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How to Sharpen Nail Clippers – Everything You Need To Know

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  • How to Sharpen Nail Clippers – Everything You Need To Know

How to Sharpen Nail Clippers – Everything You Need To Know

how to sharpen nail clippers

It is quite challenging to get a clean nail cut using dull nail clippers. Sometimes it doesn’t even get to cut the nail. Also using dull clippers can cause a nail injury. Sharpening your nail clippers at home will save you from buying new clippers, every time they get dull. Everyday home objects can be used to sharpen nail clippers including sandpaper, emery cloth and sharpening stones. Sharpening nail clippers is an easy process that takes a couple of minutes. Besides, it does not need to be done often.

What’s more, you participate in preserving our environment by reusing rather than keep dumping duller nail clippers into the environment especially if your country does not have a system of recycling waste.

Why is it not common to sharpen nail clippers?

The design of nail clippers is not like knives or scissors. Knives and scissors have exposed blades which are easy to sharpen. Also, replacing nail clippers is easy, making it a more comfortable option for many people than sharpening.

Nail clippers are designed with two blades that meet during clipping of your nail. The difficulty comes when the blades have a concave shape. However, various methods have been proven to be effective in sharpening such nail clippers. Round abrasives do an excellent job in sharpening nail clippers with a concave shape.

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Why Sharpen nail clippers

You may have a cute manicure set that you hope to preserve and use for a long period. On the other hand, if you value saving money, sharpening a nail clipper may save you some money in the long-run. On the other hand, you may be living away from the nearest mall, and these tips may come in handy when you need to sharpen your nails without having to make a trip to the local store.

Various methods of sharpening nail clippers

The rate at which your nail clipper gets dull depends on the frequency of use. You will choose the sharpening method depending on what tools you have at hand and also how dull your nail clipper has gotten.

Taking the nail clipper apart should take you a bit of time and is usually advised when the nail clipper edges have become extremely dull. You can also sharpen the clippers using various tools without taking them apart.

Sharpening without disassembling the clipper

You can use various abrasives to sharpen your nail clipper without having to dismantle it. Sandpaper is a good option because it is readily available at your local hardware store at an affordable price. To sharpen your clipper effectively, you need fine grit sandpaper, extra fine grit sandpaper, and medium grit. Alternatively, you can use emery cloth as an abrasive to sharpen the nail clipper in place of sandpaper.

Start by clipping the medium grit sandpaper the same way you would your nails. Hold it up for up to 5 seconds before releasing it. Repeat the process up to seven times. Then again use the fine grit sandpaper and repeat the process. Finally, use the extra fine sandpaper, and repeat the process again. The fine grit sandpaper polishes the edges and removes any extra steel from the blades. Now rinse the blades and try it out to see if it’s sharp enough. You can repeat the process if you are not satisfied with the result.

Disassembling the clipper to sharpen them

If your nail clippers are too dull, then you need to take them apart to sharpen them effectively. Remove the lever/handle and pin that keeps the lever fixed on the Clippers by squeezing the two clippers together. Store the lever and pin in a sealable bag to avoid misplacing or losing them. You may want to use this opportunity to clean and sterilize the nail clippers. The next step is identifying the part that needs to be sharpened. This is the part that clips the nails. Nail clippers are designed differently and have different cutting edges. Identify the edge of the nail clippers.

The next step is to sharpen the clippers. Start by bringing the two clippers together. You can insert a screw into the pinhole and secure it with a nut on the other end. Then tighten the screw to tighten your hold. Proceed and sharpen the edges of the clipper. You can use various abrasives including a sharpening stone or a diamond abrasive.

Go over ten times to ensure that it is well sharpened. When you are done sharpening the clippers, remove the screw and nut. Re-assemble the nail clippers. Squeeze the jaws together and re-attach the lever and pin back to the clippers.

Learning to assemble your nail clipper is a skill that can help you not only when you need to sharpen the blades, but sometimes the clipper falls apart during use requiring to be fixed.

Maintaining your nail clippers

As mentioned above, you may want to use the opportunity of taking apart your nail clipper to thoroughly clean and sanitize them. Built-up dirt is a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria. It is easier to reach every part of the clippers when the lever and pin are removed. Use a toothbrush and soap to clean them. Then sterilize the clippers by boiling them for about twenty minutes in hot boiling water or submerging them in an alcohol or disinfectant solution. Sterilization avoids infections being spread from one nail to another or from one family member to another.

Test the Clippers after sharpening

Try the clippers on your nails. If they are sharp enough, then you are good to go. Use the sharpened clippers to trim your nails or store them safely if you don’t need to use them.

In conclusion

You have two choices when presented with a dull nail clipper; you either acquire a new one or sharpen your current clipper. Thankfully nail clippers are affordable and can be replaced easily. On the other hand, if you choose to sharpen your nail clippers and yet you don’t want to go through the whole process of sharpening them, then you can opt to take them to a professional or send them back to the manufacturer. Some brands come with a free lifetime sharpening warranty.

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