How to Trim Pubic Hair without Itching – Doing It Like a Pro

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How to Trim Pubic Hair without Itching – Doing It Like a Pro

how to trim public hair without itching

Maximum person facing a trouble, when they want to trim their pubic hair. Because they didn’t know how to trim pubic hair without itching. Maintaining the hair down there is usually a big problem for some of us. They grow too fast and it is too soon to get another clean shave or get another waxing session. The pubic hair still feels too much and you do not want to opt for these. You need to get yourself a good clean pair of clippers and a bikini shaper for the job. Take a nice shower, dry off the areas and start along with these steps. They are easy to follow and at the end of it you will be happy that you followed these instructions and are not itchy down there. These sensitive parts have skin that is very sensitive which needs to be taken care of.

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What You will Need

It is important that you prepare yourself to do this with no rush so choose a time you know you will be alone for some time. If you are a parent, it is best that you do keep your kids busy while you go and work on your bikini beauty. Also, choose a lace with adequate spacing for you so that there are no accidents as you do some barber work on the bush down there. It is optional that you could choose to prepare yourself mentally so that you are ready and do not keep falling back to do one thing or another.

  • A good clean pair of clippers and comb.
  • A bikini trimmer. If you do not have one, there are affordable bikini trimmers and blades in Amazon. Purchase one for yourself.
  • A mirror. Preferably a large mirror from which you can see your entire self.

How to Trim Pubic Hair without Itching - Steps

Step 1:

Get your tools and have them disinfected and or sterilized before you begin. It is important to get all the nasty bacteria out of there because well, no one wants infections down there! Make sure your items are clean and dry, ready to go.

Step 2:

Are you clean? Take a bath or shower, clean up the hair, let it be soft and use a small comb to detangle the hair if it looks too long. This is a step that most people skip, not realizing it is very important. Let the hair air-dry or use a blow dryer to help it dry out quicker. When it feels dry enough, do pass your comb over to make sure it is all detangled.

Step 3:

Stand in front of your mirror and angle it in a way that you will see everything once you are seated. Feel free to get all the necessary precautions to protect the floor from many little hairs that are difficult to get rid of. Now sit comfortably in your chair with the newspaper under you and on the floor. That goes for everyone who finds it difficult to stand in the shower and just start. However, if you really can stand and see everything, go ahead!

Step 4:

Take the comb and pass it through the hair so that the excess is standing above the teeth of the hair. Use the clippers to cut them short throughout the pubic area. You do notice that at some point you will have to spread your legs a bit wider to reach further along so sit when you have to. When you are done, put your comb and clippers aside.

Step 5:

Now take your trimmer and start it. Trim the hair according to its grain and avoid going against it. If hair is growing upwards somewhere, go over it with long strokes few times as possible. It should not be run over so many times so that you do not irritate your skin. Do it evenly all around till you feel satisfied with the look you have.

Step 6:

Stand and clean up or at least make the hair go away as you should. Wash yourself up as well with warm or cool water and dry up thoroughly. Moisturize the parts and stay that way a while to give your skin some time to relax. It feels great to relax and just let everything air so that it remains okay.

Step 7:

Clean up your tools as soon as possible. That was a fairly easy task if you are used to it buy now. If you just started, it is a wonderful way to maintain your hair and even if you do not shave it all, it looks good on you all neat and short.

Short Tips and Tricks

  • Never start with dirty tools or body. Hey are the primary causes of discomfort on irritated skin.
  • It is important to maintain the blades of your tools. If they are blunt, replace them. Blunt blades cause more harm than good and make your skin irritated.
  • Do not go over one place with the trimmer severally. Go with long gentle strokes to avoid irritating the skin.
  • If the skin is irritated by the time you are finished with this, apply some hydrocortisone cream to cool it off. Avoid scratching which only worsens the situation.
  • If there are any bruises or cuts, go around them. Do not shave right over them because it will hurt.
  • There are many types of styles you can do when you do not want to shave it all. Beginners would rather go with a triangle or strip which is easier.

Things to Consider to Do it

  1. The time it takes your hair to grow back. Get a regular regimen because hair tends to grow at a rate and you know it best. You could trim after every 2 weeks, month, a few days, depending on the growth rate.
  2. The length of hair that is too long for you. Always monitor the pubic hair length when you take a shower or bath.
  3. Time you have to spare. You cannot begin this if you are in a rush. Mark your calendar in the head or with an inconspicuous mark which nobody will understand except you.
  4. The condition of your skin at the moment. This determines whether or not you can tamper with the hair down there. If it is a bit irritated or sensitive as compared to normal times, wait.
  5. Advantages of trimming regularly over saving great amounts. It is easier to maintain fair amounts of hair because it takes less time. Consider this as you take care of other parts of your glorious body.


No matter what length your pubic hair is, it is important to keep a close check. Manage the area on a daily basis by cleaning around the pubes and drying it thoroughly. Always remember never to share any of your skincare gadgets. This could be the cause of a spread in diseases that is better avoided. You should always disinfect or sterilize your tools to store them while still clean. Have fun trying out different shapes and figure out which one you love most or just switch them all out whenever they grow back.

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