Best Blade for Andis T-Outliner in 2019– Top 4 Options Reviewed

Let’s face it – we’ve all used those cheap trimmers that require lots of direct force to work. But times have changed and you can now get the job done easily using a T-Outliner. We’ll talk about what’s probably the best blade for Andis T-Outliner a little later.

What you need to know is that unlike cheap trimmers, T-Outliners are designed to cut effortlessly through your hair. The best part is that they cut closely without really shaving.

So, you go for these kinds of trimmers if you want to cut very thin without compromising on precision. Andis is one of the leading brands when it comes to the production of these grooming tools and their blades.

Below is a discussion on some of the best-made blades from them and why we think they are worth (or not worth) trying.

4 Best Blade for Andis T-Outliner – Comparison Table

Before we introduce you to our top 4 picks in detail, here is a quick list meant to give you the lay of the land.

Replacement Blade for Andis T Outliner – Recommended

1. Andis 04521 T-Outliner Replacement T-Blade

T-outliner blades are invaluable when it comes to helping you achieve that close-cut look. With them, you don’t have to invest in a new set of trimmers if the blade is worn out, chipped or broken. All you need is a good replacement blade.

The Andis 04521T-Outliner is a replacement blade for the following trimmers namely, Andis model GO, SLS, SL, and GTO trimmers. It is easy to install it and it makes your machine work like it is a new purchase. The good thing is that zero gapping can be done on the close-cutting T-Blade.

Because it is constructed from carbon steel, it is sharp and stays sharp for long. In addition, it is durable. What’s more, it has a low price point.


  • The T-blade can be zero-gapped 
  • It is constructed from carbon steel for durability
  • It stays sharp for long, thanks to the carbon steel
  • The blade is a popular choice among customers
  • It is very cheap


  • It has to be oiled after use to prevent them from rusting

2. Andis Blackout Replacement Blade for T-Outliner

A T-outliner blade helps you or a barber make an outline and also get to hard to reach areas on the head, for example, the edge of the earsThe Andis T-Outliner Blackout Blades is a replacement blade for the blackout limited edition t-outliner trimmer.

The blade features a sharp edge which provides precise cuts. It is fast and easy to install. Besides that, it fits as well as the original and also works like the original blade. Additionally, it is easy to zero-gap.

Just as importantly, it comes at a moderate price point.


  • The blade is inexpensive
  • It is sharp
  • The blade is easy to zero gap
  • Easy to install
  • Perfect fit


  • It is not impact-resistant
  • It has to be oiled after every use to prevent rusting

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3. Andis AN-04604 Replacement Blade Outliner II and T-Outliner

You don’t have to buy a new trimmer if the blades are non-functional, just get replacement blades. The Andis AN-04604 Outliner II and T-Outliner are replacement blades for 4630, 4603, GO, G, T-Outliner and Outliner II.

Although the blade has a different shape from T-Blades, it works cuts effectively. It is a set consisting of the top and bottom blade. The blade fits perfectly on the Clippers making the trimmer feel like new. Just as importantly, it is easy to replace them on the trimmers.

The good thing is that they pocket-friendly saving you lots of money you would have used to buy a new trimmer.


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Easy to replace
  • A perfect fit
  • It cuts great


  • The blade is not impact-resistant
  • The blade has to be lubricated after every use

4. Andis T-Outliner Replacement T Blades By Pro-Mate

Rejuvenate your old trimmer with the Andis T-Outliner and GTX Replacement blade. This replacement blade is great for home users and professional barbers. The blade is a product of Pro-Mate. It is devised to fit in Andis T outliner, GTX and Blackout T-outliner limited edition.

The black blades are thinner than the original blades of the trimmers for a smooth and fast shave. Also, the blades stay sharper for longer and are cool when shaving. It is easy and fast to install it on your trimmer and it doesn’t need adjustment because it comes zero-gapped.

What’s more, it has a low price point.


  • It is affordable
  • It is easy to install it
  • It fits well
  • It is zero-gapped
  • The blades are sharp and retain their sharpness for long


  • There is no return policy

Factors To Consider When Buying Andis T-Outliners

When it comes to finding a good t-outliner, quality should always be the first point of consideration. As far as these blades, quality is best described based on the following aspects.


A perfect blade is one that remains sharp for long so it’s capable of providing clean cuts all the time. Steel blades are preferred owing to their special ability to sharpen themselves during use.


Though the name T-Outliner comes from their unique shape, their blades aren’t made the same. The idea is to find a blade design that easily sticks out so they’re also easy to clean.


Your best bet is to go for a blade that can easily be zero-gapped. Most importantly, the unit should be designed to be zero-gapped using readily available tools typically screwdriver and clipper oil.

Which One Is The Best?

In our view, there is no shade of doubt that the Andis 04521T-Outliner Replacement T-Blade is one of the best ones in town. Made from carbon steel, it’s dependable and durable. Best of all, it’s designed to be easily zero gapped.

Final Thoughts

What is the most important factor that you look for when shopping for an affordable blade for Andis T-Outliner? In our view, the material comes first followed closely by zero gapping capability and general layout of the blade.

Of course, different people have different preferences. So, don’t hesitate to share your awesome thoughts with us via the comment section.

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