There’s no doubt that you can significantly transform your looks by having a neat and well-groomed beard. But to get that done, you need to invest in the best Wahl beard trimmer.

Why Wahl? The company has been around since 1919 and so far, we have nothing but kind words for them as far as quality is concerned. Even then, not all trimmers that bear their name are perfect.

In that case, it’s important to make a search while keeping the following factors in mind:

  • Whether it’s corded or cordless
  • Are the blades self-sharpening?
  • Is the design ergonomic?

10 Best Wahl Beard Trimmers Reviews

1. Wahl 8685 Professional Peanut Classic Clipper Trimmer Grooming Kit

Wahl is a renowned manufacturer of professional and home use hair-grooming products. Wahl hair clippers one of the leading hair clippers on the market. Since the first day this brand graced the markets back in 1919 it has sustained a culture of consistency.

Indeed, the Wahl 8685 Professional Peanut Classic Clipper is a professional grade trimmer. It is 4 inches long and it weighs a paltly 4 ounces. This is a compact size that fits well in the palms of your hands. Just as importantly, it is sleekly designed to achieve an aesthetics appeal.

In addition to that, it is engineered with a powerful rotary motor which is perfect for shaving through dense beards. So even though it’s palm-sized, it is just as powerful as a standard-sized trimmer.

What’s more? Its blades are quite precise. As such, you can comfortably use it to shave through hard-to-reach areas.

Although it is corded and not very mobile, it is fitted with a 7-foot long cord which provides you with quite some maneuvering freedom.

The best part is that the manufacturer provides you with extra hair grooming accessories including 4 attachment comb cutting guides, blade oil, a cleaning brush and a red blade guard among others.

To top it all up, the clipper comes at a very low price point plus it has the manufacturer’s warranty.


  • It is a popular customer choice
  • Powerful motor
  • Sleek and compact design
  • The trimmer is lightweight
  • Other accessories are included
  • The clipper is affordable and it is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty
  • The cord is long enough


  • Rotary motors are typically noisy

2. Wahl 9818 Cordless Stainless Steel Beard Trimmer with Grooming Kit

Are you looking for a gift idea for the man in your life? This clipper would be an ideal gift item. First and foremost it is quite affordable and it comes with the manufacturer’s warranty.

Secondly, what you get here is a complete grooming kit which comprises a charger, storage pouch, attachment combs, a comb, blade oil and cleaning brush. So, you really get good value for your money considering all those extras.

The Wahl 9818 Cordless Clipper is perfect for doing all facial hair styles including hair clippings and touch-ups, mustaches, goatees, nose, ear, stubble, sideburns, and other body hair.

The key features of this clipper are that it is cordless and it is powered by a rechargeable battery with a running time of up to 4 hours, which is among the best in the market. And even more importantly, the battery has a 1 hour full charge time.

On top of that, the clipper has a Smart-Led indicator which helps you monitor the battery when it is charging.

In addition, the clipper features a stainless steel body and stainless steel blades. The blades are the self-sharpening kind and so you won’t have to keep sharpening them to keep them in top shape.

The clipper comes with four interchangeable heads. The combs include a Detail Trimmer, Rotary Personal Trimmer, Detail Shaver, and a T-Blade.

Above that, it has a dual voltage system of a battery with 110v for local usage and international 220 volts.


  • It is cordless
  • Long battery running time and fast charging battery with a quick 1 minute charge time
  • Stainless steel blades and a stainless steel housing
  • Self-sharpening blades
  • Perfect companion, thanks to the dual voltage system (Worldwide Adapter)
  • Four interchangeable heads
  • Battery Charging Indicator
  • It is a popular customer choice


  • Not for heavy-duty professional jobs

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3. Wahl 79600-2101 Cordless Trimmer for Men

The Wahl 79600-2101 Cordless Hair Clipper is perfect for home users. It includes a clipper and trimmer.It is a cordless clipper which have the advantage of mobility. You can use the trimmer for doing different styles, thanks to the adjustable taper lever. 

The battery has a running time of 2 hours which is substantial enough to complete a grooming job. Additionally, it has a 10 minute quick charge time and it can hold a charge for up to a year.

As far as pricing is concerned, the clipper is pocket-friendly and it comes with Wahl’s limited warranty.

Moreover, it is engineered with a heavy duty motor that features more power than standard Walk motors.

To add to that, it has self-sharpening blades which are usually sharp and stay sharp for long giving you precision cuts.

It is a package that includes various accessories for hair styling, cleaning, and lubrication accessories. When you order this clipper you will receive a soft storage case, a blade guard, a styling comb, a cleaning brush, blade oil, a pair of scissors, 14 guide combs, a user instruction manual, and other accessories.


  • Cordless
  • Reasonable battery running time of 2 hours, and a 10 minutes quick charge time
  • Heavy duty motor
  • LED indicator light to know if battery is fully charged
  • Various guide combs
  • Complete hair cutting kit with multiple hair accessories and clipper cleaning and lubrication accessories
  • It is a popular customer choice
  • Self-sharpening blades
  • It is affordable


  • The voltage is for USA outlets only
  • It is not ideal for commercial use

4. Wahl 9686 Power Pro Corded Beard Trimmers, Hair Clippers Body Grooming Kits

This trimmer is designed as an all-around trimmer making it a great family clipper. You can use it to trim beards, goatees, mustaches, sidebums, necklines, ears, nose hair and areas around the eyebrows. As a matter of fact, you can use it for mini haircuts or touch-ups as you wait for your next visit to the barbershop.

The three beard combs, namely full, medium and stable make beard trimming and styling a breeze.

It features a detachable blade system, therefore you can switch blades easily when you need to vary shaving styles. The good thing is that it is easy to detach the blades and reattach new ones.

It is a grooming and hair styling kit with clipper lubrication accessories. It includes the clipper, blade oil, a cleaning brush, a storage case, user instructions, blade guards, beard combs, and three different heads for detailing, touch-ups and trimming.

Another thing, it is reasonably quiet and it doesn’t heat up when the motor is on.

Additionally, it comes with sharp blades that are self-sharpening blades. Self-sharpening blades are easy to maintain.

More so, it is affordable and it is covered by the manufacturer’s five-year limited warranty and a 30 days money back guarantee.


  • It is a full grooming kit for the whole body
  • It is perfect for beard trimming
  • There are three different heads for attaching for different styles
  • Sharp self-sharpening blades for precise cuts
  • Detachable blade system
  • It is affordable
  • It is a risk-free product covered by the manufacturer’s five-year warranty


  • It is corded and a corded clipper lacks mobility

5. Wahl 9918-6171 Cord /Cordless Beard Trimmer

This clipper is a real bargain deal.The clipper comes at a very low price point. In addition, it is covered by the manufacturer’s three-year warranty.

To add to that, it is both cordless and corded giving you convenience incase the battery runs out of power. It is because the clipper can be used while the battery is charging. What’s more, the included cord is long enough for room to move around when clipping.Additionally, one charge can last up to two months.

Besides that, it has an ultra-powerful motor for precision cuts.

Another key feature of this clipper is the Acculock six-position beard length-guide which make the clipper perfect for beard trimming too. Furthermore, the three attachments combs provided make it ideal for blending.

And there’s more, it is a full hair grooming kit with a travel pouch, hair styling accessories, three attachment guide combs, blade oil, a cleaning brush, and a standing charge.

It is fitted with high-carbon steel blades which stay sharp for long and which help in giving close-up trim.

Moreover, it is ergonomically designed and it has soft-grip pads so that you can have full control when working with it.


  • It comes at a bargain price
  • Manufacturer’s three year warranty
  • It is both cordless and corded
  • The order includes various hair grooming accessories
  • Ergonomically designed, for a firm grip, preventing the clipper from slipping
  • Six-position beard length guide
  • Sharp blade


  • It can be a bit loud
  • Attachment combs not colored

6. Wahl 9854-600 Beard Trimmers, Lithium Ion All-in-One Grooming Kit

The Wahl beard trimmer is a heavy duty trimmer that has two times the cutting power of regular cordless trimmers. It is an all-body clipper, thanks to the attachment combs provided.

The clipper makes a great family trimmer for doing touch-ups or ordinary haircuts. You can use it for clipping beards, mustaches, goatees, necklines to name just some. Included are three t-blade guides, three trimmer guides, dual shaver head, six position guides, a T-blade, and a trimmer head.

The accessories are for trimming, shaving, detailing, and doing touch-ups. You can use the detailer head to trim the ear hair, eyebrows, nose hair or private parts. For fades, you can use the t-blade. What’s more, it has various accessories for clipping the beard too.

Just as importantly the battery has a 3.5 hours running time which is more than three times the running time for standard batteries and it is substantial. Besides that, its battery charging time is 1.5 hours and if you want a quick charge, it has 1 minute time.

More so, its battery has ten times the storage life of typical batteries.

Apart from the mentioned features, this clipper has detachable blades. Therefore, switching blades is convenient which helps in varying hairstyles. Moreover, changing the blades is fast and easy. Detachable blades also mean that non-functioning blades will be easily replaced.

To top it all up, it is very affordable, and it is covered by the manufacturer’s five-year warranty.


  • It is a perfect beard trimmer but it can also shave different parts of the body
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Five-year warranty
  • Detachable blade system
  • The clipper has double the power in comparison to other standard cordless clippers
  • The battery has a long running time


  • The clipper has no option for corded

7. Wahl 9864 Stainless Steel All in One Men's Grooming Kit

There is nothing better than a complete grooming kit. It makes a perfect beginner’s shaving kit.

Although the Wahl 9864 Clippers a little bit more expensive than other Wahl clippers, however, it boasts of many outstanding featuresFirst and foremost it is a cordless clipper with a 6 hours running time.

As if that is not enough, the Clipper takes only 1 hour to charge to top it all up, it has a worldwide adapter and a 60 seconds quick charge time.

Furthermore, it has a Smart LED indicator so that you can know when the battery is fully charged.More so, the battery doesn’t lose charge during storage.

Besides that, the clipper is covered by the manufacturer’s five-year warranty, making it a low-risk purchase.

The purchase is a full clipping kit.What’s more, the motor has double the power in comparison to other regular cordless clippers.

Another important feature of this clipper is that it comes with four different attachment heads. It enables you to shave different parts of the body effectively and also shave different hairstyles.

In addition to that, the clipper has a detachable blade system, which provides flexibility to change the blades when you want to shave a different hairstyle. A detachable blade system also means that when the blades get worn out, you simply replace them without having to replace the whole clipper.


  • It is cordless
  • Five-year warranty
  • Record time-6 hours charging time
  • Smart LED indicator to know when the battery is full
  • Powerful motor
  • International Adapter
  • 12 attachment combs


  • It has no corded option

8. Wahl 9888 Cordless Total Beard Trimmer with Lithium-Ion Battery

The amazing Wahl 9888 Cordless Total Beard Trimmer provides the mobility thanks to the cordless featureBecause it is a Wahl brand, the clipper comes with a complete grooming kit including the clipper, a charger, an instruction guide, 13 guide combs, a styling guide, a storage pouch, blade oil, and a cleaning brush.

Although it is a beard trimmer, you can use it to trim other parts of the body including private parts, nose, and ears using the detailer head.

With the guide combs provided, you have a choice of what beard or mustache style to trim whether scruff or full.

Besides that, its battery running time is about three hours which is substantial for shaving. More so, the clipper has a 60 minutes charging time. On the other hand, you can use the clippers quick charge facility and gain three minutes for every minute charged.

The kit is affordable, on top of that, it is covered by the manufacturer’s five-year warranty and it has a 60 days money back guarantee.

The blades are self-sharpening for your convenience. Besides, the clipper has a detachable blade system. That means that worn out blades will be replaced instead of the whole clipper, more so, when clipping you can change blades. The good thing is that changing blades is fast and easy.


  • It is cordless
  • Self-sharpening blades
  • Detachable blade system
  • The kit is reasonably priced
  • The clipper has a one year full charging time with a quick charge capacity
  • Manufacturer’s five year warranty
  • It is a full grooming kit
  • 13 guide combs to aid in clipping desired length and style of hair


  • It is not designed for commercial use
  • Lacks battery charging indicator

9. Wahl 5537-1801 Beard Trimmer with Bonus Personal Trimmer

The Wahl 5537-1801 Beard Trimmer is popular because of its key features, one of them being a bonus personal trimmer and a reasonable price tagJust as importantly, it has a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Most importantly just like other Wahl clippers, other accessories are provided including different guide combs, a mustache comb, blade oil, a storage base, a cleaning brush, and a five-position guide.

The trimmer features high-quality carbon steel blades for precision cuts for all types and lengths of hair. More so, the blades have a small width which adjusts easily to the contours of the body.

Just as importantly, the trimmer is powered by a single AA battery which makes it a good travel companion.

It is a waterproof clipper which can be used while taking a shower. You can also comfortably do wet shaving with it in combination with a cream or shaving gel.

In addition, it is light in weight and ergonomically built which provides a comfortable grip to trim your hair conveniently

The personal trimmer is designed for shaving difficult to reach areas that are hard to clip with a standard clipper. You can use the personal trimmer for shaving the ear, brows or nose. It is better than a pair of scissors because it won’t pull or nick you.


  • It is cordless (It is powered by a single AA battery, which has its own unique conveniences)
  • Bonus personal trimmer
  • It is a popular customer choice
  • It comes at a bargain price
  • High-quality carbon steel blades
  • Two-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • It is waterproof


  • It may get expensive to keep replacing the AA batteries and you have to remember to stock them
  • It is not for commercial use

10. Wahl 9860-700 Groomsman Pro All-in-One Grooming Kit

The Wahl 9860-700 Clipper has special features making them ideal beard trimmers. The clipper is also suitable as an all-around family trimmer for touch-ups between trips to the barber or ordinary shaves. The good thing is that it can trim sensitive parts of the body too including the ear and nose.

It is an affordable clipper, and like all Wahl products, it is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

The clipper does an amazing job of trimming beards thanks to the provided accessory kit. Included are various guide combs which help in shaving any beard or mustache style whether it is scruff or full.

The clipper is installed with a detachable blade system that brings convenience in your shaving. You can use the clipper to do different styles by simply changing the blade. Also when the blade gets worn out, you simply buy new blades.

What’s more, the blades are high-carbon steel self-sharpening blades, which means that they maintain their sharpness for a long period.

Besides, the clipper’s body features a soft grip touch for ergonomics. It allows you to have full control when holding the clipper. Additionally, it has a six-position trimming guide. The feature helps you to achieve consistent trims by easily identifying the positions of the guides.


  • The clipper is affordable and it has a five-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • It is cordless
  • Various guide combs provided
  • Detachable blade system
  • Self-sharpening blades
  • It has a six-position trimming guide
  • The housing has a soft-grip touch


  • They feel delicately made

The Buying Guide

No two beard trimmer models work in exactly the same way. Therefore, it makes sense to insist on getting the best form of quality possible depending on your shaving style. In general, the following are the key factors worth paying attention to.


It’s ideal to find a beard trimmer that’s small in size and also is light enough. You don’t want to go for something that’s big and clumsy for no good reason.

As far as beard trimmer designs are concerned, we advocate for simplicity. Performance and your comfort should always come first.


Accessories are quite important yet often overlooked. When it comes to accessories, the more, the merrier. A trimmer that comes with comb cutting guides, blade oil, a cleaning brush, and blade guards is for sure worth checking out.

Corded vs Cordless

This age-old debate about corded vs cordless trimmers still holds. You go for corded trimmers when you want a bit more power although the cable would reduce your freedom of movement. Cordless trimmers are generally preferred for their navigability although they offer limited power because they are battery-powered.

Ease of Maintenance

Maintenance should never be complicated. You want to go for a unit whose blades and guides are pretty easy to clean. For instance, guides that are made of plastic are typically easy to clean and rinse in water.

Also, it’s a good idea to go for self-sharpening blades as they don’t have to be removed every so often for sharpening.

Which One Is The Best?

Given all the factors mentioned above, we’d settle for the Wahl 9818 Cordless Clipper Stainless Steel Trimmer with Grooming Kit. It’s a cordless unit with an uncompromising battery performance. We like the fact that it’s easily maneuverable plus the fact that it comes with a wide variety of attachments and accessories.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to create a stunning mustache or trim a near-perfect goatee, finding the right tools for the job is important. With all that said, it’s our hope that the guidelines given above will make it easier for you to find an affordable Wahl beard trimmer that’ll make the job easier for you.