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Best Straight Razor in 2021 – A Complete Buying Guide!

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A straight razor refers to a razor whose blade is foldable into its handle. Cut-throat razors and open razors are other names for a straight razor. Straight razors are not new on the market. They data as back as the year 1680, where they were invented in Sheffield. Their construction involved a steel edged material that was rust free. Today, straight razors are efficient shaving equipment. They are technologically advanced and their functionality has improved. They are one of the best razor types on the market today.

You certainly may not understand how straight razors work until you familiarize yourself with its parts. It is an easy —to —use shaving equipment that mainly consists of 7 parts. They include the point, the edge, spine, shank, tang, heel and scales. The point is the blade’s rounded and The edge is that part of the razor blade that cuts. The spine refers to that non-cutting top of a razor. This part can also be referred to as the back. Tang refers to the part that acts like a lever and it opens the blade.

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Why Are Straight Razor So Popular?

  • It’s always a close shave.
  • No irritation after shave.
  • ​It’s give a longer lasting shave.
  • The quality of the razor material.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to Maintenance.
  • It’s not too costly.
  • One razor – One life.
  • The art of shaving.
  • Our forefathers did it.

Shank, is that point that the tang and the blade meets. It is the part that you hold when shaving. The heel of a straight razor is that point where the blade’s edge meets the shank. Last but not least is scales. Scales are is the handle of a straight razor. It stores and protects the edge of the blade. These are the straight razor parts that enhance its performance.

10 Best Straight Razors - Comparison

Best Straight Razors Reviews 2020

​There are numerous straight razor brands on the market today. Due to the numbers, it becomes a challenge to select the best. Various designs and models available also make selecting the best straight razor a daunting task. You should pick a straight razor that matches your interests and needs. Below is a list of top 10 best straight razors.

The list will help you narrow down your options. It will save a lot of time and money that you might otherwise use for trial and error. They are of high quality and they are also affordable. They do not leave bumps on your face when shaving due to improved functionality that they feature. Below are the top performing products in this review.

Are you looking for a straight razor that features strict pursuit of perfection? Here is one of the few best that has long existed on the market.

Feather DX Folding Wood Handle Razor represents the state of the art in razors. Ever since its introduction on the market, it has made a huge difference in the industry.

This shaving piece features the similarity of old fashioned razors and the blade technology of the modern straight razor. The razor has a removable blade, just in case you need to replace it.

This enables you to fix blades that work well with your skin.

If you have a sensitive skin, you can use a blade that works well on sensitive skins.


This flexibility makes it the best straight razor on the market. This product can also hold several types of blade. Therefore it is very versatile. The release of this Feather razor is one of the best things that ever happened to the industry. When it comes to the design of this razor, the Feather razor has a better design. Its blade design allows men with moustaches to shape them or shave them without exposing their nose to risk. This is because the end of the blade has a curved and as opposed to a flat end.


Its blade design also allows the blade to get closer to your nose than any other. Therefore, if you have a moustache, this is the best straight razor for you. The razor features a phenomenal technology with its design. This enhances its top-notch performance. It has resinated handle of wood material. This makes it comfortable to hold and eliminates slipping.

The body of this straight razor features a SUS316 stainless steel material. This material makes the blade resilient to rust and chemicals. To help this shaving masterpiece easily glide on your face, it features a finishing material over the stainless steel. You can either choose to hone it or replace it. It is the best straight razor on the market.

High-Quality Blade Material

This product features a body of SUS316 stainless steel. This enhances heat resistance, chemical, and impurities resistance as well as smooth shaving. The steel material that makes this product is rust free. This makes it corrosion free, hence highly durable. This means that it will serve you for a prolonged time period.

Excellent Grip

You get an incredible grip from this razor. Therefore, you can control it as you like when using it. Its excellent grip is as a result of the comfortable wood handle that it comes with. The handle is lightweight and this boosts the efficiency of the product. The wood handle represents an old skool shaving. Apart from this, the handle design also boosts the functionality of the product. This is because it contains carvings at both sides, which prevent the razor from slipping.

The Head

The head of this blade is mounted with a spring. It features a one touch mechanism and the blade is out You can easily dismantle the head of the blade. It is also easy to assemble the back the head after cleaning the product. This part of the razor is disinfectant safe and autoclavable. To use the razor, you only need to pinch the head. This is effortless and painless. It is very fast to change the blade. The head of this razor and the body comes with a finishing material. This enables a smooth glide of the two when shaving.


It is really simple to take care of this product. You do not require expensive brands to disinfect it or clean it. To clean the razor, you just need ethanol or you can just boil the blade. It is critical to note that you should not use sodium hypochlorite for disinfection. The fact that you can easily dismantle the razor’s head makes it easier to clean the interior.

Feather Artist Club Wood DX Folding Handle Razor - Straight Razor for Single...
Feather Artist Club Wood DX Folding Handle Razor - Straight Razor for Single...
What We Like
  • Feather dx folding wood handle razor features an impressive design.
  • ​It is user-friendly.
  • ​It is easy to assemble and disassemble it.
  • ​It is a durable piece.
  • ​It gives you a clean shave.
  • ​The material is resilient to rust and chemicals.
  • ​The blade is replaceable.
  • ​The product is lightweight and comfortable.
What We Didn't Like
  • The blade requires constant honing or replacement.
  • You may find one that doesn’t last as expected.

Have you been looking for shave ready razor? This is one of the best straight razor on the market that features a stylish design. Dove “Diamant” Straight Razor has all you need in a single package.

Therefore, you do not spend additional costs to meet your needs.

The razor is worth a try and its amazing features promote its performance. It comes at a pocket-friendly price that makes it accessible to all customers. The materials that make this product are all of high quality to enhance the razor’s durability. There are numerous benefits that you will get from this product. This is why the cut throat razor is a great purchase.

This is another best nose hair trimmer.

However, there are few issues related to the trimmer’s operation that sometimes needs some additional time. The manual twist-handle might take some extra time to operate as compared to the battery powered trimmers. Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer will guarantee a closer trim nevertheless. This trimmer is easy and safe to use. In addition to that, this trimmer requires no maintenance and can be cleaned easily.

Features Of Groom Mate Platinum XL
This trimmer is solidly made and durable; unlike many trimmers that are made of just plastic. Unlike the plastic trimmers that often break as soon as they hit the floor, this trimmer can’t be damaged easily.

The stainless blades of the trimmer are a kind of rotary blades. These blades are specially created to bee sharp, always. The rotary blades will not pull or yank out hairs or nick a sensitive part of the skin.

The bottom of Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer is a twist handle, which you can conveniently operate. The manual twist option enables you to move the blades back & forth conveniently for a smooth cut or trim.

The best feature of the trimmer is that it requires zero maintenance and can be cleaned easily. You can wash it by putting under running tap water and put it out to dry. This trimmer will not clog, unlike most battery-operated trimmers.

Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer gives a lifetime warranty. It’s a battery free trimmer and therefore, it will always work. There is absolutely no need to replace batteries or charge it.

The cost of the Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer is very reasonable.

Carbon Steel Blade

The blade of this product features a carbon steel material. This material is of outstanding quality to enhance the functionality of the product. The material keeps the blade free of rust. This happens as the carbon steel prevents oxidation from taking place on the blade. The and of this blade is a round point. This means that you cannot accidentally pierce yourself when shaving. It is a ready to shave product by the time you get it from its package. This means that the blade is usually sharpened before packaging. This, as a result, saves you a lot of time that you could otherwise use for horning.

Olivewood handle

The handle of this product features an olive wood material. This means that the piece is one of the stylish best straight razors around. Wood gives a natural look and the best thing about it is that it is durable. Therefore, this handle serves you for a long time before needing replacement. The product is fully hollow. This makes it easy for you to hold when shaving. You will get a firm grip on this olive wood handle for adequate support during operation.

Beautiful Contrasting Design

The combination of an olive wood handle and an oxidized blade is unique. Despite having top notch functionality, this best straight razor is impressive. It makes it exclusive among other similar products. With a classic blackened blade of carbon steel, the piece gets a non-traditional look. Just ensure that you dry it completely after use.

DOVO Diamant Straight Razor Olivewood Handle Black Blade 5/8''
25 Reviews
What We Like
  • Dove “Diamant” Straight Razor, is durable.
  • ​Its comfortable & stylish.
  • ​It is ready to use by the time it is delivered.
  • Great weight and design balance.
  • The blade of this product is carbon steel material.
What We Didn't Like
  • Some deliveries are not shave ready.

Dove Straight Razor Carbon one of the good straight razor for a shave that is superior. On the market today, you will rarely find a straight razor that lasts longer than this one It gives a gratifying look to the user.

This is the straight razor with the sharpest edge that every man needs for daily use. It is simple to maintain this piece and it does not cost you a fortune to obtain it.

This make it one of the best cut throat razor on the market today.

The Strong Blade: The blade of this razor is strong and durable. It is also easy to clean as well as use. Its end is rounded in order to avoid hurting you during a shave.

The spine of this blade has nice detail work that makes it impressive. Carbon steel is the material that makes this blade.

This means that the blade does not rust. Since there is no corrosion on it, it gives you a hygienic shave. Its corrosion free nature also enhances its durability. This is in the sense that it serves you for a long time without the need to replace it.

Durable Handle

Dove Straight Razor Carbon features a strong handle. It is wooden and highly durable. This wood is smooth enough to enhance comfort when shaving. It also provides a strong grip to this piece when in use. The handle does not slip even when your hands are wet. It provides adequate support to the user, day in day out This handle hardly wears out for any reason. Therefore, the need to replace it comes long after years of service.


You cannot only use this razor for shaving, but also for cutting. Its design and construction boost its versatile nature. It is perfect to meet all your cutting needs. This is why it is one of the best straight razor on the market. The materials that it comprises promote top notch performance due to superior durability. You can, therefore, count on the amazing construction of this product to cut and slice things for you. It will serve you for a long time.


This is one of the best straight razors that are easy to maintain. There are no special rules to keep this piece functioning after using it. Cleaning it is also a very simple task as you just need to flash warm water on it after every use. You can use boiling water to disinfect the blade or use ethanol. This straight razor is of great value and its performance is second to none. Despite being of high quality it is highly affordable for access to all who are interested in using it.

DOVO Straight Razor Carbon
205 Reviews
DOVO Straight Razor Carbon
  • Crafted from the highest quality materials
  • Built for performance and durability
  • Made in Germany
What We Like
  • Solid construction.
  • ​Durable design.
  • ​Has a hollow design.
  • ​It is simple to use.
  • It is highly versatile.
What We Didn't Like
  • The edge is extremely acute for steel material.

Here is a classic model razor from Boker for everyday use. Boker Straight Razor 140521 King Cutter features a high-quality blade at an affordable price.

You will get incredible results after using this razor as it is very efficient. Its handle is great and its blade is water resistant.

The brand is a popular choice for most men due to the excellent results it gives. The razor has umpteen benefits that it gives to the user and some cons as well.

However, its advantages outweigh its disadvantages. This makes it a great purchase.

The Handle

This model also goes by the name of “Spanish point”. This is due to the hand-ground handle that it comes with. Its handle has a polymer material that it features. This material makes the razor lightweight. This facilitates the ease of use of the model. It is also black in color and does not slip when in operation. The handle provides a firm grip to enhance the functionality of the razor.

It is also comfortable enough to hold onto when shaving. This means that you can use it daily without experiencing any discomfort. One more thing about the handle that this razor features is the fact that it is wear resistant. This means that it will serve you for a long time before replacing it. This is the kind of handle that adequately supports every shave.

Hollow Design -

The construction of this razor features a hollow design. This design serves a critical purpose of making the product lightweight. Therefore, you can use it daily without feeling any weight. The hollow design also makes the product easy to hold. This offers you proper support for long term and daily use.

Strong Blade

The blade of this razor entirely has carbon steel. This implies that the blade is meant to last a lifetime without replacement. Its carbon material enhances its durability and gives you a smooth shave. With this material, you will never find the piece rusting.

This boosts your health and keeps the blade corrosion free. The blade easily glides on your skin leaving you with a soft skin just like a baby. It is critical to know that you need to oil the blade after every use. This is a requirement in order to maintain the blade in a good condition.

Flexible Edge

The edge of the blade can be modified depending on your preferred degree of fineness. You can, therefore, ground the edge down to be very fine. This gives you a close and ultra-smooth shave. It, therefore, ensures that you have no hairs on your face at all by the time you are done. This depicts premium functionality for everyday use.

Boker Straight Razor 140521 King Cutter Black Handle
37 Reviews
Boker Straight Razor 140521 King Cutter Black Handle
  • Boker Straight Razor, Black Handle, Special Alloy Blade 140521
  • 140521
  • Boker
What We Like
  • It is lightweight & user-friendly.
  • ​You can use it when wet.
  • ​Boker Straight Razor 140521 King Cutter is strong and durable.
  • High affordability Designed for daily use.
  • Gives a smooth shave.
What We Didn't Like
  • The blade is not sharpened upon delivery unless you request this when making the order.

The razor blade quality dictates how thorough the shave will be. A.P Donovan — Excellent Straight Razor 7/8″ Mahogany has a blade that features high-quality alloy.

The A.P Donovan is the best straight razor available. It is a double piece razor with a mahogany handle and an insert edge of stainless steel.

The blade has a solid construction in order to give you a thorough shave. It is a long lasting piece that serves its users without leaving bumps on their skin.

The best thing about this best straight razor is that it comes with its accessories. Therefore, you will not need to buy shaving creams and brushes as they all come in one package.

The Shaving Brush

The brush that comes with this package features a high-quality material. It will not just serve you for a couple of shaves but for a long time. Its design features hair from Badger hence, there is no irritation whatsoever after using it. This hair has been set in a stylish manner on a fine mahogany wood handle. The handle also contains stainless steel to enhance functionality. The brush is an investment worth giving a try.

Handle and Blade Balance

This straight razor has a blade of 59 Rockwell hardness. The blade also features a stainless steel material, making this product gentle but with a thorough shave. Regardless of your straight razor having a firm grip or not, it requires proper blade and handle balance. This helps the product to shave efficiently and effortlessly. The razor has a handle design that entails complex manual work. The handle material has a natural heavy hardwood that balances well with the steel blade. This gives you a clean shave within seconds. The successful symbiosis of precious wood and steel will surely fascinate you.

Excellent Honing

This product features a package that comes with everything in it. It is actually one of the many things that make the product unique. In its package, there is a honing stone that has a combination of various materials. This honing stone excellently sharpens the blade for a thorough shave. The white side of this stone features European Standard grain size. Honing is meant for both the fine tuning of the blade and the board.

A.P. Donovan - Excellent 7/8' Straight razor Set - cut throat incl. Brush,...
135 Reviews
A.P. Donovan - Excellent 7/8" Straight razor Set - cut throat incl. Brush,...
  • The quality of the razor blade determines the thoroughness of the shave - The steel used for this...
  • Whether well balanced in the hand is your straight edge razor, is heavily dependent on the weight...
  • The shaving brush in A.P. Donovan offer are exclusively equipped with the highest quality material:...
A.P. Donovan - Excellent 7/8' Straight razor Set - cut throat incl. Brush,...
A.P. Donovan - Excellent 7/8' Straight razor Set - cut throat incl. Brush,...
What We Like
  • There is a detailed manual in the package.
  • ​The straight razor is easy to use & you will easily manage the razor.
  • ​The straight razor features an all inclusive package.
  • The package contains durable items for a long term service.
What We Didn't Like
  • Sometimes the box that contains the accessories is dirty inside.

Are you in search of the sharpest straight razor for daily use? Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor is exactly what you have been looking for. It is the best straight razor from Japan. The razor features a unique handle design.

It is one of the best models that Feather has created. This shaving master piece contains Feather’s best traits that you expect and wish for.

It gives you an exceptional handling for the cleanest close shave. To remove the blade from the handle, you just need to pinch the head once and the blade is out.

The blade is sharp enough to take you through months without the need to replace it.

Resin Handle with Stainless Steel Design

This is the best straight razor as it has a stainless steel construction. This ensures that rust is not part of your shaving masterpiece. Therefore, the razor is always hygienic and ready for use. The stainless steel design also boosts the durability of the piece. The real value of this piece is determined by the silicon resin handle that the razor comes with. This handle provides an amazing grip which is always soft and warm to the touch. It never gets cold due to its superior heat resistance.

Spring Mounted Blade Head

This feature facilitates easy blade removal. All you need to do is pinch it once and the blade is out. This happens in a timeless and effortless manner. The razor features a replaceable blade design. With this spring mounted blade head the replacing process is simple and quick. It is simple to dismantle the shaving piece due to its spring mounted design. It is simple and easy to maintain and clean this piece.


The Feather model is the best cut throat razor around, due to its superior durability. It serves its users for a long time. This is mostly facilitated by its solid construction and high-quality materials. The blade is replaceable and therefore, the piece that you will use for a long time is the handle. This is why the handle is strongly built to serve you for a longer time. You will use this razor for years before replacing it.

Feather Black SS Japanese Straight Razor
456 Reviews
Feather Black SS Japanese Straight Razor
  • Super-engineered resin handle for excellent grip
  • Feather has created the most innovative razor in the world
  • Heat-resistant gum handle (up to 135 C, 275 F)
Feather Black SS Japanese Straight Razor
Feather Black SS Japanese Straight Razor
What We Like
  • Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor is stylish design.
  • ​Simple blade removal mechanism.
  • ​Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • ​Simple to assemble and disassemble.
  • Features a lightweight and comfortable design.
What We Didn't Like
  • This model is relatively expensive as compared to most straight razors. However, the price is worth investment.

Are you seeking to get a clean shave in a matter of seconds? This Dove model will give you exactly that. The advanced features that this straight razor comes with make the piece to be the best straight razor available today.

Dove Full Hollow Carbon Steel 5/8″ Straight Razor is a classic product with a great style. It is not only simple to use but also to maintain.

Full hollow design characterizes this item to make it lightweight. The blade features the highest hardness degree. This makes it durable and also gives it the ability to withstand frequent honing. It is of high quality but also available at a competitive price.

It is a top performing model with fantastic features.

Easy Maintenance

It is not difficult to maintain this straight razor. You are advised to keep it in good condition for it to serve you excellently. You will require a strop balm and a razor strop when using it. To disinfect the razor before use, you should use ethanol. You can also boil the blade to ensure that it is free of pathogens. Dry the piece after every use to enhance durability. When you are not using this item for a long time, ensure that it is in good condition. This means that you should rub some light oil on it than store it in a cool, dry place.


This is one of the most useful straight razor on the market today. One of the things that make it the choice of many is its versatility. It can serve various purposes in various conditions. You can also use this razor on various skin types including the sensitive skin type.

In case you got razor bumps, it carefully and efficiently glides over them and still gives you a clean shave. You experience no irritation after using this razor, thanks to its high-quality materials and construction. You can still use this razor to get rid of ingrown hairs. The razor gives you a painless shave every single day. It can be used by men of all ages.

Efficient Blade

The blade of this razor is one of a kind. It contributes greatly to making this product the best cut throat razor in the industry. You will get a miraculously close shave from this blade. The blade is made of Swedish steel to boost durability and functionality.

DOVO Straight Razor
239 Reviews
DOVO Straight Razor
  • Crafted from the highest quality materials
  • Built for performance and durability
  • Made in Germany
DOVO Straight Razor
DOVO Straight Razor
What We Like
  • Dovo Full Hollow Carbon Steel 5/8″ Straight Razor is shave ready during delivery.
  • ​The blade is long lasting.
  • ​The handle provides firm grip and support during operation.
  • ​Great for the value.
  • It is lightweight.
What We Didn't Like
  • Some user complain about handle. But it’s rare.

The foldable straight razors are some of the top choices you will find to be very reliable and convenient.

This is a high-quality foldable razor for a sleek and professional look.

The razor is made of the highest quality of stainless steel; hence last longer than you may expect.

Durable Construction: In order to ensure that the razor serves you better and longer, it has a durable and awesome construction.

It is built from genuine stainless steel blades that are honed for a perfect shave.

The handles are also made from stainless steel. The handles are easy to disassemble and offer maximum support. This is because they are affixed with machine screws, making it an ideal choice for all men.

Four Stainless Steel Blades

This is the best straight razor that will assure you of an excellent shave. This is because the razor comes with quality honed stainless steel blades. With this, you will always shave with a lot of ease and for the longest time possible. You can always replace the razors on a regular basis for a smooth shave.

Exquisite Quality Design

This is a smart straight razor with an ergonomic design every man will find appealing. It is designed in a unique way to offer you reliable and convenient service. With the smart innovative design, it will easily reach out every facial hair for a clean shave. It is also foldable, making it elementary to keep after use. You will be able to rinse the razor since it is made from genuine stainless steel. This means that it is resistant to any kind of corrosion.

What We Like
  • It has an innovative and user-friendly design.
  • Comes with four quality honed blades.
  • It is made to offer you a long term service.
  • An ideal gift choice for all males.
What We Didn't Like
  • The blades may easily get dull, though in rare instances.

Do you wish to enjoy a classic and smooth shave with the straight razor? This is one of the leading that every man will find ideal. It is because the razor is designed to offer you a smooth and classic shave as you expect.

It features high-quality aluminum blade carrier, which allows for easy storage of all the razors.

This is one of the top rated straight razors you need to try out and you will definitely like it.

Ergonomic Design: The razor is very user-friendly as it allows you to shave with a lot of comfort. This is because of its innovative and ergonomic design that will allow you to hold it comfortably.

It allows for a smooth shave; hence one of the recommended choices to give a try.

Aluminum Blade Carder

This is a unique straight razor that comes with quality and sharp blades to give you the best shave. In order to safely keep all the blades, it features an aluminum blade carrier. With this, you will be able to safely keep the blades after use. The aluminum body means that it is resistant to rust and, therefore, has a longer life. Besides this, the holder can always be either red or black. This means that you will be able to find your favorite color from the two available choices.

Quality Aluminum Handle

Today, every man is looking for a quality cut throat razor that will serve them for the longest time possible. This is a unique and great straight razor with aluminum blades. With this, you are assured of a long term service as it will not easily wear out. Apart from this, the aluminum body allows for easy cleaning after shaving. This is all you need for a perfect and elegant shave. You can now get the straight razor delivered within a short time by ordering today.

DOVO Shavette Replacable Blade Straight Razor
315 Reviews
DOVO Shavette Replacable Blade Straight Razor
  • Imported from DOVO, Solingen, Germany
  • It has an aluminum blade carrier that holder(Color May Vary) fit into
  • The holder adapts to all brands of standard double edge blades
DOVO Shavette Replacable Blade Straight Razor
DOVO Shavette Replacable Blade Straight Razor
What We Like
  • Dove Silver Shavette Satin Finish Straight Razor is resistant to rust.
  • The cut throat razor is very ergonomic.
  • ​It is available at a fair price.
  • It comes with a blade carrier.
What We Didn't Like
  • Little weighted.

This is another amazing straight razor that is made from high quality and genuine stainless steel blade arm. This means that it is ideal for use in the shower.

Besides this, it is very secure since it features a snap/lock blade. This will allow the blade to insert; hence you can comfortably carry it.

Rounded Exposure: This elegant straight razor also features a rounded exposure at the and of the blade compartment. This means that you will find it very ergonomic to use as it will always minimize any kind of cut. To allow for an easy use, the blade has a user-friendly design. It, therefore, implies that you will be able to hold it with a lot of ease to achieve an elegant shave.

The straight razor is made to last as it will serve you for the longest time possible. It is because the arms are made from the highest quality of stainless steel. This means that it is resistant to corrosion, making it an ideal choice for use anywhere.

Doubled Edged Blades

It will assure you of a close shave. It is able to cut every single facial hair leaving you with an awesome look. This is because the straight razor uses very sharp double edge blade. To offer you more reliable and convenient services, it comes with up to five Shark Super stainless half blades. With this, you will always replace any blurred razor to continue enjoying excellent shaving. Why miss out on this? It is one quality straight razor that has been recommended by professional barber shops around the globe.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

After use, you can always wash the razor to keep it clean. This is because it is made from corrosive resistant stainless. This makes it very elementary to maintain for a long term service. The cut throat razor is perfect for cutting every single facial hair around the neck and on the face. It has an innovative design that allows it to reach out every point. This implies that you will be able to achieve the ultimate shave when you try it out. Despite its top-notch features, it is relatively cheap. The straight edge razor can now be ordered online and it will be delivered within a short time.

Parker SR1 Stainless Steel Straight Edge Professional Barber Razor and 5 Shark...
1,989 Reviews
Parker SR1 Stainless Steel Straight Edge Professional Barber Razor and 5 Shark...
  • Genuine stainless steel blade arm (not aluminum) - Professional Quality for Barbershop use or at...
  • Rounded exposure at the end of the blade compartment to minimize cuts
  • Snap/Lock blade holder along with inserts to ensure secure blade insertion.
What We Like
  • Parker SR1 has an innovative and ergonomic design.
  • ​It is user-friendly.
  • ​The razor comes with up to five shark stainless razors.
  • It is made from genuine stainless to last.
  • The razor is very safe.
What We Didn't Like
  • At times, the blade may not snap into place, though in rare cases.

Best Accessories For Straight Razors

straight razor accessories

Why You Need Straight Razor Accessories In Shaving?

Do you wish to have a smooth and very comfortable shave? The straight razor has been recommended as the ultimate choice for a classic shave. This, therefore, implies that for a great and classic shave, you will need to find the best straight razor. There are different straight razors on the market, but only a few come with the required accessories. Some of the necessary best cut throat razor accessories include; straight razor strop and shaving brush. The others are shaving cream and after shave balm. These accessories will make your shaving very elementary and quick. This means that when buying the best straight razor, the accessories are key factors. Below is a compressive review of some best straight razor accessories. Besides this, you will also find out why you need to use the accessories.

Best Straight Razor Strop

In most cases, you may realize that your straight razor blade has bent out of alignment. To correct such alignments, you will need a straight razor strop for stropping the blade. Apart from this, the straight razor strop is also useful in honing the blade to keep it sharp. Here are some of the leading straight razor strops to try out.

This is an amazing straight razor strop designed from high quality Latigo leather. This implies that it is a durable straight razors strop you can rely on. The imported straight razor strop is about 3-inches wide.

With this, you will find it very elementary to use it for stropping your straight razor.

It comes with twin strop; hence one you don’t want to miss.

This is the ultimate compliment for the best straight razor. And this RoyalShave Red Latigo Leather Strop is one of the best straight razor strop in the market.

This is another high quality straight razor strop that will enable you to create the ideal tension.

This is because it features paddle handles, which makes it simpler for maximizing the tension. It has a large stropping area of about 3 x 27 inches, making it a great choice.

Besides this, its reverse strop is made from polypropylene fabric. This will ensure that the razor dries out after every shave. It is also made with the long lasting Chicago screw hardware.

This is one of the ultimate best straight razor strops to give a try.

Best Shaving Brush

The shaving brush is another crucial best straight razor accessories. The shaving brush is important for preparing the facial hair before shaving. They are also used for bringing an extra moisture to the foam. This is by thickening the lather and making the shaving process easier. Lastly, they are for scrubbing dirt, dust, and dead skin from the skin.

The type of bristles is always a key factor to consider when buying the shaving brush. Parker Safety Razor Shaving Brush is a high quality and classic shaving brush with 100% silvertip badger bristles.

With this, you will find it ideal for scrubbing and preparing the facial hair before every shave.

It will also bring out a fabulous lather for a smooth shave when using either soap or cream.

The handmade brush comes with plastic drip stand for easy storage.

Are you looking for the ultimate shave brush for straight razors? This is one of the recommended shave brushes that will offer you the quality you can trust.

This is because it offers a long term and excellent service as expected. It comes with a Parker 29L butterfly open safety razor and features a chrome handle.

The bristles are made from deluxe black badger for a perfect foam generation.

This is all you need for a great shave. Get started with it today for amazing services.

Best Shaving Cream

For a great look, the shaving creams play an important role whenever using the straight razors. They are important for giving you a close shave. The shaving creams are known for hydrating, lubricating, tracking, and soothing and refreshing. With this, you will be able to enjoy a very smooth and comfortable shave.

The Art of Shaving 5 fl. Oz. Shaving Cream is a great and effective shaving cream that is ideal for all types of skin. Everyone needs a shaving cream that will protect their skins for razor burns and irritation. This smart shaving cream is the ultimate choice that will protect you from irritation and razor burns. It is rich with the sandalwood essential oil, coconut oil, and glycerin.

This will leave your skin very smooth and moisturized after the shave. The high quality shaving cream will give you a close and comfortable shave as you expect. It is because it softens and lifts the beards for an easy cut. With the best straight razor, you will find it ideal for a great shave.

It contains methanol, which aids in cooling, revitalizing, and refreshing. It also contains eucalyptus oil that will tone and purify the facial hair and skin for a smooth shave.

It will also protect your skin before and after shaving.

This is because it has natural oils and nourishing botanicals. The shaving cream gives a soft, thick, and creamy lather to give you a very comfortable shave.

It is one of the ultimate straight razor shaving creams to try out.

Best After Shave Balm

The L’Occitane Moisturizing L’Occitan After Shave Balm is one of the ultimate after shave balm for all men.

This is because it will ensure that you feel the tightness of the skin without any greasy residue. It will also prevent irritations, soothes your skin to give you a great look.

It contains hydrating vegetable based glycerin, birch sap extract, and shea butter to give you a smooth and soft skin.

For a great scent, it is perfumed with the woody L’Occitan that every man will definitely love.

This is an alcohol-free after-shave balm that will aid in relieving sensitivity after shaving.

It is because it calms, cools, and conditions the skin.

The high quality after-shave balm is also ideal for hydrating and nourishing your skin immediately after shaving.

It contains glycerin, which ensures that your skin doesn’t dry out as it prevents irritation.

Apart from glycerin, it also contains allantoin and Aloe Vera, which will calm your skin after shaving.

Straight Razors For Men

straight razors for men

Ever seen an excellent shave and wondered what razor did the job? Ask no more A straight razor is good enough to give a smooth face for a very long time. It is considered a vintage style of shaving but folks or recent times are taking it up like fish would take to water. The modern man is only as good as his clean shave. As the resurgence of straight razors continues, it is vital that you have information on everything about a straight razor from how it looks to how it works. With a cut throat razor, your face eventually looks as handsome as it can ever be.

With this information, you get to buy the best straight razor there is.

How It Looks

Minus all the physics and technicalities of the structure of a straight razor, it is made of two major parts, the blade, and the handle. The blade is the metal end of the razor that has one side sharper and lustering. It is the cutting edge that is fixed on a handle. In between are parts such as a tang, a pivot point among others that help in swift functionality. The best straight razors have the length of the razor long enough for convenience and sharp enough for accurate results. The razors end in different points for which they get various parts. The handle on the other hand should be long enough to fit in your hand easily and precisely with some protruding end for swift manipulation during a shave.

Why You Need This?

You might ask yourself why you really need to buy straight razors among all others. There are numerous reasons for this One of them is the quality of the razor blade. Straight razors are made of stainless steel blades. This factor gets rid of any chances of experiencing irritation.

The other reason as to why you should consider using straight razors is the shave quality. Most of these razors are single edged and they give a smooth and effortless shave. You will definitely notice the difference during and after your first shave with a straight razor. Straight razors are also environmentally friendly. This is in the sense that when you buy it you will not have much waste to throw away.

The only waste that is generated with this razor is biodegradable shaving scum. The initial cost of obtaining a straight razor might seem expensive. However, after getting this razor, you are equipped for a lifetime. There will be no need to purchase double edged blades and razor cartridges again.

How Cut-Throat Razor Works

With this information, it is simple to understand how the straight razor works. Stropping is recommended before every shave. Wash your face before shaving, probably with warm water. This makes shaves painless and effortless. Apply a shaving cream to your beard or stubble and do not let the lather dry. While properly holding the razor against your skin, apply even strokes on your face. You should move the razor in the direction that your grows.

Blade Quality

A straight razor should give a perfect shave and an easy time. Therefore, it must have a high quality blade that will serve just the purpose. The best blade is made of a good metal or material compound that will not leave an itching effect or any resulting skin effects. It is of an ideal length, as per the user’s needs and one that retains the sharpness for a long time. No one wants to keep sharpening the blade every time. Different blades have different widths. This is the distance between the back of the blade and cutting edge. If you want the best straight razor, then its blade has to be wide enough to carry more lather during shaving strokes and narrow enough to maneuver without much struggle.

Types Of Straight Razor Blades

Shaving is not an all simple task and different styles demand different blades. Straight razor blades are divided into three broad categories. This classification is achieved by observing the shape of the profile of the point of the razor. This is a very simple way of looking at it.

1. Square Point Straight Razor:

Also at times referred to as the spike or sharp point, this razor has a blade whose end terminates in a very sharp point that is square shaped or as mathematicians would say it, a perpendicular end. This razor, owing to the feature is commonly used for accurate and precise shaving especially in small areas. However, not just everyone can play around with this tool since it needs quite the experience. If carelessly handled, it gives a painful pinch on the skin. No one wants to ruin their shaving time with a pinch so practice well before using the square point straight razor.

2. Round Point Straight Razor:

Right from the name, this razor ends in a semicircular manner. No sharp points in this one. Make no mistake; it is also accurate though not as a good as the square type. This type of blade is usually recommended to newbies and people who are not very attentive to details. If you also shave in a hurry this is a good blade for you. It has a lower pinching risk.

3. Oblique Point Straight Razor:

This one is also known as the French point razor. Most find this razor ending in a complicated shape. The point profile looks like a quarter a circle but one with a sharper angle curve. It also ends in a sharp point but not like that of a square that ends in a sharp straight line edge. While the two may look different only by appearance the oblique one can be used in difficult places like under the nose.

Handmade Straight Razors

Although not so common in the recent times, handmade cut throat razor blades are considered the best there can ever be. While it may look complicated at work, certain skilled men around the globe have a talent at creating these tools. Right from forging to engraving, crafters complete a sharp straight razor custom to a user. We all want different shaving experiences and styles. A hand made straight razor is suitable for you if you are too particular. By working with the artisan, you can get a straight razor jut ideal for you. Not only is the design just as you feel it but also the art or engraving is as you want. These razors come in different materials and shapes custom to your taste.

Vintage Or Modern Straight Razor? - Which One Is The Best?

So are you a fan of vintage or modern straight razors? Which one does it for you? Straight razors have been in man’s life for years. Our ancestors shaved using these razors but over time they have evolved to fit a modern man’s shaving needs. While the general parts of the straight razor, blade and handle, have remained almost the same, artisans have progressively changed features over time. Lucky for vintage razor lovers, most old straight razors still exist, and some artisans can make the old versions when the demand is there. Modern razor fans need not worry for straight razors can easily be obtained.

Vintage Straight Razors

So how did your fore father’s straight razor look like? Most vintage straight razors were made of steel and silver. While some may think the steel was unrefined, the steel used before was actually strong and polished and is the one still used in the current day. One unique feature in the vintage straight razor is the engraving feature. Due to the uniqueness of this tool of man then, they were not manufactured in large scale, so artisans had the time to draw or write on the handles classy symbols.

In modern time, most people collect antique straight razors for fun, display or heritage. Some men on the other hand want to feel the shaving experience with these old razors. If you have a vintage straight razor that has lost its sharp age over time, you can get it restored by a straight razor expert to its amazing initial form. Like most old folks would put it, it is not just a shaving razor but a manly tool through which your masculinity is seen. Vintage straight razors still function as a reference point from which modern straight razors are made.

Modern Straight Razors

Times have changes and new ways have been developed in making straight razors. With modernity comes different designs. Some of the best straight razors are not the folding type as tradition demands. They have different handle structures. While the blades still remain one that is made of stainless steel, they bare different details all together while retaining the same or better performance. Some straight razor have blades made of resin to improve the quality. A major difference is also on the parts of the straight razor.

Modern ones have been fitted with parts around the pivot to enhance balance and maneuvering. The best modern straight razors are made of wood that has resin. This is major because the material is light and most importantly, it does not deform. The handle made of this material complements that of the blade giving an overall good balance to the whole razor. Modern straight razors are manufactured for intensive usage for a longer time. In addition, modern straight razors come in different sizes for the users to choose.

How Versatile Are Cut Throat Razors?

You may want a quick shave by a cut throat razor. I may want a patient and nice shave. Maybe you like reaching the delicate parts while I just pass over. Another man may be experienced in using straight razors while another may be holding one for the first time. All these factors make straight razors have an extensive variety. Some are modern baring modern features while others are antique having remained true to their old features.

Different razors have different handles. The handles vary in the material used to make it At times metal, ceramic or even wood among others. Antique ones, for instance, were made of wood. As seen above blades are different in appearance and consequently their functions. Some straight razors have double edge razors. Factually speaking, the variety of straight razors available for a person’s pick is huge. It is up to you to look for and fine the one that impresses your eyes and makes the ladies impressed with your face after a shave.

Durability Of Straight Razors

There is usually that barber where you get your cuts who always seems to have the same straight razor since you could possibly recall. Unlike other razors, this master of the shave is made solely of a handle and single blade. No changing of blades over time. But this master outdoes the rest because of how durable it is? Straight razors have blades made of durable steel or steel alloys strong enough to serve you from boy to man to old age.

With straight razors, all you need is to grasp the art of maintenance which includes stropping and periodic honing. In layman language, this is the sharpening process of the blade. After the sharp end seems a bit blunt, you gently and patiently hone and strop it using a rock and leather. After this exciting task your blade is back to being as good as new. For people weary of honing and stropping, several straight razors are made of disposable blades. However, these do not have the quality edge of the straight ones described above. Unlike true straight razors, these modern types are not as durable, as precise and valuable.

Why Use A Straight Razor When A Razor Exists?

Straight razors, unlike other razors, have a single blade attached to the handle. These other razors require you to replace the razors when the old one tires out. Razors are usually small and fit in your palm and between your first and thumb finger. To put it blatantly, they are small. The difference between a straight razor and a razor are not just in how they look but just how well either function. In their performance lies the actual differences.

1. No More Irritation After Shave

No man complains of irritation after using a straight razor. While razors leave an itchy feeling on the skin after shaving, straight razors are advisable to men with skin prone to irritation. Straight razors leave the skin feeling comfortable making a man confident and comfortable.

2. It's A Close Shave

It is always a close shave with a cut throat razor. Shave right to the skin surface without leaving tiny protrudes of hair that usually irritates and give an unclean shave and also an irritation at times. Conventional razors aren’t up to the task as clean shaving is not their specialty. Most men seek the cleanest shave that leaves the skin smooth and tender than before.

3. A Once In A While Shave

Razors failure to shave cleanly give temporary comfort. Most people using razors shave once or twice every week. It is never a once and for all affair with razors. Straight razors on the other hand, give a longer lasting shave. They are more meticulous in their functioning ensuring that you don’t have to shave now and then.

4. Women Dig The Look

Contrary to what some men think, a straight razor shave can be easily spotted in a crowd. A straight razor shave can be seen by how smooth and clean a shave is. Women love a clean shave and are naturally drawn to it. Razors are not as smooth and leave scars at times when a person cuts himself.

5. How Comfortable Is Your Shave?

Straight blades give you an easy time during and after the shave. Once you have mastered the art the rest is a swift run. Razors pinch, have to be adjusted in some way have to be changed in the middle of a long shave. They are just not comfortable enough.

6. One Razor-One Life

Unlike razors that have to be replaced with time straight razors are durable and in that effect friendly to your pocket. You do not have to buy a million razors for just one lifetime. With a straight razor, all you have to learn is how to maintain it, and you’ll be sorted for life.

7. Zen Focus - Be The Guru Focus And Balance

Razors require you to do simple and random strokes for a quick shave. Straight razors teach you the art of focus and balance. When using a straight razor, you have to feel the handle in harmony with the blade. How it shifts in your hand and how much energy you have to apply. This is the Zen focus. With time you learn how to concentrate and make a stroke accurately for a perfect shave.

8. Save The Environmental While Shaving

Disposable razors get thrown away after usage. With so many people using razors then there is a lot of razor material waste-plastic, metal among others. Most people dispose of the waste irresponsibly polluting the environment. With straight razors no more pollution of the environment. When your blade gets blunt, you just sharpen it, and you’re good to go.

How Our Forefathers Did It - The Art Of Shaving

Traditional shaving is simple and simple always does it. If you do not know how to do it, then consider this a simple tutorial, and you can thank us later.

Step 1

First, you must know the tools required for this exciting skill. You need water, soap or cream, a brush and a razor. Water is the first star of the show, wet your hairs with direct water or a warm towel. Also, use water to prepare lather. The function of water is to soften your beard. It also lubricates the pores and prepares your face for one great shave.

Step 2

After that, create your lather, if using soap or apply your shaving cream. It is advisable that you use quality soap for the best results. Whichever you prefer should suffice. Take a nice whip of the lather or cream and apply it on your beard. Do it patiently so that it can be even all through. Shaving has to be consistent. If you are using soap, then you’ll have to experiment with the water to find the perfect lather for your shave. It is advisable to start with less as you add more time to use the brush.

Step 3

The brush is used to make the lather and apply it evenly. There are many options for this tool but you have to consider what you will be using, soap or cream. If cream is your option, then use a very soft brush. If you are using soap, then make use of a brush with much tougher bristles. Use the brush skillfully to spread the lather evenly on your beard so that the shave is level and clean.

Step 4

Then your most important tool comes in now to finish the job. Be careful when using your straight razor. Make slow patient strokes keenly studying your beard and skin. Do not hurry the process. Simply feel the weight of the razor and find a balance between the blade and the handle. Patiently stroke severally until you get a clean shave.

Aftershave was not a major part of old-style shaving but it is rather simple. Splash some cool water and then apply some nice aftershave to close the pores.

Stropping And Honing - Maintenance

This is, perhaps, one of the trickiest shaving-related activity for straight razor- newbies. Straight razors are made if stainless steel and thus require proper maintenance. After shaving, it is advisable to rinse with clean water then drying it completely to avoid rusting and strains.

After a while, the blade will become blunt and you may need to strop it. Stropping is a rather simple procedure; you can hang your strop on a hook with the leather side up. Holding the razor at the part between the blade and handle, lay it flat on the leather so that the cutting edge is in perfect place. Slowly move the razor towards the back of the blade. Apply just enough pressure. Do the same when moving back but after rolling the blade to sharpen both sides. Take care not to cut the strop.

When honing always use a wet stone and do it gently so that you do not cut yourself. It is advisable that you use the ideal honing stone that you probably bought with the straight razor.

How Much For A Straight Razor?

Straight razors vary in price according to the performance and quality of the razor as well as where you are buying it from. The cheapest straight razors can be obtained for as low as 20$ to as high as 200$ or more. Therefore, the one you chose to get is determined by how much money you have or how willing you are to purchase the best straight razor there is. In case you are shipping it form a foreign country, then you will have to incur the cost of shipping if the company does not cover it. It is always said that a good shaving time can never be too costly. Remember, this is a one off payment most of the time or for a very long time compared to how much you would have spent on disposable razors.

How To Know The Best High-Quality Straight Razor


The best straight razor usually recommended by specialists is one that has a favorable width. It has generally been agreed that the best width for a blade is averagely 6/8th of an inch. This provides a rough idea of the weight of the razor. The wider the blade, the heavier it is since it has more steel. When the blade is wide, it is harder to handle and reach the all difficult places.


Look at the handle material my guy. The handle has to be made of a material that is both long lasting and comfortable to the hand. Most specialists’s advice that wood handles reinforced with resins are durable compared to plastics and other materials.

The Manufacturer

Who manufactured the blade? The best cut throat razors are those manufactured by notable companies. Historically, the best straight razors have always come from France and Germany. With time, companies from the United States have mastered the skill of creating classy and equally performing razors. Consider the manufacturer as a reputable one certainly gives the best one.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Straight Razor

Grip -

How does the handle feel in your hand? Is it too big, too small or perfect? Is it slippery or tough to your skin? The best straight razor is one that feels just right in your hand. Not too soft but not too coarse.

The Quality Of The Material -

Quality dictates durability. Before reaching for your wallet check what material makes the handle, the blade, and other razor parts. Pick a razor made of long lasting material and one that requires simple and easy maintenance.

Types Of Blades -

Different people have different needs for razors. For instance, if you are a detailed and particular shaver then the square point razor should be your pick. It is most accurate of the three and can reach hidden parts such as in the nose. If you are a not so meticulous shaver, then the French one will suit you best. Not square and not round. It all comes down to what you want and how you shave.

Ease Of Use -

How comfortable are you or will you be using the razor you intend to buy. Judging from experience, consider a straight razor that will give you an easy time when shaving.

Price -

This can be looked at in two ways, both of which are best for you. The best straight razors are quite expensive. If you seek the best straight razor, then your account will have to suffer a little.

Alternatively, also purchase a blade that is pocket-friendly but does not go for the cheapest ones.

All in all as long as the razor you use gives a close shave and appeals to your eye, go ahead and buy it.

Buying Guide For The Best Straight Razor

The best experience for a perfect shave begins way before you do that first stroke. It begins with first considering what is good for you. Before arriving at this conclusion, you should look at the nature of your skin, how you want to shave it. This is the fundamental factor before you go to a shop looking for a straight razor.

Know More

After understanding what your skin and shaving style demands, it is important to know the different types of straight razors that are in the market. You can do a slight research to give you proper information about how they work, their pros and cons. Read from this bloc, and arrive at a decision that will guide you moving forward. Know the different brands that make straight razors. Different brands have different quality razors. Look in the market for the brand with the best reviews. Search online for the most recommended straight razors.

Find Advantage & Disadvantage

Then look for places that sell straight razors. Do not buy straight razors just anywhere. It is important to get legitimate razors. This information can also be found online or locally. Experienced sellers usually gave proper information and advice which will certainly work to your advantage. With the right seller, you are sure to get an ideal straight razor. Go to the shop or retail point and view the razor. Just because you saw how good it looks in a picture it doesn’t mean it is in actuality. By visiting the shop, you get to see the straight razor, hold it and feel the grip, the weight and see if it will always be appealing to you many years in the future.

Price Consideration

After that consider the price of the straight razor. Do not buy cheap straight razors because they falter with time. Remember, cheaply is expensive. But also don’t dig too deep and fall into a financial crisis. So get a well-priced straight razor that will make you feel good. Then finally buy your razor and hurry home so that you can have a beautiful shaving experience.

Why Do You Believe Us?

Traditional shaving using straight razors is almost a passion. The information given here is not just research by professionals in the industry. But first-hand insight from men who use straight razors- the best straight razors for that matter. This is a factual analysis that is important to you as it will give you help you in choosing the best straight razor.

F.A.Q's - What Most People Ask

What next?

No more suffering at the mercy of modern disposable razors. No more unclean shaves. The best straight razor for men is one that gives you a clean, comfortable shave that comes with an enjoyable time. The best straight razors for men bring back the traditional simple way of getting things done and eventual making of a confident, clean and handsome man. All the guide you need in getting the best straight razor ideal for you is here. All that is left is you heading to a store and buy one. Everything else will be smooth and swift as every stroke always is with the best straight razor for men. Take shaving to the next best level with the best shaving razor.

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