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How to Sharpen Hedge Trimmer with Dremel

how to sharpen hedge trimmer with dremel

Instead of using the traditional methods of trimming using traditional gardening tools like shears, use Dremel tool sharpener. Hedge trimmers might not be the easiest to sharpen, nor are they easy to remove from power for sharpening. However, it becomes easier once the blade assembly is removed and can be cleaned then you can go ahead to sharpen using Dremel. Be careful during the process of the dismantling and reassembling, though. A lot of things might go wrong.

There are various benefits that come with the sharpening of hedge trimmers, which include:

1. Easy to notice

It is easy to notice plants or gardens that have been trimmed using a sharpened hedge, they happen to be neat. That not all; sharpened trimmed hedge helps plants heal a lot faster.

2. Sharpened hedge trimmer eases the trimming process

Using a well-sharpened hedge trimmer eases the trimming process for you. It becomes faster to trim with a sharpened hedge trimmer and takes less time as compared to using a blunt one.

3. Sharpened hedge trimmers tend to last longer

The more you use a sharpened hedge trimmer, the more you give it life to serve you. This is because by using a sharpened hedge trimmer, you avoid damaging plants with bluntness hence giving the gardening tool an easy time with a lasting life.

4. Sharpened hedge trimmers are environment-friendly

By sharpening the hedge trimmers, you are guaranteed of gardening safely as it makes work easier and you are able to keep the environment clean within a short time.

Reasons for using a Dremel as a sharpening tool for the hedge trimmer

The Dremel sharpening tool has three attachments that enable you to maintain your hedge trimmer with ease.

The Dremel tool sharpener is known to sharpen the hedge trimmer blades to its best and gives it a beautiful, shiny look that restores the edges to be as good as new.

Dremel sharpener can sharpen a variety of other garden tools as well, like shears, shovels, axes, and hoes.

Dremel Sharpener enables the hedge trimmer to work effectively and efficiently.

Dremel tool sharpener is cost effective and affordable.

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Here is a step by step process on how to sharpen your hedge trimmer using Dremel:

Step One:

Ensure your hedge trimmer is clean before the sharpening process begins. Traces of either stones or grasses shouldn’t be seen. Ensure the blades are cleaned thoroughly and no stones are stuck on the blades.

Step Two:

Start by preparing the Dremel sharpening kit. Ensure you attach all the small screws and nuts in the right position.

Step Three:

Have ear and eye protective gear, to protect yourself from sparks of light and grinding noise, there might be permanent damage in case the sparks and noise is too much. Make sure you put on a protective face cover if you have. Do the sharpening especially during the day, this will enable you to see clearly. Prevention is better than cure and it’s better safe than sorry.

Step Four:

Secure the hedge trimmer to a firm bar. In ordered to sharpen the blades, the hedge trimmer needs to be positioned very tightly to avoid any movements while sharpening. Ensure you hold the sharp end of the Dremel away from your body.

Step Five:

Switch on the Dremel and move it slowly to the hedge trimmer’s blades. Apply light pressure to prevent over sharpening the blades, slowly use small but short strokes, long strokes causes unevenly sharpened blades. Ensure you keep your body away from the grind, be careful.

Step Six:

Continue the process by repeating it. Keep turning the hedge trimmer and reclaim the bar to tighten it to avoid any accidents.


Using the Dremel tool sharpener to sharpen the hedge trimmer blade will make your trimmer as good as new. Using the best tool in the market to sharpen your trimmer gets you in the right habit of maintaining your gardening tool. The more you continue using the Dremel sharpener, the more you get used to sharpening and keep getting good results. Manage your garden with the best hedge trimmer in the market.

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