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How to Sharpen Nail Clippers – Everything You Need To Know

It is quite challenging to get a clean nail cut using dull nail clippers. Sometimes it doesn’t even get to cut the nail. Also using dull clippers can cause a nail injury. Sharpening your nail clippers at home will save you from buying new clippers, every time they get dull. Everyday home objects can be used to sharpen nail clippers including sandpaper, emery cloth and sharpening stones. Sharpening nail clippers is an easy process that takes a couple of minutes. Besides, it does not need to be done often.

What’s more, you participate in preserving our environment by reusing rather than keep dumping duller nail clippers into the environment especially if your country does not have a system of recycling waste.

Why is it not common to sharpen nail clippers?

The design of nail clippers is not like knives or scissors. Knives and scissors have exposed blades which are easy to sharpen. Also, replacing nail clippers is easy, making it a more comfortable option for many people than sharpening.

Nail clippers are designed with two blades that meet during clipping of your nail. The difficulty comes when the blades have a concave shape. However, various methods have been proven to be effective in sharpening such nail clippers. Round abrasives do an excellent job in sharpening nail clippers with a concave shape.

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Why Sharpen nail clippers

You may have a cute manicure set that you hope to preserve and use for a long period. On the other hand, if you value saving money, sharpening a nail clipper may save you some money in the long-run. On the other hand, you may be living away from the nearest mall, and these tips may come in handy when you need to sharpen your nails without having to make a trip to the local store.

Various methods of sharpening nail clippers

The rate at which your nail clipper gets dull depends on the frequency of use. You will choose the sharpening method depending on what tools you have at hand and also how dull your nail clipper has gotten.

Taking the nail clipper apart should take you a bit of time and is usually advised when the nail clipper edges have become extremely dull. You can also sharpen the clippers using various tools without taking them apart.

Sharpening without disassembling the clipper

You can use various abrasives to sharpen your nail clipper without having to dismantle it. Sandpaper is a good option because it is readily available at your local hardware store at an affordable price. To sharpen your clipper effectively, you need fine grit sandpaper, extra fine grit sandpaper, and medium grit. Alternatively, you can use emery cloth as an abrasive to sharpen the nail clipper in place of sandpaper.

Start by clipping the medium grit sandpaper the same way you would your nails. Hold it up for up to 5 seconds before releasing it. Repeat the process up to seven times. Then again use the fine grit sandpaper and repeat the process. Finally, use the extra fine sandpaper, and repeat the process again. The fine grit sandpaper polishes the edges and removes any extra steel from the blades. Now rinse the blades and try it out to see if it’s sharp enough. You can repeat the process if you are not satisfied with the result.

Disassembling the clipper to sharpen them

If your nail clippers are too dull, then you need to take them apart to sharpen them effectively. Remove the lever/handle and pin that keeps the lever fixed on the Clippers by squeezing the two clippers together. Store the lever and pin in a sealable bag to avoid misplacing or losing them. You may want to use this opportunity to clean and sterilize the nail clippers. The next step is identifying the part that needs to be sharpened. This is the part that clips the nails. Nail clippers are designed differently and have different cutting edges. Identify the edge of the nail clippers.

The next step is to sharpen the clippers. Start by bringing the two clippers together. You can insert a screw into the pinhole and secure it with a nut on the other end. Then tighten the screw to tighten your hold. Proceed and sharpen the edges of the clipper. You can use various abrasives including a sharpening stone or a diamond abrasive.

Go over ten times to ensure that it is well sharpened. When you are done sharpening the clippers, remove the screw and nut. Re-assemble the nail clippers. Squeeze the jaws together and re-attach the lever and pin back to the clippers.

Learning to assemble your nail clipper is a skill that can help you not only when you need to sharpen the blades, but sometimes the clipper falls apart during use requiring to be fixed.

Maintaining your nail clippers

As mentioned above, you may want to use the opportunity of taking apart your nail clipper to thoroughly clean and sanitize them. Built-up dirt is a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria. It is easier to reach every part of the clippers when the lever and pin are removed. Use a toothbrush and soap to clean them. Then sterilize the clippers by boiling them for about twenty minutes in hot boiling water or submerging them in an alcohol or disinfectant solution. Sterilization avoids infections being spread from one nail to another or from one family member to another.

Test the Clippers after sharpening

Try the clippers on your nails. If they are sharp enough, then you are good to go. Use the sharpened clippers to trim your nails or store them safely if you don’t need to use them.

In conclusion

You have two choices when presented with a dull nail clipper; you either acquire a new one or sharpen your current clipper. Thankfully nail clippers are affordable and can be replaced easily. On the other hand, if you choose to sharpen your nail clippers and yet you don’t want to go through the whole process of sharpening them, then you can opt to take them to a professional or send them back to the manufacturer. Some brands come with a free lifetime sharpening warranty.


How To Replace String On Ryobi Trimmer | Trimmer Adviser

Ryobi are known to produce some of the best weed eaters on the market. Besides that, the company has expanded its innovation and this has seen them introduce a wide variety of heads. The three most common types of heads include the Pro Cut II string head, Reel Easy and the Universal Bump Feed. Each one of them has their unique re-stringing procedure. Let’s take a look at how to replace string on Ryobi trimmer for the three different heads.

Replacing the String of a Reel Easy Head

Step 1:

Make sure the machine is switched off and that it’s disconnected through unplugging it from the power outlet, disconnecting the spark plug wire or by removing its batteries.

Step 2:

Cut a 25 foot long trimmer line from your string roll using a pair of scissors or utility knife.

Step 3:

Move the knob of the head so the arrow sign lines up with the arrow signs on the head itself. Once that’s done, simply feed one end of the line through a hole that’s available on the head. Then pull the line from the other end to create two equal lengths.

Step 4:

Keep winding the knob until about 8 inches of it are left. Note: For trimmers with curved shafts, it’s best to wind counterclockwise.

Re-Stringing a Pro Cut II Head

Step 1:​

As usual, it’s safety first. Begin by making sure the unit is properly turned off and disconnected from its source of power.

Step 2:​

Cut your string into two of 11-inch in length.

Step 3:​

Pick one of the 11-inch long lines and feed it into the hole on one side of your trimmer’s head. Keep pushing the line until it emerges on the other head of the head, about 1 inch of it. Be sure to remove any old string that might come out as you feed this new line into the system.

Step 4:​

Pick the remaining 11-inch length string and feed in the hole that appears on the opposite side of the head. Repeat the same procedure as you did with the first string.

Re-stringing the Universal Bump Feed Head

Step 1:​

Make sure the engine of your Ryobi trimmer is stopped and disconnected from its power source when you start this.

Step 2:​

Begin by grasping the string head with your hand, unscrew the knob with the other by turning it anticlockwise. Once the knob comes out, pull out the old string.

Step 3:​

Get an 18-foot string trimmer, fold in half and then hook its center on the center of the spool. Once you hook it in place, wind both ends in the direction suggested on top of the spool. Be sure to leave some 6-inches of the line unwound.

Step 4:​

Gently return the spool inside the head while slipping each one of its ends into the holes provided. Turn the knob clockwise to fit it back into its place. Lastly, pull the string ends while pushing the spool down just to confirm that it works properly.

Final Thoughts

As we have seen, replacing the string on your Ryobi Trimmer shouldn’t be a brainer. You only need to follow the right procedure for your specific type of head. Typically, you can get this job done in as few as 5 minutes.


How To Clean Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer – A Step-by-Step Guide

Sweet sweat waist trimmer helps you to burn more calories by working out less. This awesome belt makes it possible and flexible for you. The belt is able to adjust to your shape and size; simply it works for everybody's size and shape. It is very flexible as it is not heavy, so with time, you might forget you are wearing it. The sweet sweat waist trimmer is made for both male and female and is designed to help with the increase of body temperature while it intensifies sweating.

You have the belt now, looking forward to shading some few pounds, so how do you use it:

1. Using the best is not hard at all, it is very simple to use, first you take the trimmer and place it around your waist, adjust it according to your size.

2. Ensure the trimmer is not too loose nor too tight, as both ways will make you uncomfortable.

3. It takes a bit of time to adjust to it, the first few time will be a bit uncomfortable, but when you get a hang of it then you will enjoy it as it is fun to use.

4. After a few workout sessions, you will be a pro and it will take a few minutes to wrap the trimmer on your waist. At this point be sure that you will forget you even have it wrapped around your waist.

5. Once the trimmer is wrapped around, work out normally, the trimmer is just a way of enhancing your sweating and burning calories, so do not pay attention to it.

6. In the beginning, other exercises might be hard to do with the belt on than others. But practice makes perfect. So with time, you will be able to handle and do all workouts as you did before. Good thing is that you will be burning more calories than you used to.

The trimmer is designed in such a way that it can absorb the sweat, and if used it as it is supposed to then expect a lot of sweating. With time the sweat produces a smell that you just have to get rid off. A lot of people may be a bit nervous as they might think that cleaning the trimmer might ruin it.

The good news is, the trimmer can be washable. Here is what you would need to clean the trimmer:

  1. Soap/shampoo.
  2. Bowl of water.
  3. Towels.

This is how to clean the trimmer:

  1. Get a bowl of water.
  2. Pour the soap into the water and let them mix.
  3. Take a towel and dip it on water, take the trimmer and rub the wet towel on it.
  4. Rub the towel gently and slowly in one direction.
  5. Repeat the process on the other side, till the whole belt is washed.
  6. When you are satisfied that the whole belt is clean, take another dry towel and dry the trimmer.

Note :

1. It is not recommended to use any chemicals during the washing process as the trimmer has used Latex neoprene which is a sensitive material which may damage the waist trimmer or even stain it.

2. Never take the shortcut of placing the trimmer in a washing machine, which will automatically ruin it by causing it to stretch. It is easier to hand wash it and leave it to dry.

3. Do not leave you trimmer wet for long, after hand drying it, take it out to air dry it.

4. Avoid ironing the belt as it weakens the belt by melting.

5. Ensure the trimmer is stored in a dry and ventilated place. Direct sunlight will make the trimmer discolor.


Your belt will always be as good as new whenever you take the time to clean it. By cleaning you not only keep good hygiene of the belt but also keeps the belt natural and clean.

How To Use An Electric Bikini Trimmer

How to Use An Electric Bikini Trimmer – Ultimate Guide

Electric bikini trimmer becomes more popular day by day. We want to know how to use an electric bikini trimmer. First of all let’s start with the bikini trimmer, what it is? We can use the best bikini trimmer for hair removal. You can use this to shape them precise for delicate body parts. These are best for side burns upper lip and eyebrows also. These are quick way to get rid of unwanted hair in one go. You can remove unwanted hairs gently and easily through this. You can achieve a precise shape and style through this. If you don’t have much time to go with the classic way, than this is the best and quick option. This is ideal for quick touch ups give you instant output. If you buy the whole kit of it than there are some heads options, particular combs for precision, and brushes. Use of this will lead you to precision. For you the best part being is, it won’t touch your skin so no chances for cuts.

Uses of Tools

​Taking care of the hairs is one of the typical tasks. There are certain process and ways to do that. Some tools are available for users ease to achieve preciseness. Like different and unique shaped combs. These combs can help you to take care of those hairs in particular to shape them. Other than that few precision caps are also there to remove the unwanted hairs gentle way. You can use these tools in a precise way can prove a bit of an advantage. You can use some more to gentle your hairs before shaving. Through this you can achieve the best output possible.

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Key Features

There are a lot of features. The following are key features. They can help you, why you should need an electric bikini trimmer:

Precision Head:

​You can use the precision head for precise and correct styling of your hair. This is trimmer which stays away from the skin and still removes your unwanted hair to precision. These come in mm in unit. These are usually long lasting blades which stay intact for a period of time. These also gives the best output in all the gentle ways. These also give you a fearless way to use them as they don’t touch the skin. As they don’t touch the skin we can use it for a quick and instant use.

Combs for Uniform Hair:

There are different combs for hair linear length. You can achieve a uniform length can using them. This helps in getting a kind of hairstyle possible. You can use different combs shapes and length to achieve a linear and unique hair styles as per your desire. You can use these over the basic trimmer as well as over bikini trimmer blades also. Bikini heads also uses them helps a lot to stylize the unwanted hairs.

Battery Based:

This quality products come with a battery based trimmer. This gives us freedom of use anywhere we want it to. This also decreases the risk of power supply. This is a powerful feature gives power for hours to use it without any disturbance in use. The bikini trimmer is the powerful tool. The Batter battery feature gives it hour of productivity. You can put it on recharge after a certain period. May be after 2 or 3 times of use of more depending upon the battery and the product you are purchasing.

How to Use An Electric Bikini Trimmer Step by Step

How To Use An Electric Bikini Trimmer

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You can Use the bikini trimmer with a whole process of processing the hairs. In this process there are certain steps to work with. As an example, you can pull a small section of big unwanted hairs as first. Secondary you should be taking a hot bath so that you could now have soft hairs. You should start from outside the hairline. So many such steps are there lets go through them.

Step 1

First remove the long hairs pair, you can do this with electric bikini trimmer or its electric blades or scissor. Primary focus should be the public hairs. You should pull a small section of hair first from your skin and then cut them as close as possible to your skin. When you use any of such tool please be careful of using them and use them gently.

Step 2

As a second step you should take a hot bath. Try to sink all the unwanted hairs to hot water for at least five minutes. You can do the same by remaining in hot bath for some time only around 5 to 7 minutes. The reason behind the hair follicles it takes some time to open those. Doing so will give you ease for removing these unwanted hairs. You can apply the hair conditioner as well for a better output. Remember that more soft the hair will be more easy he process will be for you.

Step 3

​Now you need to pull the skin around your bikini area. Start doing so from above the bikini line. Use the electric razor over the area. Start from the outside of bikini line. You need to shave downward. You need to remove the hairs in the direction of hair growth all over the area around. Please keep in mind that tries not to take a big part in a single run. Always shave the small portions one by one. Repeat the step for parts around.

Step 4

After completing the third step you need to sit in the tub again. Overall you may need to take bath again. Wash the entire area you processed thoroughly. While doing so keep that in mind that the course pubic hairs require special attention. The pubic hairs should not curl inward.

Step 5

This is almost the last step of care. Apply baby oil gently all around the area. The purpose here is that the skin should remain soft. While applying baby oil please avoid the red area or dry rash if that also is present. The red and dry area appears usually to the sensitive skin people. For such sensitive skin issues aloe vera is the best way to take care of. You can use any lotion or gel containing aloe vera. This will help you for sensitive skin.

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​Tips and Tricks

​The sharp use of tools will help you achieve the best output. There are so many tools available in the market. Sharp scissors are a good trick to have a good of an output. Hair conditioner can soften the hairs helps us to achieve the ease in process. Baby oil or aloe vera gel are the best catalysts to have soft and beautiful skin before and after.


​There should be some precautions as well. There are reactive and sensitive skin requires more care and careful use of product. You should follow these to avoid bumps, blisters, ingrown hairs and infection.


​Bikini trimmer is an excellent product. It’s a one stop solution for so many things all together. Our pubic hairs need special attention and care. Bikini trimmer is the best way and tool to take care of these. The Key features for this product is that it is compact and elegant. Our skin always remains safe as no direct touch to it. Easy to carry so best for quick touch ups, can be use anytime and anywhere.

How To Trim Your Bikini Area With The Right Tools

How to Trim Your Bikini Area with the Right Tools – Proper Guide

How to trim your bikini area with the right tools? In 2016, a study revealed that 84% of 3,300 American women shave their bikini area for various reasons. It also showed that younger women tend to cut more compared to older women. Young ladies to trim due to hygienic reasons.

The number of those who shave can be overwhelming. The question on whether they are doing it the right way or are they even using the best bikini tools remains. As you read on, take note of some facts, tips and instruments for shaving and trimming the hairs down there. Shaving the bikini area is advisable if only you know how to do it right.

What are the benefits of trimming the bikini area?

The following are important reasons why you should cut or shave:

  • Shaving or trimming will maintain a clean and healthy body. The crotch accumulates sweat and dirt throughout the day. Moisture leads to bacteria growth that might cause infections. Shaving can help maintain dry and tidy crotch area to prevent bacteria from lurking.
  • ​Shaving leads to lower risk of developing an unpleasant odor. The absence of hair allows for better air circulation within the crotch area.
  • Shaving provides room for more natural movement. You can wear anything.

What are the right tools for trimming and shaving?

There are a lot of tools you can find online to help you with this journey. Here are a few products you can choose from:

Razor –

Razors are tools with installed blades. Razors are perfect in removing unwanted hairs in the body. There are many kinds of blades including five-blade, three-blade and electric shavers. Blades alone are categorized under this tool. They can be effective for people who are experienced in shaving and trimming.

Shaving Cream –

Shaving creams are used to achieve comfortable and safer shaving process. The cream allows for the razor to move slowly onto the skin surface. It also softens the skin covering to allow hairs to be cut. Shaving cream aid in desensitizing the skin since some brands contain soothing ingredients.

Hair-Cutting Scissors –

These are special types of shears intended for hair trimming. The usually have finger brace at the end of one ring. This is to allow the user to control the scissors when cutting.

Aftershaves –

These can be in the form of lotion or gel used to prevent an occurrence of infection in case shaving results to cuts and abrasions. Some use alcohol, but because this may seem too harsh on the bikini area, unscented aftershaves are advised.

How do I trim the bikini area the right way?

Trimming takes a lot of caution and patience. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it, then don’t. If you are inspired to get rid of the hairs, then here are helpful tips to follow:

1. Find the best tool

Get the right razor from local drugstores. Smaller ones are perfect for the bikini line. You can also try a beard trimmer in case you don’t want to be completely bare. Look for a razor with the right shape, size and settings that suit your needs.

2. Trim with scissors at 6mm

You don’t cut the way you want. Trimming follows the right process. You start by pulling the hair towards you, and It will be easier to cut them into smaller sections. You can also use trimmers (Bikini Trimmer) that without rotating heads that will get too close to your skin.

3. Take a warm shower

Soak in a hot bath or stand in the shower for a while before. Once you feel that the follicles are soft, start trimming. The softness of the skin allows for the hair to be easily shaved off. Be careful not to push the razor so hard to hurt the skin and create wounds on it.

4. Exfoliate the shaven part

Exfoliating will remove the dead skin that blocks the blade from going near the hair roots. Exfoliating also allows the hair to be in the same direction.

5. Use a shaving gel

Never trim or shave without using a lubricant. Shaving gels and creams help in preventing rough and red skin. Unscented and non-foamy lubricants are usually hypoallergenic which make them a top choice.

6. Shave long and slow

Follow the direction of the hair when cutting. Use long and slow strokes using the blade of the razor. Never press it deep into the skin to avoid abrasions.

7. Final touch

After you achieved your desired shape, rinse and dampen the area. Apply a moisturizer to prevent irritation and swelling. Dry the area, then use baby powder to freshen it up.

What are shaving mistakes I should avoid?

  • Don’t shave before or just when you got into the shower. Allow enough time for the skin surface and follicles to soften.
  • ​Don’t use an old razor. Worn out blades are not only inefficient but are also dangerous.
  • ​Don’t use shower gel. Shower gels are often too harsh for the skin in the bikini line. Use unscented shaving cream, instead.
  • ​Trim before shaving. This will save you time, and it will be a lot easier to shape the line when the area is visible. Most first-timers are advised to trim before shaving to allow a better view of the area to be cleaned from unwanted hair.
  • ​Using regular lotion after shaving. Regular lotion is loaded with scents that can cause irritation. Buy a moisturiser with aloe vera as the main ingredient.
  • Using the wrong kind of bikini or underwear. Use 100% cotton and avoid tight elastic bands. Give you skin a room to breathe for faster aftershave recovery.

Dealing with Side Effects

There are a few side effects of shaving which you should deal with. Sometimes, you get irritation and itching which can be healed using hydrocortisone cream. Remember, itching on the outside is a shaving side effect. When the irritation comes from the inside, then you need to talk to your doctor.

Moreover, use aloe vera on razor burn. Aloe vera has soothing and healing properties and can be bought at any drugstore.

In case rashes and bumps develop after soaking in warm water, use any lotion. Make sure the lotion does not contain perfume to prevent worsening and irritation. If applying lotion does not work and the rash stays for more than one week, then seek the help of a doctor.

Final Words

Shaving the bikini area is a choice. A lot of women still prefer to allow the hair to grow for personal reasons. Choosing to trim and cut is a choice. Find the right tools and follow recommended steps to avoid further hassles. Spend enough time for this task to make sure everything is done as planned.

How to Remove Bikini Hair Without Waxing or Shaving

How to Remove Bikini Hair Without Waxing or Shaving

Here we are discussing how to remove bikini hair without waxing or shaving. Firstly, let us start with the reason we have pubic hair. I will explain to you now. The woman's vagina contains mucous membrane, an extremely fragile kind of skin layer. The presence of hair covering the vaginal area serves as a cushion for this fragile skin layer from harshness and roughness of the environments.

So what is the protection? the hair which serves as a cushion prevents the vaginal fold not to clog together. If it does, the result will be infection and rash and also the hair helps to protect the vaginal area during sexual intercourse.

The pubic hair assist in trapping incoming bacteria which are liable to cause infection such as Urinary tract infection and Bacterial vaginosis. This is well fashioned by nature.

The Risk of waxing and shaving techniques for removing pubic hair

When you want to remove a little or all the hair in your pubic area, there is definitely a wide range of techniques from which shaving and waxing are commonly used. Both are adverse to the normal health.


The razor is meant to be sharp and also still be very dangerous especially when it slips. The tiny cut made on your skin will be painful and prone to easy infection. Shaving can also lead to razor burn, this is when you pull the hair and fell severe pain. This causes harsh red bumps. There is a high tendency that ingrowing hair will sprout during the regeneration process. That lead to sore pimples and maybe folliculitis, which means the follicle is infected. Some people might not end with infection, but during the regeneration process, the pubic area feels prickly and itchy.


Possible health risk comes when there is the usage of wax due to the reason that it removes the hair, thereby leaving tiny tears left in the hair follicle. Wax usage can cause the top layer of your vaginal skin to be instantly ripped off. This accumulation of little thin bumps and tears can cause infection such as staph infection, folliculitis, and cellulitis. When the wax is very hot, there is a high risk of getting burnt. When hair starts to grow back after waxing it will result to ingrowing hair, which is an open door to several infections.

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How to Remove Bikini Hair Without Waxing or Shaving - Methods that help to remove bikini hair

Hair Removal Cream:

The pain-free method without having to use razor or shaving gel to remove hair. Hair removing cream is a common do it yourself technique to take out wide growing hair. The important note to keep in the back of your mind is to get the best one. For a woman that has a hard skin, rashes and itching are the results. if you have a soft and mild skin, the probably won't give the desired result which may later result in a patchy hair.


  • Examine the cream on both the hands and the legs right before going to the pussy area.
  • As soon you discover the right mode of applying it, chill for 10-15min.
  • ​Wash your hair and the cream with water. You must make the layer neat and the cream should be applied on the outer part.
  • ​At any point when you feel a burning sensation, immediately you should wash off the cream.
  • The exceptional benefits of this method are that it is painless, easy and hassle-free.

Laser Hair method:

Laser hair procedure has been a rage for a while now. It is seen as the perfect technique to remove hair and also it is safer. This process will require adequate monitoring by a medical specialist, for it to be done appropriately.

The function of the laser beam is to burn off the hair follicle, this will lead to the permanent reduction of the hair through a session. We all known the bikini area is very delicate, you may sometimes feel a tingling sensation and experience pain even after the anaesthetic cream is applied. This laser process makes the hair finer and lighter.


  • The area should be trimmed right before you enter for the session.
  • It is important that your menstrual cycle is not on.
  • Laser shows an outstanding result for an individual with dark and thick growing hair.
  • It is a near permanent remedy to give hair reduction.

Hair removing pads:

This is another way to get rid of wide growing hair. It works be just holding the small buffer pads and move it gently back ad front on the skin. The movement must be quick but should be done in a careful manner, so that the hair can fall off.

The surrounding area that the buffer can cover is small, making it the best fit for bikini hair removal.

Hardly hurt when used in the right way. Redness never occurs when the lotion or when you are finished with the pad. The only but to this method is that it wastes time.


This of equipment that works with an automated group of tweezers, it removes the hair using mechanical grabber. The difference between an epilator and tweezers is that an epilator will only remove the hair rather than removing the skin also which results in pain.

This device is an excellent tool, it performs the task quicker, and can be used at different hair location in the body as it reduces the pain.

Also, there is some epilator which is water resistant, it makes it easy to remove hair when in the shower.


This is another permanent solution for getting rid of unwanted hair just like laser too. This process involves a very thin, small probe which is used to remove each individual hair follicle using a short length radio frequency. This technique is a permanent and complete hair loss treatment although after many trials. It causes little discomfort.

Final Words

Simple advice, do all your best to pick a well certified and accredited expert. poor knowledge can cause you more pain.

How To Trim Pubic Hair Without Itching

How to Trim Pubic Hair without Itching – Doing It like a Pro

Maximum person facing a trouble, when they want to trim their pubic hair. Because they didn't know how to trim pubic hair without itching. Maintaining the hair down there is usually a big problem for some of us. They grow too fast and it is too soon to get another clean shave or get another waxing session. The pubic hair still feels too much and you do not want to opt for these. You need to get yourself a good clean pair of clippers and a bikini shaper for the job. Take a nice shower, dry off the areas and start along with these steps. They are easy to follow and at the end of it you will be happy that you followed these instructions and are not itchy down there. These sensitive parts have skin that is very sensitive which needs to be taken care of.

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What You will Need

It is important that you prepare yourself to do this with no rush so choose a time you know you will be alone for some time. If you are a parent, it is best that you do keep your kids busy while you go and work on your bikini beauty. Also, choose a lace with adequate spacing for you so that there are no accidents as you do some barber work on the bush down there. It is optional that you could choose to prepare yourself mentally so that you are ready and do not keep falling back to do one thing or another.

  1. A good clean pair of clippers and comb.
  2. A bikini trimmer. If you do not have one, there are affordable trimmers and blades in Amazon. Purchase one for yourself.
  3. A mirror. Preferably a large mirror from which you can see your entire self.

How to Trim Pubic Hair without Itching - Steps

Step 1:

Get your tools and have them disinfected and or sterilized before you begin. It is important to get all the nasty bacteria out of there because well, no one wants infections down there! Make sure your items are clean and dry, ready to go.


Step 2:

Are you clean? Take a bath or shower, clean up the hair, let it be soft and use a small comb to detangle the hair if it looks too long. This is a step that most people skip, not realizing it is very important. Let the hair air-dry or use a blow dryer to help it dry out quicker. When it feels dry enough, do pass your comb over to make sure it is all detangled.

Step 3:

Stand in front of your mirror and angle it in a way that you will see everything once you are seated. Feel free to get all the necessary precautions to protect the floor from many little hairs that are difficult to get rid of. Now sit comfortably in your chair with the newspaper under you and on the floor. That goes for everyone who finds it difficult to stand in the shower and just start. However, if you really can stand and see everything, go ahead!

Step 4:

Take the comb and pass it through the hair so that the excess is standing above the teeth of the hair. Use the clippers to cut them short throughout the pubic area. You do notice that at some point you will have to spread your legs a bit wider to reach further along so sit when you have to. When you are done, put your comb and clippers aside.

Step 5:

Now take your trimmer and start it. Trim the hair according to its grain and avoid going against it. If hair is growing upwards somewhere, go over it with long strokes few times as possible. It should not be run over so many times so that you do not irritate your skin. Do it evenly all around till you feel satisfied with the look you have.

Step 6:

Stand and clean up or at least make the hair go away as you should. Wash yourself up as well with warm or cool water and dry up thoroughly. Moisturize the parts and stay that way a while to give your skin some time to relax. It feels great to relax and just let everything air so that it remains okay.

Step 7:

Clean up your tools as soon as possible. That was a fairly easy task if you are used to it buy now. If you just started, it is a wonderful way to maintain your hair and even if you do not shave it all, it looks good on you all neat and short.

Short Tips and Tricks

  • Never start with dirty tools or body. Hey are the primary causes of discomfort on irritated skin.
  • It is important to maintain the blades of your tools. If they are blunt, replace them. Blunt blades cause more harm than good and make your skin irritated.
  • Do not go over one place with the trimmer severally. Go with long gentle strokes to avoid irritating the skin.
  • If the skin is irritated by the time you are finished with this, apply some hydrocortisone cream to cool it off. Avoid scratching which only worsens the situation.
  • If there are any bruises or cuts, go around them. Do not shave right over them because it will hurt.
  • There are many types of styles you can do when you do not want to shave it all. Beginners would rather go with a triangle or strip which is easier.

Things to Consider to Do it

  1. The time it takes your hair to grow back. Get a regular regimen because hair tends to grow at a rate and you know it best. You could trim after every 2 weeks, month, a few days, depending on the growth rate.
  2. The length of hair that is too long for you. Always monitor the pubic hair length when you take a shower or bath.
  3. Time you have to spare. You cannot begin this if you are in a rush. Mark your calendar in the head or with an inconspicuous mark which nobody will understand except you.
  4. The condition of your skin at the moment. This determines whether or not you can tamper with the hair down there. If it is a bit irritated or sensitive as compared to normal times, wait.
  5. Advantages of trimming regularly over saving great amounts. It is easier to maintain fair amounts of hair because it takes less time. Consider this as you take care of other parts of your glorious body.


No matter what length your pubic hair is, it is important to keep a close check. Manage the area on a daily basis by cleaning around the pubes and drying it thoroughly. Always remember never to share any of your skincare gadgets. This could be the cause of a spread in diseases that is better avoided. You should always disinfect or sterilize your tools to store them while still clean. Have fun trying out different shapes and figure out which one you love most or just switch them all out whenever they grow back.

Recommended Articles:

How To Use A Nose Hair Trimmer

How to Use A Nose Hair Trimmer – A Step by Step Guide in 2019

Many people don't know how to use a nose hair trimmer. Here we discuss that:- For a lot of people, keeping good personal hygiene is a priority. Making sure you’re clean and collected does wonders for both your mood, as well as how the world perceives you. Everyone knows the basics of hygiene: Shower everyday, wear deodorant, brush your teeth, and shave. But if you’re committed to keeping a great appearance, you may want to pay attention to more minor parts of your body. The vast majority of people don’t pay attention to their nose hair, and it can become quite unsightly pretty quickly! Take a look at this comprehensive list of tips for everything you need to know about how to use a nose hair trimmer.

How To Use A Nose Hair Trimmer - In Below

For an optimal quality nose hair trim, you should equip yourself with the proper tools and equipment. You may think, “Don’t I just buy a basic trimmer?”, but there’s a sea of products of varying quality out there. You take pride in taking care of your body, so choose the right products to get the job done. The following is a list of options to consider when it’s time to get down to business.

Nose Hair Scissors

An inexpensive method of trimming your nose hair is to use a pair of Nose Hair Scissors. You may be wondering why there’s the need for specialized scissors. Why not just use nail or cuticle clippers? Those options aren’t designed with the sensitive skin inside your nose in mind. This situation calls for a special tool.

Nose hair scissors are specifically designed with the nose in mind. You can tell it apart from other trimmers by the special rounded edges - designed to get the job done without hurting you.

Check out this quality pair of nose hair scissors from Apex if this seems like the tool for you.

Manual Nose Hair Trimmer

Another option, if you’re not comfortable putting scissors in your nose, are manual nose hair trimmers. This is a great, inexpensive, and effective option when it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair.

Manual nose hair trimmers are typically cylinders made of stainless steel. You just insert the trimmer into your nose and rotate, and voila! No more nose hair.

A lot of people instantly think of electric nose hair trimmers when it comes to hair removal. Personally, I’m not very comfortable stinking electronic into my nose, so this is the right option for me.

Check out this manual nose hair trimmer from Groom Mate, it’s the best nose hair trimmer of its kind!

Electric Nose Hair Trimmer

Finally, we get to the Electric Nose Hair Trimmer. These are what a lot of people instantly think of (along with tweezers - ouch!) when it comes to nose hair removal.

If you get a good quality one, they largely function similarly . Simply turn the device on, stick it in your nose, and it will trim the hair. It functions similarly to any sort of electric razor, except the head of the trimmer is designed to fit comfortably inside a nostril.

Consider purchasing the best nose hair trimmer in the electric category, manufactured by Panasonic!

How to Trim Your Nose Hair: A Step by Step Guide

It may seem pretty straightforward, but this section will guide you step by step on how to remove your nose hair. Sure, you could probably figure out the basics, but do you know how to maximize your hair removal?

The process will vary based on which category of trimmer you decided to go with, so we’ll cover each of them in detail during this section. Whether you’re going super simple with scissors, or more high-tech with an electric trimmer, there’s something here for you.

Nose Hair Scissors: Step-by-step

Follow the steps below carefully to remove excess nose hair using a pair of nose hair scissors.

  1. ​Clean your nose with water and mild soap. This removes any excess mucus that might interfere with the trimming process.
  2. ​Grab your scissors and a mirror. Without a mirror you’ll be unable to see what you’re doing, and could actually end up doing some damage. In addition, you might miss a spot!
  3. ​Insert the scissors into your nose and carefully cut the excess hair. Start with the strands towards the outside of the nose and work your way inward.

Manual Nose Hair Trimmer: Step-by-step

Follow the steps below carefully to remove excess nose hair using a manual nose hair trimmer.

  1. As with the process using scissors, cleaning your nose is the first step towards a quality trim. Use some mild soap and warm water to get any dried bits out of your nostrils.
  2. Position the end with the blade at the opening of your nostril.
  3. ​Insert the trimmer slowly until the rotary blade is fully inside your nose. Don’t stick it in too quick to avoid injury!
  4. Turn the trimmer in a gentle back and forth motion.

Manual nose hair trimmers are pretty easy to operate, and you won’t need a mirror or good control for this method. Simply twisting a nose hair trimmer back and forth for a few seconds will completely remove all excess nose hair.

Electric Nose Hair Trimmer: Step-by-step

Follow the steps below carefully to remove excess nose hair using an electric nose hair trimmer.

  1. You guessed it, wash out that nose! If you’re sticking an electric device in your nose to remove hair, you’re going to want to make sure that there isn’t any debris in the way to keep it from doing its job.
  2. Place the nose hair trimmer in your nose, and turn it on.
  3. Gently work your way from the outside of your nose towards the inside, just like you would with a pair of nose hair scissors.

Final - Verdict

We hope that this discussion of the various options for nose hair grooming helped you out. If you go with the best nose hair trimmer in any of the categories above, you’ll be setting yourself up for a comfortable, safe trim. Taking pride in your appearance is something that makes us all feel good, so don’t forget this essential part of looking sharp. Remove all straggly nose hairs and put your best foot forward as you take on your day!

how to trim nose hair

How to Trim Nose Hair – Step by Step Guide from An Expert in 2019

Everybody wants to know how to trim nose hair. Because it's sensitive parts of the body. Nose hairs are part of the body’s immune system. They trap toxins and other pollutants from entering your nose and lungs during breathing. They also regulate the humidity in the nasal passages. There are two types of nose hairs: microscopic hair-like cilia and coarser nose hairs. The coarser hairs sometimes grow long enough to protrude out of the nose. This can be embarrassing and an indicator of poor grooming habits. Though nose hair serves an important purpose, it does not need to stick out of your nose to be effective. With a little knowledge, you can easily trim the hairs sticking out without damaging your sensitive nasal cavity’s skin.

How To Trim Nose Hair - In Below

The Best Nose Hair Trimming Tools

You do not need to pluck your nose hairs using your fingernails. This is not only unhygienic but it can also cause injury and infections. There are several devices specially designed to trim unwanted nose hairs. When buying any sort of trimmer, consider the following. Firstly, its size.Is it easy to use, store and travel with? Secondly,how easy it is to clean the device. Thirdly, the device’s attachments. Are they easy to connect and disconnect? The most common best nose hair trimming tools are:

#3. Nose Hair Scissors

These are scissors specially made to cut nose hair. Unlike nail scissors they lack sharp ends that may cause injuries. Nose hair scissors have smooth rounded edges.

Before use, always check to ensure the scissors are not dull. Dull scissors can pull out your hair causing pain. When cutting, smile or push up your nose to increase your field of vision. Then gently insert the scissors into the nostril and trim the noticeable hairs first. Sterilize the scissors with antiseptic when finished.

#2. Tweezers

Tweezers are an option most grooming experts do not back. This is because plucking nose hair will cause pain. It might cause infections as plucking hair can result in blood loss which encourages bacterial growth in your nasal cavity.

However, with care you can pluck some strands without much harm. To do so, select areas with the most hair protruding. Grip the hairs firmly at the root and pull as quickly as possible. Once done, place a wet rag or ice cube up your nostrils to relieve the pain. Apply an antibiotic to prevent infection.

#1. Electric or Manual trimmers

Electric nose trimmers are either battery-operated or plugged in an outlet. They only require the use of one hand. They cut hairs faster and more efficiently. Whereas, manual trimmers don’t run on batteries or a plug. They require the use of two hands. The trimmers have covered blades to avoid damaging sensitive nasal skin.

How To Use A Trimmer

Before using any trimmer, ensure you read the instruction manual. This ensures you understand the features and controls. Reading the manual may give tips on getting the best results and avoiding injury. Follow the following tips for the best results:

1. Choose an area with good lighting.

This could be a well-lit bathroom. You should clearly see the hair you are to trim and what you are doing. Use a brightly lit magnifying mirror. A magnifying mirror will give a close-up of the areas that need the most trimming.

2. Clean your nose.

Sneeze or blow your nose beforehand. The cleaner your nasal cavity, the easier it is to look up at it. This also reduces the impact of the trimmers buzzing effect. Separate the nose hairs using a wet cloth or napkin. This prevents the hair from becoming frizzy leading to easier cutting.

3. Carefully insert the nose trimmer.

In front of a well-lit mirror, tilt your head back and insert the trimmer. Do not force it into your nose. The trimmer has covered blades to prevent it from damaging your skin. Never insert the trimmer too deeply inside your nose. You should only trim the hairs peeking out. Going too deep inside the nose will remove hairs needed to block pollutants.

4. Smile or push up your nose.

By smiling, you can increase your field of vision to see into your nasal cavity better. Trim the lower hairs that are visible when you look straight ahead. Use your fingers to pull your nose sideways to trim hard to reach areas at your nostrils edges. Break in between trimming to reduce the body’s sneezing reflexes. It is normal for your eyes to water a little bit when trimming nose hairs.

5. Clean the trimmer afterwards.

Clean trimmers soon after use thereby preventing hair and gunk from sticking to the blades. Failure to clean trimmers results in the blades becoming duller due to dirt buildup. Use the cleaning brushes that came with the nose hair trimmers if available. If unavailable, use an old toothbrush. Firstly, soak the razor head in warm water for 10 minutes. Secondly, sweep the buildup away with the cleaning brush. Thirdly, wash the trimmer head under running water.

Tips and Tricks for the Best Nose Hair Trimmer

  • ​Do not press too hard on your nose with the trimmer. Doing so will cause nicks and cuts. This may lead to infections.
  • ​Clean and disinfect your trimmer before every use.
  • ​Dab a cotton swab with hydrogen peroxide to disinfect any bleeding area.
  • ​Use an antiseptic cream to prevent infection and soften sharp hairs.
  • ​Prevent over-trimming your nose hairs as they offer protection from pollutants.
  • ​Create a regular schedule for keeping your nose hairs in check. Thirty minutes a week is sufficient.

What to Consider for Trimmers.

To ensure you make the right decision when buying a nose hair trimmer. Consider the following characteristics that the best nose hair trimmers have:

  • ​Choose round nose hair trimmers over square trimmers. They are more comfortable to use in one hand.
  • ​Choose nose hair trimmers that are compact and can fit into toiletry bags.
  • ​Choose nose hair trimmers specifically designed for nose hair trimming. These regularly outperform the 3-in-1 nose hair trimmers with extra attachments in the market.
  • ​Choose nose hair trimmers with an efficient cleaning system. Those allowing water to flow through the top and out the side are preferable.
  • Choose waterproof trimmers if you want to trim your nose hairs in the shower. They are also easy to clean as they don’t require disassembly.

Final Words

Unruly nose hairs, no longer need to be a source of embarrassment for you. Now you know the difference between tweezers, nose hair scissors and nose hair trimmers. With the knowledge provided, you can choose the best nose hair trimmer option for you. You can now confidently use these devices for optimal results. Try to attend to your nose hairs regularly.

how to remove nose hair without pain

How to Remove Nose Hair without Pain – Full Guide in 2019

Nobody doesn't want to get pain. Here we discuss, how to remove nose hair without pain :- Men, do you have an ear-nose hair trimmer accessible to you constantly so you can look awesome? This may be to some degree a humiliating issue, however, let's take nose and ear hair a genuine issue so we have to know how to manage it. There is nothing more regrettable than having a discussion with somebody and see them taking a gander at your nostril, to just discover later once you look in the mirror and you see a gigantic hair standing out. Those can be embarrassed minutes, and that is the reason you require an ear and nose hair trimmer available to you.

You don’t need to be going on a date to make this check a piece of your everyday schedule. Really, folks, you require not be humiliated at all concerning this in the day of the metrosexual. Make the nose range and ear check a fundamental piece of your own cleanliness designs, similar to you would with waxing, brushing your teeth, and showering. An extraordinary ear-nose crimped hair trimmer can be held in your drawer, prepared that you can get and give your face a quick overview. Doing this can give you the confirmation you require that once you venture out the entryway a man stress over any stray hairs fluttering in the breeze.

This hair can be easily noticeable since you are not used to looking for them. You can begin with tweezers and plucking, however, that is anguishing and can be painful and time-consuming. You should make the dedication before your thirtieth birthday celebration to procure a not too bad ear and nose hair trimmer. On the off chance that you are not up 'til now wedded, you could be seeking the future lady of the hour and not understand these unmanageable hairs distending from your nose and ears. A decent assurance this occurring is the make certain to have your ear-nose hair scissors advantageous and looking forward to activity. Keep it connected to on your washroom counter and it will routinely be at your coax call.

There are a lot of hair scissors that you will be equipped for finding available, yet before you will run with some of them, you should know about a couple of things. Since such, you will discover a lot of models in addition to they are extended in classifications the quantity of electric scissors, manual scissors, and scissors that will work with batteries. A few people might want to make certain they eliminate their hair in spite of the fact that in the shower and for this, you can get scissors that are waterproofed.

Components are additionally that must be taken into thought and you should be exceptionally inflexible when you purchase scissors. Some of them will include a LED light that will enable you to see better, toothbrushes so as to have the sharp edges cleaned after a well-done occupation and a small vacuum that will vacuum the additional locks which you will cut. What amount of cash for a gathering of scissors is heaped around 15 to 45 dollars?

Anybody would need that their best facial hair more trim will last them for quite a long while. So when you will settle on your choice on getting one, you won't need to make it take a gander at its cost. Investigate the edges and decide how great they are incorporated by diving with the web inquire about. Here are a few hints how to evacuate nose hair without torment.

On the off chance that you've obtained a nose and headsets hair issue, you ought to know that simply performing with anything cannot be protected. The ears, for one, must not have sharp questions made up for lost time in them. Your nasal region can endure similarly in the event that you attempt to follow some scissors into them keeping in mind the end goal to cut a couple of hairs. It's not an exceptionally sterile process in any case, as the nose and ear hairs are there to get earth and microscopic organisms. Anything your incentive to slice them should be cleaned to shield it from being a strategy to acquire disease later. Outfits why you ought to use a gathering of nose hair trimmers, particularly reasonable for the employment.

How to Remove Nose Hair without Pain - What to Do

1. Use The Right Tool.

The first rule of thumb is to always use the right tool for the job. You don't wish to be using scissors or a plucking device for nose area hair removal. That's not at all safe! An eyebrow pucker doesn't work too well with nose hairs, is painful, and lead to infection as it fractures the top of epidermis when you pluck the hair. Scissors can cause cuts if you change your weight or have an unsteady hand. The last thing you want is to poke an ear drum just to cut a few ear canal hairs!

2. Use Good Lighting.

If you cannot see what you're clipping, then you might get only half the job done. You require good light and some way to inspect your work when you're done. It may take more than one pass to get all the stray hairs away from your nose and ears.

3. Get A Few Mirrors.

Your bathroom hand mirror in front is good, but a hand-held reflection with the bathroom hand mirror will help you begin to see the sides of your brain better. Not every one of the nose trimmers sold will work with both ear and nose hairs, so read the description before you make an effort to put it to use with both areas.

4. Read The Instructions

Generate sure you discover how to use any hair trimmers you buy properly. It will have safety instructions there too and might be specific to each device away in the market.

5. Maintain It.

Nose frizzy hair removal means that locks get stuck within the tool. If you maintain it properly and clean it, you will definitely get more wear out of it, but it will surely stay sharp, triggering less pain when using it. Nostril hair removal shouldn't be painful, so if it worked great initially, but later hurts, it's probably due to poor maintenance.


If you will acquire a hair removal creamer for men, you will have the easier time removing your nose frizzy hair. Most of the times, you will not feel anything. Due to the multitude of such ointments, again, research is needed and you will also ask friends and family for the products they employed in this regard.