How to Use a Beard Trimmer with Guard – Effectively for Best Results

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How to Use a Beard Trimmer with Guard – Effectively for Best Results

how to use a beard trimmer with guard

A beard trimmer is an essential grooming kit that can help you do any beard style your wish for. It is important to consider what features you want in a beard trimmer when purchasing one. Check how the trimmer is powered and whether it is waterproof or not among other features.

Understanding how trimmer guards work

Are you learning to shave your beard? The first step towards getting a successful shave requires knowledge of the effect of different trimmer guard sizes on your beard. It is essential to understand how your trimmer guards work and how trimmer guard numbers work.

Beard trimmers are designed with detachable guards that determine the length of hair to be shaved. To alter your hair length requires a different trimmer guard. The guards have numbers on them. The numbers correspond to the haircut they shave. To shave your desired beard length requires you to choose a trimmer guard that corresponds to the length of beard you desire.

Begin by understanding your current beard trimmer guards. Take out your current trimmer guards and study them all. Check out the numbers on the guards. Have you noticed that guards with low numbers have shorter guard teeth? Each guard is designed to shave a specific hair length. A lower guard number leaves less hair on the beard. If you need to leave longer hair on your beard, therefore, you need a guard with a more significant number.

Therefore find out what length of hair each guard of your trimmer is meant to shave before picking a trimmer guard. Usually, if you need a very close shave, then it is recommended to use your trimmer without a guard. Using a trimmer without a guard is commonly referred to as size 0.

Please note that trimmer guard numbers are not standard and may vary depending on the trimmer model. Therefore whenever you buy new trimmer models, begin by familiarizing yourself with the hair length size the guards are designed to trim.

Choosing trimmer guards

The next step is deciding what kind of style you want across your beard. The main areas to be shaved are the face, under your jawline, your neck, the area under your Adam’s apple and your mustache. What hair length do you want in each of these areas? Deciding on the hair length will enable you to select the guards you need to achieve the desired haircut. Each beard style requires a particular guard length. You don’t want to be limited from having a specific beard style because of not having the right guards.

Go ahead and select the guards you need for your specific beard style. Ensure that you have all the trimmer guards for your specific beard style. You need to acquire more trimmer guards separately and not rely on the guards that came with your trimmer. When buying, you need to buy trimmer guards that are compatible with various beard trimmer models.

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Before shaving, ensure that your trimmer is well lubricated. Then begin to shave. Shave by looking at yourself in the mirror.

It is always advisable to start by shaving your beard the most extended style of your choice first. Then go over the areas, where you wish a shorter trim. Shave off any stray hairs and check to ensure that you have an even shave. Remember to remove the guard if you want a complete shave in any area of your beard.

Clean your beard trimming tools

The trimmer and guards require to be cleaned after every shave. Remove the guards from the trimmer. Guards are plastic and required little maintenance. They need to be washed with warm water and soap. Remove any hairs on them, then rinse them off with warm water.

Use the brush that was bought with the trimmer to clean it. Detach its head from the trimmer handle. Brush the trimmer to remove any hairs that are stuck on it. You can use a cotton swab to clean it. Never wash your trimmer with water unless it is waterproof to prevent it from rusting.

Then lubricate your trimmer with oil if it is not well lubricated before safely keeping it for your next use.

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