How to Clean Hedge Trimmer Blades: Are You Doing it the Wrong Way?

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How to Clean Hedge Trimmer Blades: Are You Doing it the Wrong Way?

how to clean hedge trimmer blades

Hedge trimmers are a necessity for anyone who wants to keep their lawn clean and neat. If your home is covered by bushes, shrubs and long trees, the hedge trimmers would certainly be a tool you would want to own. The results of using a head trimmer are that you will get a beautifully trimmed and neat garden. The hedge trimmers come in handy in seasons like summer, autumn and spring. Trimming prevents overgrowing of bushes or scrubs. Whenever necessary, trimming enables the hedges to be grow densely and healthy. It is an automatic thing of knowing that you really need this hedge trimmer in your home. However, note that the blade of the trimmers needs to be clean and sharp. Lubricating the trimmers blades by spraying before using can go a long way into helping the dirt not to stick on the blades. Either way you may need to do thorough cleaning on the hedge trimmer blades.

The Importance of Cleaning the Hedge Trimmer Blades:

The Hedge Trimmer blade always collects a lot of dirt and residue whenever it has been used. When the dirt piles us, it becomes sticky which traps other foreign dirt like leaves, dust, branches, trigs etc. With all this dirt, the hedge trimmer is at the risk of losing its functionality. As the dirt continues to build up between the blades, movement of the blades doesn’t make it easier, the heat of the blade bakes the dirt making it worse.

The blades become thick and are pushed apart becoming less functional. Since the residue is too much on the blades, it also reduces the ability to cut better. This makes you strain whenever you are using the hedge trimmer cutter making you sweat and working twice as hard in your trimming process. Since your trimmer is not clean, it doesn’t give you the clean cut with a neat finish you are used to. You end up having rough and messy hedges, damaging the plant.

The large amount of residue covering the blades can even cause permanent damage to the machine, making it difficult to be used for trimming ever again. Therefore, to avoid all that, you should purpose to clean your hedge trimmer blades to remove any dirt and residue attached on the blades.

hedge trimmer blades

Materials Needed for Cleaning:

  • Water mixture
  • Soap
  • Household bleach/Alcohol
  • Brush
  • Safety Glasses
  • Solvent
  • Clean cloth
  • Gloves

The Way to Clean the Hedge Trimmer Blades

The best way to clean a hedge trimmer’s blade is by beginning to make sure it is properly disconnected from power. You want to make sure that you’re safe all the time. So, don’t take chances. Be sure that your hedge trimmer’s battery is removed. And if it’s a corded trimmer, make sure it is not connected to a source of power. This minimizes the risk of having the machine activate as you operate it. As you know, a live machine can turn out to be a deadly weapon. We’ve previously heard cases of individuals who got electrocuted after coming into contact with live wires of their appliances. Please don’t let that be you. Take time to take a few safety precautions so you can enjoy the entire process.

Ready? Here are 8 steps you need to follow. As we’ve already mentioned, your safety comes first and so let us pick it from there and proceed.

Step One:

First of all, ensure that the hedge trimmer is disconnected from its power or even battery. This is a safety precaution to be look at, before the start of cleaning. This helps in avoiding any accidents.

Step Two:

The next safety precaution to observe is the wearing of gloves and the safety glasses, just to avoid being cut in case the blades slide.

Step Three:

Make sure your trimmer is properly laid flat on a stable surface. Check to see if there are cables lying around and remove them to avoid tripping.

Step Four:

Soak the trimmer in water for some time before you start with the brushing of the blades.

Step Five:

Get your brush out and start scrubbing the blades until you are sure that all the dirt and residue is gone.

Step Six:

After you are done with the scrubbing, take the solvent and try and remove the sticky sap on the blade.

Step Seven:

Afterwards, dry the blade with your clean piece of cloth.

Step Eight:

Sterilize your trimmer blades with the house bleach or alcohol and leave it for 30 seconds to about a minute then you can take another piece of cloth and wipe it dry.


Cleaning your hedge trimmer blades will automatically guarantee you r trimmer durability and efficiency. You will also get the desired results for your garden, making it a beautiful clean cut and neat. So, go ahead and while at it, be sure to ensure that you’re playing by the rules. Safety comes first and so if you’re unsure of anything, be sure to consult your manufacturer to avoid voiding your warranty.

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