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How To Trim Nose Hair Without Scissors – A Proper Guide Line

how to trim nose hair without scissors

Many people ask that how to trim nose hair without scissors. Nose hair may look ugly, but it is part of the body’s natural immune system that helps filter air particles. It also traps toxin, dust, bacteria and pathogens when you breathe. The problem arises when it grows from docile hairs to long protruding hair that it becomes a hindrance.

It’s usually men who develop excessive nasal hair at a rapid pace. It is because the growth of nose hair is linked to the male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This is the same hormone responsible for male baldness. Besides, nose hair is also thought to be inherited from the father.

Whatever the cause or reason for nasal hair may be, it can get embarrassing when it protrudes from the nose. However this should not be a big bother as removing nasal hair is an affordable, quick and easy process. You need to know how to safely remove hair from such a sensitive body part using the right tools, but not scissors.

Problem with Using Scissors

Scissors are not advised for trimming nasal hair obviously because of its sharp edges. Besides, you need some practice and experience to safely trim nasal hairs. You need to lean close to the mirror, and use one hand to lift your nose, and slowly trim the hair with your other hand.

This can get uncomfortable and inconvenient to many. You need more of concentration and skill to do all this, without getting cut. Though there are also scissors with blunt edges you may use for the same purpose, they have to be used with the same dexterity.

What Happens When You Use Scissors?

The main reason scissors are not suggested is because there is the risk of it inflicting pain and irritation while trimming your hair. It’s also dangerous as there’s the risk of a small, accidental jerk of the scissors permanently leaving a scar on your face.

Besides, if the scissors cause a scar or cut in your nose, you will lose a little blood which allows bacteria to grow in your nose. Your facial area veins don’t have protective valves. So there is the chance of bacteria entering your bloodstream. This can lead to infections somewhere in your body. This again is an unnecessary risk. It can be avoided by not using scissors for trimming your nasal hair.

How To Trim Nose Hair Without Scissors - What Is The Best Way To Trim?

Nose trimmers are today considered the most effective, powerful and safe nose hair removal tool available. You can choose between using an electric or manual trimmer. However the electric version is more popular for obvious reasons.

It runs on a battery and is easy to operate with one hand. Besides, it provides for faster and more efficient cutting of hairs. On the contrary, manual trimmers don’t need batteries but do require two hands for operating.

How To Trim Nose Hair With Trimmers

When you trim your nasal hair with a nose trimmer, you need to first blow your nose. You next start trimming your hair in front of a well-lit mirror. It’s important and better if the trimmer easily fits, and doesn’t have to be forced into the nasal canal. Besides, nose trimmers are designed in such a way that they easily insert into your nose and as its blades are covered, there’s no risk of it touching your sensitive nasal skin.

Start trimming the lower hairs at the entry of nostrils till they are no longer visible. Once done, you have to push up your nose with your finger. This gives you a better look to find out if there’s any more hair that can be trimmed. Make sure you don’t insert the trimmer too deep into your nose. It is important that you leave the rest of your nasal hair alone. They are needed to protect your body from pollutants.

Choosing The Best Nose Hair Trimmers

If you are looking for the best nose hair trimmers available, there is a wide variety of trimmers to choose from. You need to make your choice based on its battery life, motor type, price, portability, versatility and reliability. Some even come with attachments so that you can use the same trimmer for shaving eyebrows and beards.

Some trimmers come with rechargeable batteries. Others may run on a single AA/AAA battery. It’s better buying one that serves you for a few months on a single charge. Look for trimmers with a rotary blade system as it’s better for automatic trimming. The manual ones have a leaning curve, which is why you need both hands to use it.

Nose hair trimmers are not that expensive. They usually cost a third less than a premium electric trimmer. Regarding portability, most are designed to easily store in tight places. Some also come with a carry case for easy travelling.

Some Helpful Tips And Tricks

Whatever your nasal hair removal option may be, it should be done hygienically. This is because you will be opening pores. This places you at a risk the risk of inflammation or infection. So make sure you use clean tools.

Then, you need to choose a place with good lighting. This is a safety precaution, especially while doing the trimming. It is better working with a magnifying mirror. These mirrors give better close-ups to see which areas need maximum trimming. While a standard mirror is equally good, you may have to lean in for a better view. This can in turn make trimming your hair a bit difficult.

Don’t forget to first clean your nose before trimming your nasal hair! This is to avoid getting debris or boogers into your way while you trim your hair.

While nasal hair is uncomfortable, you need to be careful that you don’t over-trim your hair. Remember, nasal hair is part of your body’s immune system. Over-trimming can make you more vulnerable to allergies and other respiratory problems. So it’s not advised to remove every inch of nasal hair you have.

Once you are done trimming your nasal hair, you need to clean your grooming tools. Even the trimmers you use have to be cleaned, preferably with some antiseptic. It’s also okay if you rub it with some soap and water or alcohol. However do wipe it dry before storing to prevent rusting. Don’t forget to read your trimmer’s instruction manual before use. This can prevent accidents and give best results.


Nasal hair has its uses. It’s only if it’s too long that it affects your overall look, especially in youngsters. However it’s not something to worry much about as the right grooming helps. Scissors are risky for trimming nasal hair s you risk accidently pricking and bruising your nose.

Though there are scissors with rounded tips meant for trimming nasal hair, they have to be used with effort and dexterity. So a nasal hair trimmer is the answer to how to trim nose hair without scissors.

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