We all love our pets. Whether cats or dogs, we adore them and all the little things they do. They entertain us, comfort us, and keep us company. In return, we care for them, provide for their needs, and when it comes to grooming, we look after what needs to be done.

With that same tender care, we have to learn the dos and don'ts of caring for our little companions. Taking our pets to a professional salon to do the grooming, unfortunately, is a lot of effort, and some of us simply cannot afford it. However, with home grooming, many of us have learned that it is just too difficult to get the same success as a parlor would.

Have you ever considered that it might be the noise of the clipper that you are using that upsets your pet? Well, it does. Cats and dogs have sensitive ears. To eliminate the problems of home grooming, we have compiled a convenient list of the best quiet dog clippers that will make your life much easier.

oneisall Dog Clippers Professional

PetExpert Cordless Dog Clippers

AIBORS Dog Clippers

Best Quiet Dog Clipper Reviews

oneisall Dog Clippers Professional

One-is-all is a reputable fabricator that is dedicated to providing quality products to all of its global supporters. It produces a great variety of products, including electronic accessories and waterproof casings for smartphones.

However, the focus of its product lines is pet supplies. One-is-all produces numerous pet toys and the best in-home grooming kits. The One-is-all Dog Clipper Pro is a fine example of the many quality products the brand produces.


Designed with a sleek and ergonomic body, it will provide the handler with a sure grip to ensure that no accidental snags occur. Also, with a cordless design, it is very accessible. There is no more tugging on wires and uncomfortable straining while grooming your pet.

Even more, the advanced motor technology operates at much quieter noise levels than other clippers. It also features vibration reduction, which makes it more pet friendly. The stainless-steel and ceramic paired blades are not only precision sharpened but so durable that they will never lose their edge.

Combined with a two-speed setting, the performance of the clippers is unmatched and suitable even for the thickest pet hair. The blades are also designed to be skin-friendly, reducing snagging and burning to make it practical for all pet skin types.

The portable function is provided by a long-lasting Lithium-Ion battery that is supplied with a charging dock. This dock can also double as a storage unit, and after a three-hour charge, the clipper can operate for up to five hours. It has an LCD battery indicator for convenience and will provide accurate indications.

However, the only thing lacking in this model is a waterproof design. Cleaning the clipper has to be done the old fashioned way. With pet hair being among the most stubborn types of hair, this is a small but significant inconvenience.


  • Superior noise and vibration reduction technology
  • Combined stainless-steel and ceramic blades provide a keen and durable cut
  • Long-lasting, powerful Li-Ion battery provides lasting cordless operation
  • Ergonomic and light body designed for ease of operation
  • Convenient LCD indicator will never leave you guessing how much power remains


  • Does not feature a hygienic waterproof design

Pet Expert Cordless Dog Clipper

Little information can be found on the internet concerning the origins of this manufacturer. Regardless, PetExpert has found popular success among its supporters. As the name would suggest, it is a perfect product for the home grooming of your best friend.

It features the latest technology and has been constructed with the finest materials and design concepts. It is an excellent clipper and, according to many consumer reports, it is a functional and practical device that gets the job done.


Sold as a complete package with a few added extras like nail clippers, file, and scissors, it is the ideal budget option for those intent on saving money. The clipper features a 3.7v high-powered motor with a turbo setting that is ideal for cutting even the most stubborn and thickest coats.

With titanium and ceramic blades, the quality of the cut is never compromised. Also, with plenty of grooming length options, it is ideal for a variety of styling practices and grooming specified sections of fur. It features a low-vibration and quiet operation, as well as friendly blade contouring, making this clipper a real expert at grooming pets.

It also features cordless operation and can operate even while being charged. The LCD battery indicator will keep you informed on the battery strength, but it does not feature waterproof cleaning convenience. Unfortunately, keeping the clipper clean still has to be done the difficult way.


  • Whisper-quiet motor operation with superior vibration control
  • Cordless operation that can still function while being charged
  • Sharp titanium and ceramic blades will never lose their edge
  • Versatile grooming styles provided by all the added attachments
  • Friendly blades are easy on your pet’s skin


  • Does not feature waterproof construction or convenient cleaning accessibility

AIBORS Dog Clippers

Aibors is a very well-known manufacturer of pet supplies. From their collars to their clippers, Aibors is widely supported around the globe. The Aibors Dog Clipper is a very efficient device that is designed to meet the needs of groomers with thick-coated pets.


It is constructed with the latest blade design and made from titanium and ceramic. Also, it provides a friendly grooming experience with an edge that will never lose its sharpness. The powerful 12v motor is designed to operate with noise and vibration reduction and will cut easily through the thickest pelts.

The powerful motor installed in this clipper is an industry-leading standard that has its rivals on their back foot. It is designed and made with all the latest technological advancements, and it is ideal for home grooming.

The blades are made using nanotech advancement, contouring it to such precision that it will never snag or harm your pet’s skin. Despite its advanced design, it cannot function cord-free. The clipper is powered by a direct plugin and is not fitted with a battery.


  • Powerful clipper that is ideal for the thickest pelts
  • Durable titanium-ceramic blades with a very sharp edge
  • Nano precision blades are designed to be superiorly friendly on your friend’s skin
  • Features noise and vibration-reduction technology to further improve pet-friendliness
  • Permanent operation without power interruptions from a dead battery


  • Can only be operated while plugged in, making it immobile
  • Does not feature waterproof technology


If you love your pet, then providing them with only the best will be your main priority. Choose among any of these impressive products if you want one of the best grooming tools. Of course, these would be impractical without the correct grooming knowledge.

These devices will not make you an overnight grooming master, but they will provide you with the correct hardware. Feel free to invest and enjoy the grooming process, as it is a wonderful way to bond with your best friend.