How to Cut Baby Boy Hair with Clippers – A Detailed Guide

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How to Cut Baby Boy Hair with Clippers – A Detailed Guide

how to cut baby boy hair with clippers

Baby boys are fabulous people. They’re playful, sharp and sometimes a little too stubborn – but we love them all the same. Don’t we? Well, when it comes to trimming their hair, you want to make sure you’re doing everything right. Make a mistake or two and they just might end up loathing the entire process. Because we all wouldn’t want that to happen, learning the correct way to do it can go a long way in preventing things from getting out of hand. Indeed, learning how to cut baby boy hair with clippers only requires you to take a few simple steps.

Cutting Your Baby Boy’s Hair with Clippers

To begin the process of saving your little boy’s hair, you’ll need a set of clippers, clipper guard (preferably one with number 3 on it), comb, and scissors. It is worth noting that clippers come as a set and the numbered guards are also available in a package. Of course, number 3 is our recommended choice for shaving your cute little boy’s hair as it is just the right fit for his delicate heads.

The next step is to find the boy. Have him drape a towel around his shoulders and sit on a comfortable chair. Now, let the job begin.

Steps of Trimming a Kid’s Hair Using Clippers

Step 1:

Put on the plastic number 3 guard on your clipper. Be sure to pick the right guard from your set. Most manufacturers have a way to make sure that each guard is clearly marked. So, you shouldn’t really have any trouble finding the right fit for the job.

cut baby boy hair with clippers

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Step 2:

Plug in the clipper and switch it on, ready for the action. You want to check and confirm that the machine is working as it’d be expected. Also, be sure to confirm that the cables are well connected and that the power is stable. You don’t want to be forced to call off a trimming session just because of power outage. Your boy may not like it.

Step 3:

The best way to shave a little boy’s head is by holding the clippers in a right angle position. Wait, what’s the right angle position? Well, if math wasn’t really your favorite subject back in school, a right angle position is a 90-degree position. In other words, this is the angle that would draw an L position relative to the head.

Step 4:

You should begin by shaving the base of the neck proceeding straight upward. The idea is to shave in an upward motion while trying to keep up with the direction of hair growth. Ultimately, you want to make sure your little man is comfortable throughout this process. Also, be sure to trim him evenly throughout the head.

Step 5:

Once you’re comfortable that the hair is well trimmed, the next step is to edge it. For this purpose, you’ll need to start by removing the guard from the top of your clipper. Then proceed to clean up the area around the ears and the back side of his head. Some people prefer to use a pair of scissors for this process and you can do so as well if you prefer. The only warning to take here is that you need to be extremely careful not to end up nicking those little ears. So, always remember that clippers can be too sharp and only a careful trimming will help prevent accidents.

Step 6:

Hurray! If you’ve made it to this stage, then you’re pretty much done using your clippers. Congratulations for doing it so safely and effectively. Now, the next step to take involves the use of scissors. Begin by getting his hair wet – of course you can choose to either use a spray bottle for this role or simply turn to a cup of water.

Step 7:

Start by doing a nice trim from the top of his head particularly by taking a section in the front in order to make your guide. It’s at this stage that you get to choose the kind of length you want his hair to be.

Step 8:

Hold your fingers in a level position and try to keep them as leveled as possible. This will help you cut his hair in an evenly and decent way. Then once you get the drill you can proceed to finish the rest of the cutting process. Remember to be keen at all times as boys can sometimes get a little playful and make an, otherwise, perfect process into a not-so-good one.

Extra Tips

(1) Most boys like it when you trim their sideburns in a straight line. I don’t know why they like it but it seems like they find it to be pretty cool.

(2) Talking about side burns, you want to make sure that these are made to be of the same length.

(3) Want to cut down on mess at your place? The best idea is to do the hair cut either in the garage or the backyard. You may also use the bathroom particularly if the bathroom is spacious.

(4) You don’t always have to wet the hair when using the clipper. In fact, you’re likely to find that wet hair is pretty difficult to trim with a clipper.

(5) Avoid shaving your boy’s head while he’s wearing pajamas. Polyester pajamas in particular are pretty messy as they don’t allow the hear that falls on them to come out no matter how hard you clean them.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, getting your baby boy’s hair isn’t rocket science. But to do it right, one has to be sure to take the right steps without leaving any room for compromise. Also, it’s important to maintain a sense of taste so your little one can enjoy every part of the process and appreciate the fact that they look better after a shave. So, in a nutshell, this is not merely a physical process but a psychological one. Are you up for it? We certainly hope you are ready and that the steps detailed above will be of great help to you.

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