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How to Use An Electric Bikini Trimmer – Ultimate Guide

how to use an electric bikini trimmer

Electric bikini trimmer becomes more popular day by day. We want to know how to use an electric bikini trimmer. First of all let’s start with the bikini trimmer, what it is? We can use the best bikini trimmer for hair removal. You can use this to shape them precise for delicate body parts. These are best for side burns upper lip and eyebrows also. These are quick way to get rid of unwanted hair in one go. You can remove unwanted hairs gently and easily through this. You can achieve a precise shape and style through this. If you don’t have much time to go with the classic way, than this is the best and quick option. This is ideal for quick touch ups give you instant output. If you buy the whole kit of it than there are some heads options, particular combs for precision, and brushes. Use of this will lead you to precision. For you the best part being is, it won’t touch your skin so no chances for cuts.

Uses of Tools

Taking care of the hairs is one of the typical tasks. There are certain process and ways to do that. Some tools are available for users ease to achieve preciseness. Like different and unique shaped combs. These combs can help you to take care of those hairs in particular to shape them. Other than that few precision caps are also there to remove the unwanted hairs gentle way. You can use these tools in a precise way can prove a bit of an advantage. You can use some more to gentle your hairs before shaving. Through this you can achieve the best output possible.

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Key Features

There are a lot of features. The following are key features. They can help you, why you should need an electric bikini trimmer:

Precision Head:

You can use the precision head for precise and correct styling of your hair. This is trimmer which stays away from the skin and still removes your unwanted hair to precision. These come in mm in unit. These are usually long lasting blades which stay intact for a period of time. These also gives the best output in all the gentle ways. These also give you a fearless way to use them as they don’t touch the skin. As they don’t touch the skin we can use it for a quick and instant use.

Combs for Uniform Hair:

There are different combs for hair linear length. You can achieve a uniform length can using them. This helps in getting a kind of hairstyle possible. You can use different combs shapes and length to achieve a linear and unique hair styles as per your desire. You can use these over the basic trimmer as well as over bikini trimmer blades also. Bikini heads also uses them helps a lot to stylize the unwanted hairs.

Battery Based:

This quality products come with a battery based trimmer. This gives us freedom of use anywhere we want it to. This also decreases the risk of power supply. This is a powerful feature gives power for hours to use it without any disturbance in use. The bikini trimmer is the powerful tool. The Batter battery feature gives it hour of productivity. You can put it on recharge after a certain period. May be after 2 or 3 times of use of more depending upon the battery and the product you are purchasing.

How to Use An Electric Bikini Trimmer Step by Step

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You can Use the bikini trimmer with a whole process of processing the hairs. In this process there are certain steps to work with. As an example, you can pull a small section of big unwanted hairs as first. Secondary you should be taking a hot bath so that you could now have soft hairs. You should start from outside the hairline. So many such steps are there lets go through them.

Step 1

First remove the long hairs pair, you can do this with electric bikini trimmer or its electric blades or scissor. Primary focus should be the public hairs. You should pull a small section of hair first from your skin and then cut them as close as possible to your skin. When you use any of such tool please be careful of using them and use them gently.

Step 2

As a second step you should take a hot bath. Try to sink all the unwanted hairs to hot water for at least five minutes. You can do the same by remaining in hot bath for some time only around 5 to 7 minutes. The reason behind the hair follicles it takes some time to open those. Doing so will give you ease for removing these unwanted hairs. You can apply the hair conditioner as well for a better output. Remember that more soft the hair will be more easy he process will be for you.

Step 3

Now you need to pull the skin around your bikini area. Start doing so from above the bikini line. Use the electric razor over the area. Start from the outside of bikini line. You need to shave downward. You need to remove the hairs in the direction of hair growth all over the area around. Please keep in mind that tries not to take a big part in a single run. Always shave the small portions one by one. Repeat the step for parts around.

Step 4

After completing the third step you need to sit in the tub again. Overall you may need to take bath again. Wash the entire area you processed thoroughly. While doing so keep that in mind that the course pubic hairs require special attention. The pubic hairs should not curl inward.

Step 5

This is almost the last step of care. Apply baby oil gently all around the area. The purpose here is that the skin should remain soft. While applying baby oil please avoid the red area or dry rash if that also is present. The red and dry area appears usually to the sensitive skin people. For such sensitive skin issues aloe vera is the best way to take care of. You can use any lotion or gel containing aloe vera. This will help you for sensitive skin.

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Tips and Tricks

The sharp use of tools will help you achieve the best output. There are so many tools available in the market. Sharp scissors are a good trick to have a good of an output. Hair conditioner can soften the hairs helps us to achieve the ease in process. Baby oil or aloe vera gel are the best catalysts to have soft and beautiful skin before and after.


There should be some precautions as well. There are reactive and sensitive skin requires more care and careful use of product. You should follow these to avoid bumps, blisters, ingrown hairs and infection.


Bikini trimmer is an excellent product. It’s a one stop solution for so many things all together. Our pubic hairs need special attention and care. Bikini trimmer is the best way and tool to take care of these. The Key features for this product is that it is compact and elegant. Our skin always remains safe as no direct touch to it. Easy to carry so best for quick touch ups, can be use anytime and anywhere.

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