Sure, it’s fun to trim your own hair at home. It helps you maintain your good looks without having to spend a lot. Most importantly, it ensures that trimmed hair does not fall all over the place.

With the best vacuum hair cutters, you don’t have to waste time cleaning up after shaving. Besides that, you can significantly reduce the amount of shaved hair that falls on your clothes.

If you were to ask us, vacuum hair cutter is the best thing created for men after well-crafted leather wallets and cologne.

Top 10 Vacuum Hair Clippers – Quick Checklist

While vacuum hair cutters are awesome, you shouldn’t make the mistake of rushing to buy one without proper research. The following list is all you need to make that decision (read the in-depth reviews below for further details).

Our 10 Best Vacuum Hair Clippers 

1. Remington PG6170 Crafter Trim & Detail Kit

Do you want to have a clean haircut at home without getting messy? The Remington HC6550 Haircut Piece Kit might just be what you need to invest in. This 18-piece kit is inclusive of everything that you need to achieve that dream cut.

What’s more? The clipper boasts a long run-time of 60 minutes on a fully charged battery.

Product Description

This hair clipper, in this haircut kit, is made in the USA, weighs 1.37 pounds and measures 9.9 by 7 by 2.5 inches. As such, it’s tiny enough and light to be held and used all day long.

Another one of its features we can’t get enough of is its lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries are the finest in the game because of their unique ability to keep power for long.

Thanks to this powerful battery, the Remington HC6550 comes across as a powerful vacuity hair cutter. It collects all the hair for easy disposal.

What’s more? The unit comes with a storage pouch that can be zipped up to help you keep all the components in one place.


This hair clipper available in haircut kit can be used either corded or for cordless vacuum. For instance, you can use the corded option when there is power and save up the battery for emergencies.

Moving on, this unit comes with 9 fixed combs all which are designed to allow you to trim to the desired cutting length (ranging from 1.5mm to 25mm).

As if that’s not enough, the HC6550 is quite easy to clean. All you need to do is use the provided brush to wipe out the hair before finally rinsing the blades by running them under running water.

To top it all up, the hair clipper’s blades are made from Titanium. It particularly boasts expertly grounded edges to cut hair of thick density patches a breeze.


  • Easy to use hair clipper
  • It is both cordless and corded
  • Easy to clean
  • It has a two-year warranty
  • Adjustable cutting lengths
  • Attachment guide combs available in different sizes


  • Does not come cheap
  • The blades are not self-sharpening

2. Wahl Professional 8566 Electromagnetic Motor Vacuum Clipper

If you are a grooming professional thishair clipper has just enough power to sustain your career. It features a very powerful and cool motor that runs without overheating. Although quite expensive, it offers value for your money.

Product description

The 8566’s housing hair clipper is made of heavy-duty cast aluminum meaning it’s quite durable. The hair clipper weighs 2 pounds, measures 7.8 by 3.8 by 10 inches and is made in the USA. It has an adjustable blade lever that makes maneuvering between different cutting lengths easy.


You can connect the hose to any standard vacuum to ensure most of the hair is picked up and avoid messing up your working area. Bear in mind that the vacuum does not come with the product. Make sure your standard vacuum has a hose in it that will be connected to the hose of the clipper.

The piece kit features a cleaning brush, 6 cutting guides available in different sizes, blade oil and red blade guard which are made of high standards. This Wahl clippers for cutting fades, will be the perfect one for you.

The power cord is long enough to allow easy movement while grooming.


  • Has an instructional manual
  • Adjustable blade lever
  • Different sizes of cutting guides to cut hair
  • Quiet when in use


  • ​The vacuum hair cutter is corded
  • Vacuum is excluded from the vacuum hair cutter

3. Remington HKVAC2000A Vacuum Hair Clippers

This 18 piece vacuum haircut piece kit includes everything that you will need to make great haircuts wherever you are. It has enough storage space to contain all the trimmed hair giving you mess-free grooming.

Product Description

Weighs 1.55 pounds, measures 3.1 by 7.2 by 10.5 and it is made in the USA. The vacuum haircut kit items include; a blade guard, a styling comb, scissors, and a blade oil bottle. In addition, it also has 3 sectioning combs, a cleaning brush, and 6 attachment combs.


 The remington vacuum hair clipper has a modern dual motor system that directs power to both the vacuum and the hair cutters. The high-speed fan, in turn, collects all the trimmed hair and deposits them into the extra-large storage chamber. Don’t worry about a noisy vacuum as it is quite when the vacuum hair cutter is in use.

The precision-Ground Blades cuts fast through the hair and self-sharpen through every time of  the use, giving you consistent and excellent performance. For greater output, use the blade oil for maintaining the blades. On top of that, these blades can be easily removed and are easy to clean.


  • A high voltage of 110-120 VAC
  • Detachable blades
  • Has a blade guard
  • Has 6 length altering guide combs
  • It is affordable
  • Easy to clean


  • It is corded

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4. Philips Norelco Vacuum Trimmer 

Are you worried about trimming your facial hair without messing up your sink? Then this Philips Norelco Beard vacuum hair cutter should be your best choice. It features a highly integrated vacuum system that will capture your hair inside the handle as you continue grooming.

Ergonomically designed to provide both corded and cordless vacuum options and gives you the freedom of grooming your facial hair any time anywhere.

Product Description

The hair clipper is equipped with 18 length settings that range from 1mm to 18mm and are secured with an easy to use lock wheel. This, one of the best vacuum hair cutter, also comes with a cleaning brush and a charging adaptor. It measures 7.3 by 7.7 by 10.8 inches, has a weight of 15.8 ounces and is manufactured in the U.S.


A running time of up to 60 minutes after an 8-hour charge. It also has a contour following comb that gives you a precise and even cut all the time. Features a charging indicator that also has a battery low light indicator.

The battery is made of Lithium-ion which is long lasting. Finally, the blades are self-sharpening and need no oiling thus no maintenance is required.


  • Both corded and cordless vacuum
  • Self-sharpening blades
  • Easily maneuverable lengths
  • Comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Portable


  • Longer charging time

5. Philips Norelco Cordless Vacuum Trimmer

If looking for a brand name is all that matters to you, then Philips is one of the best. This Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer vacuum hair trimmer Series 7200 has been ergonomically designed to give you the desired perfect trim and a cleaner trimming adventure.

Product Description

Made in the U.S, measures 2.4 by 5.9 by 10.4 inches and weighs 10.4 ounces. The vacuum hair cutters' blades are made of steel and are self-sharpening to cut your hair effectivelyThey also cut more hair perfectly and by so doing, preventing irritation of the skin.This makes your trimming easy and fast.


This trimmer has 20 length settings that are inbuilt to help you select your most convenient trim length. You can do this by simply turning the zoom wheel until you reach your desired level. The lengths vary from 0.5mm to 10mm.

The vacuum hair cutter features an integrated vacuum that sucks up to 90% of the hair after being cut, thus less messy. The highly equipped velocity fan and the motor provide powerful suction that captures and lift the hairs for a more perfect cut.

The vacuum haircut piece  kit also comes with two additional detail tapering combs, a cleaning brush, and one lithium ion battery. The trimmer battery has a one hour charging time that gives you a cordless use of up to 80 minutes. The advantage is it can also be used when it is charging.

Finally, it features a rounded ergonomically designed contour comb to deliver an even trim that is friendlier to your skin.


  • Can be used either corded or cordless
  • Less charging time
  • Different cutting lengths
  • Self-sharpening blades
  • It is silent when in use
  • It is lightweight


  • It is quite expensive

6. Remington Precision Vacuum Haircut Kit

This, remington vacuum hair trimmer, is one of the best vacuum haircut kits with an inbuilt hair collection compartment and vacuum for no messy hair cuts. The powerful vacuum of this vacuum hair cutter is capable of giving you little or no clean up after the use every time.

Product Description

The vacuum haircut piece  kit includes; blade guards, a hair clipper, 3 sectioning clips, 6 trim length guiding tapering combs and a styling comb. It weighs 1.65 pounds and measures 3.1 by 7.2 by 10.5 and manufactured in the US. It also comes with a cord that is comfortably long the reason why it is preferred by most barbers.


This clipper is lightweight to allow easy gripping and reduce hand fatigue. The blades are coated with titanium to enhance durability and give a precise cut. They are also sharp to cut through your hair easily. Another unique factor about the blades is that they require no oiling and maintenance.

Cleaning is quite easy. Simply use the brush that accompanies the vacuum haircut kit to clean the blades. Alternatively, detach the storage chamber and dispose of the hair.


  • Various cutting lengths to cut hair of any kind
  • Light in weight
  • Full set of guiding tapering combs
  • Sharp clipper


  • It is corded
  • Small hair storage compartment

7. Remington All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Haircut Kit

This remington vacuum hair cutter is fully equipped with various attachments and combs to help you shave or trim any unwanted hair easily. The guide combs comprise of 4 fixed and 9 adjustable combs for easy changing as per your desire.

Product Description

It measures 3 by 8.1 by 4.3, weighs 1.2 pounds and made in the US. The L.E.D charging indicator shows you when the battery is charging. The trimmer has a very high-velocity fan and blade vacuuming system that disposes of the trimmed hair into the removable storage.

You can use this vacuum beard trimmer on all facial hairs which are found on the nose, ear, the neckline, and the sideburns. It safely removes the hair without any pulling required.


The lithium battery is durable and directs full power to the motor for maximum performance. It has precision blades that are self-sharpening. These blades shave closer to your skin giving you an even and neat shave. They can be cleaned easily under running water.

The dual gears make this vacuum hair cutters' vacuum and blades run at full speed to provide your highly needed performance.

If the battery is fully charged, you will have the advantage of using the cordless option for up to 60 minutes. Lastly, it can be used either as cordless or corded.


  • Both corded and cordless
  • Self-sharpening precision blades
  • Various types and sizes of adjustable combs
  • It is quite affordable


  • Not water resistant, therefore can’t be used in the shower

8. Philips Norelco Turbo Vacuum

It is one of the best vacuum hair trimmers. Although the vacuum does not collect every cut hair, it reduces the mess. It has a digital length display indicator which makes it easy to adjust in between the lengths for perfect performance.

Product Description

This trimmer weighs 1.05 pounds and measures 9.7 by 6.9 b 3.5 inches.Its adjustable length is amazingly inbuilt. It also has a LED power button that alerts you when the battery is low.


The vacuum is highly integrated for collecting the trimmed hair. The contoured shape of this cutter enables easy gripping and reduce hand fatigue.


  • Can be used either corded or cordless
  • Adjustable lengths
  • Has a turbo setting


  • Quite affordable

9. Philips Norelco Vacuum Trimmer

It is ergonomically designed to give you an exciting trimming experience. The blades are made of stainless steel and double sharpened to enhance your trimming speed. These blades are also long-lasting.

Product Description

The precision blades have 0.5mm settings. It charges for only one hour and the cordless option can be used for about 80 minutes. It weighs 8.2 ounces and measures 2.8 by 7 by 10.2 inches. Made in the U.S and can be shipped to only select countries.


You can easily select your preferred length by using the zoom wheel. The blades should be cleaned under running water after every time after the use. The more powerful vacuum reduces mess by collecting up to 90% of your trimmed hair.

It comes with a durable lithium-ion battery. The precision combs and trimmer are used when the trimming is over. They do the finishing by defining the edges to give your desired style.

Finally, the status of the battery is displayed on the trimmer.


  • Double sharpened blades
  • Light in weight
  • Adjustable lengths
  • Both cordless and corded


  • Quite expensive
  • Not waterproof

10.Philips Norelco OneBlade Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver

Do you want to get a trimming experience that will guarantee you confidence the whole day? Then consider having the Philips Norelco Turbo-Powered Beard Trimmer. Your hair is guided to the blades level by the highly integrated lift and trim technology of the motors giving you an even trim.

Product Description

highly powerful vacuum system sucks up to 90% of your hair and therefore this, one of the best vacuum hair cutters, is less messy. It's self-sharpening blades are double sharpened to cut each piece of hair, every time, perfectly which avoid skin irritation. Measures 10.6 by 6.9 by 2.4 inches and weighs 14.4 ounces.


Features a durable lithium-ion battery which directs enough power to the motor and vacuum for efficient cutting. This battery has a charging time of 1 hour and yields cordless usage of up to 80 minutes.

This trimmer is equipped with 20 inbuilt length settings. Keep turning the zoom wheel until you reach your desired trim length. The lengths range from 0.5mm to 10mm. Clean your trimmer after every time after the use to enhance its durability.

It is lightweight to allow easy gripping. This avoids your hand and shoulder from getting fatigued enabling you to work for long without getting tired.

In conclusion, there is a bonus gift added for you, a facial hair and eyebrow tweezer.


  • It is waterproof
  • Has both cord and cordless options
  • Various adjustable lengths to choose from
  • Self-sharpening blades


  • It is expensive

Vacuum Hair Clippers vs Regular Trimmers

The difference is that vacuum hair trimmers are more or less two-in-one devices. They contain the components of a regular trimmer and also feature a vacuum cleaning system. So, they cut your hair every time just like the regular trimmers but instead of having the hair drop all over the place, they collect most of it.

The collected hair is normally kept in a built in chamber for later emptying and cleaning.

Different Types of Vacuum Hair Clippers

Generally, there are two types of vacuity hair cutters namely vacuum hair ​clippers and vacuum hair trimmer. Although those two are quite similar, they play roles that are slightly different.

For instance, hair clippers are normally designed to shorten the length of your hair. On the other hand, vacuum trimmers are designed to shorten hair that’s already short. Simply put, you’d be badly disappointed if you tried to use hair clippers for close cuts.

Likewise, trimmers tend to struggle a lot when exposed to a lot of hair.

Fortunately, these rules are not cast on stone. Modern-day manufacturers have made tremendous progress in creating such cutters that work at different speeds and accommodate different attachments.

As such, it’s not unusual to come across the hair cutters that are specifically designed to cut hair long in length as well as delivering close cuts. But as you would expect, these kinds of cutters also cost a little more than the regular ones.

Buyer's Guide For Hair Clippers

Whether you are a professional barber or you need to shave your hair at home, these are some of the major prerequisites you should look for before buying your clipper.

The Motor 

It is the most important component of any clipper and does almost all of the work.Research on which motor is powerful enough to suit your needs.

The Blades

Choose blades that are sharp and strong for durability purposes. Self-sharpening blades are considered the best as they don’t get dull thus long-lasting. Also, check whether you can get their replacement in case of any malfunction.

Whether Corded or Cordless

All of these clippers are good but the major difference is the flexibility they will offer to you. If you opt for the corded one, the cord should be at least 3 meters or more. A cordless clipper is rechargeable and gives you the freedom of grooming from anywhere.

Power Consumption

Choose a clipper whose voltage is compatible with your sockets. Connecting a high voltage clipper to a socket with lower voltage may blow your socket up. In addition, check on its power consumption so that you may plan in advance.


When looking for a nice clipper, it is necessary that you look for one that has a longer warranty period. Although it does not improve your clipper’s performance, it might be helpful later on.


A very expensive clipper is not necessarily the best while the cheapest one may not be the worst. Don’t depend solely on the price as it may deceive you. Make your decision on the price after you have looked at all the important components of the clipper.

Buyer's Guide For Vacuum Hair Cutter

As we have already noted, the kind of vacuum clippers available out there today are quite advanced. In fact, they do come with quite a few advanced features as well. With that in mind, it’s important to sort through all the key features when making a decision.


Remington and Wahl are the two largest makers of vacuum hair cutters. However, the two take different approaches when it comes to building the vacuum feature.

For instance, Wahl is known for the fact that its hair cutter comes with a vacuum conversion haircut kit instead of built-in vacuuming abilities. In other words, you have to connect them to your home vacuum cleaner to get the suction power.

Connecting your hair cutter with a vacuum cleaner is an old technique, and some companies still use it to make the hair clippers. However, if they're asking you to use your vacuum cleaner for haircut that means the clipper will be a little less expensive.

You can say using a vacuum cleaner to cut hair can save you money but at the same time using a vacuum cleaner can be a little inconvenient for some.

On its part, Remington is known for being able to build built-in vacuum functionality. As such, what you get is a ready-made system complete with a collection chamber and a suction motor . This effectively eliminates the hassle of having to use a separate vacuum cleaner for the job.


When it comes to purchasing these devices, it’s easy to overlook the blade quality because most of the time we tend to focus on the vacuum features. And even though the motor feature is still important, blade quality is equally worth pondering on.

When it comes to comparing blades, the conversation usually revolves around stainless steel vs titanium-coated blades. Stainless steel blades are the most affordable ones but it’s the titanium coated ones that last longer.

Also, before buying, be sure to read through the product’s description. Some blades require oiling but others don’t.


The extra accessories or attachments that come with the such cutters also matter, for example, hair clippers with vacuum attachment. The more the attachments, the better. But even then, it’s important to evaluate your specific requirements to determine whether you need certain attachments or not.

For instance, if you already have some guides at home there is no need to pay extra for them. Another thing, you may not really need an adjustment lever or taper since this is mainly used by the professionals


The ergonomics matter a lot because ultimately, you want to invest in something that’s easy to handle. For instance, a well-fitting shape and a rubberized grip give you extra control while shaving.

Also, a lightweight design comes in handy in that it reduces the amount of pressure on your hands. Perhaps, it’s also important to consider maneuverability. A maneuverable hair cutter is one that’s easy to move around during use. Typically, cordless hair cutters are easier to maneuver than corded ones.

Which Vacuum Hair Cutter is the Best?

Considering factors like the blades used, the vacuum feature and maneuverability, we would settle for the Remington HC6550 Cordless Vacuum Beard Trimmer. The fact that it’s cordless makes it not only easy to use but also convenient to pack up and travel with.

What’s more? The unit comes with titanium-coated blades which are the best on the markets currently. In fact, they are way better than ordinary stainless steel blades.

Let’s not forget the fact that this hair cutter is cordless meaning that it uses battery power. In that regard, the battery provided is a lithium-ion one with a decent 60-minute run-time.

Final Thoughts

While there is nothing like a perfect vacuum hair cutter, it’s worth appreciating that some clippers are better made than others. Therefore, be picky. Insist on those tiny features that matter. And just like that, you’ll end up with a hair cutter that’s truly worth your hard-earned bucks.

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