How to Cut Cat Nails with Human Clippers – Every Tiny Detail You Need

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How to Cut Cat Nails with Human Clippers – Every Tiny Detail You Need

how to cut ccat nails with human clippers

Most cats have long untrimmed claws. Cat owners think it is normal for the claws to be long, but it is not. Cats like human beings find it irritating having long claws. It is better to start trimming the claws as young as it is so that the cat can get used to. Cats usually sit happily at the owner’s lap and look forward to the trimming. To ensure that the cat sits comfortably to your lap without any movement, pass your hands over to the neck of the cat and hind end to maintain the cat on your lap. It is now easy to hold the clipper with the other hand.

There are three types of clippers to cut the cat’s nails. They include: Guillotine, scissors and human finger clipper. Of the three, the human finger clipper is highly recommended as it is easier to use within the shortest time.

Here is how you can cut cat nails with human clippers:

Take the cat and place it on your lap.

Hold the human clipper with the your active hand.

Stretch the cat’s leg and squeeze the claws to reveal it and take the clipper towards the claws and slowly but gently squeeze the clippers handle to ​start trimming the claws to cut by moving the clippers blade to cut the claws to the desired length.

You will expect to see light colored claws as most cats have that. The shade of color makes it easy to see the blood vessels that supply blood to the claws. Carefully look for a pink pigment at the end of the nail, this is called a quick. While cutting the claws, ensure to cut about 2 millimeters away from the quick.

In case you cut the quick, the cat will be in a lot of pain and will bleed a lot.

To avoid cutting the quick, hold the clipper perpendicular to the nail, you will be able to cut from the top to bottom with a lot of ease.

Cut the claws that are light colored as it is not painful, trim with just a cut at every nail.

Ensure you do not hold the clipper parallel to the nail; this will cut side to side which may not be ideal, causing the nail to crush.

Use a nail file to sharpen the clipper, as the sharper the human clip trimmer the better the cut.

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To ensure that your cat doesn’t accidentally scratch you nor snag your furniture, you need to groom its claws. It is easier to use the human clipper as it is pocket-friendly and takes less time to trim the claws.

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