipper uses a single blade to trim off the end of your dog’s nail.

The Scissors or Millers Forge Nail Clippers

Millers forge clippers are preferred for larger dogs with thicker nails. With Miller’s clipper two-blades come together to trim your dog’s nail into perfect shape. It has a squeezable handle to provide pressure.

How to hold dog nail clippers

Are you right or left-handed? Nevertheless, it all depends on the arm you’re comfortable with. If you’re right-handed like me, hold the trimmer with your right hand, cautiously with a gentle grip.

Then simply close your hand around the clipper to apply some pressure which will move the cutting blade. Always make sure to hold your trimmer some distance apart from the existing curve of the dog’s nail.

How to Use Guillotine Dog Nail Clippers

Now you have passed the first step. Which is knowing how to hold a clipper. Humans do enjoy pedicures and manicures because they know better. But for dog’s I can’t say the same because most of them are skittish about having their nails attended to.

But of course, this doesn’t mean you have to yank the dog up quickly or have some neighbour hold her down so you could trim the nail. So, here is a step-by-step guideline on how you can use guillotine nail trimmer avoiding all this.

  1. Familiarize the dog with the object. You can do this by placing the clipper on the ground so that your dog can play with it. This will get the dog’s attention, as the dog becomes curious about the object.
  2. Take a further step to ease the dog’s curiosity by providing a treat. Get close to the dog and gently stroke the furs while the dog’s attention is still on the Guillotine clipper.
  3. While you’re still curdling, pull the dog close to you and pick up one paw gently. Hold the dog down by sitting sideways with your hand across the body.
  4. Gently trim off the nails using the Guillotine clipper. As you continue you will notice the nail becoming softer, that’s because there are blood vessels there.
  5. After you’re done trimming, complete the task by filing off the nails. This will make sure the nails do not sag anything.

How to trim your dog’s dark nail

Trimming color claw is a lot easier compared to dark nails. The reason is that in light claws, you can easily detect the Quick. These are nerves and vessels which supply blood to the claws. So, you need to apply extra caution when clipping dark nails.

In case your dog’s nails are dark, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are the steps to go about it.

  1. Place the dog on the floor and gently pick a paw.
  2. Check if you see any nails that are coloured, this will help you find the veins.
  3. Hold the blade, You’re to make sure the blade is towards you. This will ensure you cut the exact length you want.
  4. Gently trim off the dog’s nail. While doing this, check if you will see any vein or a dark spot when clipping. If there are none, it means you can continue trimming off the nails.
  5. This is a crucial step. After cutting, take a good look at the nails. There are two colours to watch out. If it’s white, then you’re safe and haven’t cut the quick. However, if you do see a dark sport, that’s the red light. You can’t go any further.
  6. If in any way you have mistakenly cut down to the quick, you can apply some septic powder to stop the bleeding.
  7. File down the sharp edges of the nail; we don’t want them to sag.

How to Trim Your Dog’s Toenails

The first step towards this is to acclimate your dog to clipping. This will require you to be patient as it may take some time. But it’s worth it to avoid a bad toenail-trimming experience.

  1. Now your dog is familiar to the clipper and the motion behind it. You can now take the next bold step. Carefully examine the nails while holding the toe on your hand. If the nails are colored, you can quickly see a pink fleshy part inside the toenail. This is the part we will try to avoid cutting to avoid the toe from bleeding.
  2. Nevertheless, if your dog’s toenails are dark, it becomes harder to detect the quick. But not to worry, there is a way around this. All you have to do is check the dog’s groove that runs down the nail growth. Placing the clipper beyond the groove close to the tip of the nail would be safe.
  3. Hold the guillotine clipper facing your dog and place the cutter on the tip of the toenail. Make sure your cut is a length away from the quick. Then apply some pressure on the nail to get a smooth cut.
  4. Finally, all that’s left to do is to file the sharp edges. The motion behind this is to avoid splitting which trimmed nails are prone to. It also saves your floors and furniture from getting torn.

So, instead of taking your dog to a groomer you can now do the stuff yourself. All you need to do is adhere to the guidelines provided and you will do just fine.

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