How to Trim Your Bikini Area with the Right Tools – Proper Guide

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How to Trim Your Bikini Area with the Right Tools – Proper Guide

how to trim your bikini area with the right tools

How to trim your bikini area with the right tools? In 2016, a study revealed that 84% of 3,300 American women shave their bikini area for various reasons. It also showed that younger women tend to cut more compared to older women. Young ladies to trim due to hygienic reasons.

The number of those who shave can be overwhelming. The question on whether they are doing it the right way or are they even using the best bikini tools remains. As you read on, take note of some facts, tips and instruments for shaving and trimming the hairs down there. Shaving the bikini area is advisable if only you know how to do it right.

What are the benefits of trimming the bikini area?

The following are important reasons why you should cut or shave:

  • Shaving or trimming will maintain a clean and healthy body. The crotch accumulates sweat and dirt throughout the day. Moisture leads to bacteria growth that might cause infections. Shaving can help maintain dry and tidy crotch area to prevent bacteria from lurking.
  • Shaving leads to lower risk of developing an unpleasant odor. The absence of hair allows for better air circulation within the crotch area.
  • Shaving provides room for more natural movement. You can wear anything.

What are the right tools for trimming and shaving?

There are a lot of tools you can find online to help you with this journey. Here are a few products you can choose from:

Razor –

Razors are tools with installed blades. Razors are perfect in removing unwanted hairs in the body. There are many kinds of blades including five-blade, three-blade and electric shavers. Blades alone are categorized under this tool. They can be effective for people who are experienced in shaving and trimming.

Shaving Cream –

Shaving creams are used to achieve comfortable and safer shaving process. The cream allows for the razor to move slowly onto the skin surface. It also softens the skin covering to allow hairs to be cut. Shaving cream aid in desensitizing the skin since some brands contain soothing ingredients.

Hair-Cutting Scissors –

These are special types of shears intended for hair trimming. The usually have finger brace at the end of one ring. This is to allow the user to control the scissors when cutting.

Aftershaves –

These can be in the form of lotion or gel used to prevent an occurrence of infection in case shaving results to cuts and abrasions. Some use alcohol, but because this may seem too harsh on the bikini area, unscented aftershaves are advised.

How do I trim the bikini area the right way?

Trimming takes a lot of caution and patience. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it, then don’t. If you are inspired to get rid of the hairs, then here are helpful tips to follow:

1. Find the best tool

Get the right razor from local drugstores. Smaller ones are perfect for the bikini line. You can also try a beard trimmer in case you don’t want to be completely bare. Look for a razor with the right shape, size and settings that suit your needs.

2. Trim with scissors at 6mm

You don’t cut the way you want. Trimming follows the right process. You start by pulling the hair towards you, and It will be easier to cut them into smaller sections. You can also use trimmers (Bikini Trimmer) that without rotating heads that will get too close to your skin.

3. Take a warm shower

Soak in a hot bath or stand in the shower for a while before. Once you feel that the follicles are soft, start trimming. The softness of the skin allows for the hair to be easily shaved off. Be careful not to push the razor so hard to hurt the skin and create wounds on it.

4. Exfoliate the shaven part

Exfoliating will remove the dead skin that blocks the blade from going near the hair roots. Exfoliating also allows the hair to be in the same direction.

5. Use a shaving gel

Never trim or shave without using a lubricant. Shaving gels and creams help in preventing rough and red skin. Unscented and non-foamy lubricants are usually hypoallergenic which make them a top choice.

6. Shave long and slow

Follow the direction of the hair when cutting. Use long and slow strokes using the blade of the razor. Never press it deep into the skin to avoid abrasions.

7. Final touch

After you achieved your desired shape, rinse and dampen the area. Apply a moisturizer to prevent irritation and swelling. Dry the area, then use baby powder to freshen it up.

What are shaving mistakes I should avoid?

  • Don’t shave before or just when you got into the shower. Allow enough time for the skin surface and follicles to soften.
  • Don’t use an old razor. Worn out blades are not only inefficient but are also dangerous.
  • Don’t use shower gel. Shower gels are often too harsh for the skin in the bikini line. Use unscented shaving cream, instead.
  • Trim before shaving. This will save you time, and it will be a lot easier to shape the line when the area is visible. Most first-timers are advised to trim before shaving to allow a better view of the area to be cleaned from unwanted hair.
  • Using regular lotion after shaving. Regular lotion is loaded with scents that can cause irritation. Buy a moisturiser with aloe vera as the main ingredient.
  • Using the wrong kind of bikini or underwear. Use 100% cotton and avoid tight elastic bands. Give you skin a room to breathe for faster aftershave recovery.

Dealing with Side Effects

There are a few side effects of shaving which you should deal with. Sometimes, you get irritation and itching which can be healed using hydrocortisone cream. Remember, itching on the outside is a shaving side effect. When the irritation comes from the inside, then you need to talk to your doctor.

Moreover, use aloe vera on razor burn. Aloe vera has soothing and healing properties and can be bought at any drugstore.

In case rashes and bumps develop after soaking in warm water, use any lotion. Make sure the lotion does not contain perfume to prevent worsening and irritation. If applying lotion does not work and the rash stays for more than one week, then seek the help of a doctor.

Final Words

Shaving the bikini area is a choice. A lot of women still prefer to allow the hair to grow for personal reasons. Choosing to trim and cut is a choice. Find the right tools and follow recommended steps to avoid further hassles. Spend enough time for this task to make sure everything is done as planned.

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