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How to Clean Horse Hair Brush

how to clean horse hair brush

There are a variety of horse brushes on the market. No matter the kind of brush you choose, ensure that the bristles are taken care off. You only have to identify the best for your horse. Horses are usually very adorable, especially if they have been groomed right. Invest in the right horse brushes, so that you can take good care of the horses and extend their lifeline.

Store well your horse brushes so that it’s bristling will not be smashed or crimped. A good way to ensure that the brushes are taken care off is to make them stand on end so that the brush can stand independently on its handle. The other way to keep the bristles safe is to interlock the two brushes.

You will never have a clean horse using a dirty brush. In fact, the more you use a dirty brush the more you are adding a build-up of more dirt on the horse and on your brush. When you continue neglecting your brush, the brush bristles will clump together making it even impossible to give effective results.

Cleaning the horse brush isn't that hard, you will need certain things to clean such as:

  1. A towel.
  2. Warm water.
  3. The horse brush.
  4. Soap.
  5. A soap dish.
  6. Flat surface to place the brushes (Under the sun).

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Guidelines on How to Clean the Brushes:

Make sure to gather all the brushes, so go round the stables looking for the brushes, in case there might be one or two that you might have missed.

brush horse hair

Once you have the brushes with you, by running the rubber on the bristles, Start getting off all the long hair. Ensure you are outside doing this cleaning as natural light will enable you to see well.

Now that you have at least cleared the long hairs from the brushes, start doing horse birth preparation. Prepare warm water in a nice big basin.

In your warm water, add either shampoo or soap, depends on your preference. Start by washing the back of the brush using the hairbrush, then afterward wash through the bristles. Warm, soapy water helps in loosening the dirt. As you wash, ensure the other brushes waiting to be washed are soaked into warm, soapy water.

Repeat the process of washing. However, if your brushes have a wood handle, ensure they don’t soak on water for a longer time, as they might crack. It is not necessary to soak the brushes in water for a long time.

The next step is to do the rinsing, remember to rinse the brushes completely with warm water. Repeat the rinsing process for the rest of the brushes. Afterward, place the brushes on a flat surface under the sun for the bristles to dry.

The Grooming Process

Make sure you clean brushes by running it against the rubber curry after every brush stroke just to remove the dirt that might have stuck on the brush. Then after you are done, take the brush and knock it against the wall or any hard surface so that the dirt may not stick on the brush, this is to ensure that the next time you use the brush, it will still be as clean.

Remember that the quality of the brushes really matter, cheap is expensive when it comes to owning a horse brush. Most plastic curries are not as good as they damage the horse hair, pulling them out and eventually making the brush lose bristles.

After the Growing Process

Keep stroking of the brush against the rubber curry to get the remaining dirt out before you store the brushes away.

Where and How to Store the Brushes

Get a nice dry place to store your horse brushes. This will ensure the brushes are dry just as you left them. The brush needs to be set on the side or set the bristles up while the brush rests on the handle. Get a good and dry closed box to keep your brushes, an open one is not as highly recommended because it attracts dust that is not good for the cleaned brushes. If you have to use an open box, make sure to cover it with a towel or a clean piece of cloth.

In Case of Bent Bristles

In cases where your brush has bent bristles caused by bad storage. You can leave the brush at an open place for airing, place the brush sideways to be balanced by its handles or lay it on the back for the bristles to be on top, with time the bristles will be back to its usual square shape. If need be, spray the bristles with some little water, then leave them out to dry.

Another way to getting the straight bristle result is to tightly wrap the bristle in tissue for about 24 hours, they bristles will come back to shape.


Keeping your horses neat will also need you to keep the horse brushes clean. Instead of running to the market to buy a new brush, why not spend some few minutes keeping clean the brush that you have already. It will save you money and time looking for new brushes.

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