Mostly we are very dependent on a pair of tweezers to shape our eyebrows. But why not try something, more natural and different? The eyebrows trimmer is fast and convenient. When shaping or wanting to trim your eyebrows by yourself, nothing can save you time like this cute, convenient and efficient tool. The problem could be that most of us may not know its importance and how to use it. We definitely do not want to mess our eyebrows up by not knowing how to use it.

Keeping the eyebrows neat is everyone's goal. The easiest way to accomplish that is of course by allowing your hair stylist to groom you. But for them that have their brows grow a bit fast than required then you have to learn how to maintain it all by yourself.

You will, therefore, need an excellent eyebrow trimmer to make your look completely and neat. There are other tools that you could use for trimming like scissors and combs, but again using a trimmer is way easier and less dangerous.

Believe it or not, eyebrows do have a terminal growth, meaning that whenever it reaches a certain length, it might start falling off. But before they get to that length, you'll notice the eyebrows getting very bushy. So, here now are the only steps you need to follow so you can keep your brows looking dapper.

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Step 1:

You need to start by preparing your eyebrows for trimming. That would mean you need to take a warm shower so that your eyebrows become dumpy with water and they loosen. The warm water steams your hair follicles as well as the pores. This enables the hair strands to smoothen and becomes easier when trimming.

Step 2:

The next step is to use moisturize around your eyebrows. Use a moisturizer that you are comfortable with. Apply the moisturizer on the creases of your eyes and also apply to the upper part of the eyes. The naked skin between your eyebrows should be moisturized as well. Protection will be guaranteed for your skin during the trimming. To top it up, the hair will be a bit plumper making the trimming process effortless.


Step 3:

Since trimming, eyebrows can sometimes go south; the next thing to do here is to study your eyebrows shape through the mirror. The goal here is to get the nice length for your face shape. Take the little eyebrows comb and brush everything upwards. Make everything all messy and gnarled as possible. The comb upwards again so that it is easier to start the trimming process.

Step 4:

At this step, take your eyebrows trimmer, grip it firmly to avoid any sliding of the trimmer. Then start twisting the trimmer head clockwise. Slowly slide the trimmer head comb on the trimmer head on the first position. You will hear a slight click. This will enable you to trim your eyebrows on a shorter length. Do not slide the eyebrow too far, as it may click on the second position. Check your eyebrows comb to be clear which position you would want to trim in.

Step 5:

To get a smooth feel, quickly slide your finger across the eyebrows. Ensure you start from the inner side of the brows to get a soft feel of the eyebrows. Turning the trimmer on and running it across the length of the eyebrows while in the same motion. 

Step 6:

Repeat the process on the other eye.

Step 7:

Remember to never turn your trimmer from outside coming inwards, this will trim your eyebrows very short. Trim to your desired length.


Step 8:

When you are done with the trimming of the eyebrows, take a close look to see if everything is symmetrical from every angle. In case you notice that any hair strands are sticking out, trim them off to give your look a nice clean trim.

Step 9:

When all is good, and you are satisfied with the look of both your eyebrows. Take a warm cloth and wipe your brows, then don't forget to take a nice brow gel and apply on your eyebrows. This will give you a perfect look while maintaining the excellent shape of your brow and ensuring the hairs are all in place.


It is easier to get that perfect look without straining with the traditional way of using razors and scissors. Threading and plucking can also be a bit painful. The step by step guide on how to use the eyebrows trimmer, is a clear indication that using a trimmer is easier and efficient. Now that you are aware of the step by step process on getting a perfect trim, why don't you practice it on your own and get your eyebrows perfectly groomed.

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