Whether you're planning to use it for office work, arts, heavy duty paper cutting, or photography, a paper cutter can be a valuable addition to your arsenal. But what features should you consider when buying Guillotine paper cutter? Well, worry not because, in the following review of the best guillotine paper ​slicer models, we'll lay all the facts bare.

# Picture

Product Name


Our Rating



Swingline Paper Cutter, #9315

21.7 x 14 x 2.5 inches


New Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter (R) by HFS

24 x 17 x 10 inches


Dahle 18e Guillotine Paper Cutter/Trimmer

21 x 15.8 x 4 inches


(1152) Swingline Paper Trimmer / Cutter, Guillotine

21.5 x 4.8 x 4 inches


Plastic Base Laser Guillotine Trimmer from X-ACTO

23 x 20 x 6.5 inches


ACM15107 Westcott Titanium Wood Guillotine Trimmer

25.6 x 3.5 x 14.2 inches


TONIC STUDIOS 808 Guillotine Paper Trimmer

11.4 x 6.4 x 1.6 inches


Heavy Duty Wood Guillotine Trimmer from X-ACTO

22.5 x 17 x 5.2 inches


Evokem Paper Cutter Guillotine 18 Inch

26 x 15.8 x 2.4 inches

The right paper cutter is one that lets you add a touch of professionalism to your work. Most importantly, it's one that you can rely on at all times. Here's a list of the 9 most sought-after guillotine paper trimmers alongside factors to consider to make the right choice.

9 Best Guillotine Paper Cutter Reviews

1. Swingline Guillotine Paper Trimmer/Cutter

The Guillotine Paper Cutter from Swingline brand is an excellent paper cutter that is perfect for home or office use. It employs a guillotine style cutting blade that is sharp enough to cut through high capacity or thick materials.

What’s more? With a 15-inch cutting blade, it easily handles any paper cutting needs of up to 10 sheets in a single smooth pass and without any fuss. However, a 12-inch version is also available but this particular model seems to be a perfect size.

As far as construction of the cutter is concerned, its base is crafted from durable plastic material that makes it extremely light in weight. As such, you can carry it with you anywhere. On top of that, it comes with plenty of safety features including a latch hook for locking the cutting blade down when not in use.


  • Makes clean and precise cuts.
  • Self-sharpening blade stays sharp even after a lot of use.
  • Backed by a 10-year limited warranty.
  • Includes an alignment grid for excellent cutting accuracy.


  • Handle, blade and grid are not properly aligned.
  • Lacks a bar for holding the papers in place.

2. HFS (R) 12-inch Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter

If you are interested in a more heavy duty paper cutter, perhaps this model from HFS is a better choice. With a cut length of 12-inches, the device can slice through 400 sheets with a thickness of 1.5 inches in just one pass. In fact, it can cut through large books and even posters.

This heavy duty paper cutter features a razor sharp steel blade that can easily be replaced once it wears down. A blade holder also comes in handy with the machine to allow for easier replacement of blades.

Additionally, the HFS 12-inch Guillotine cutter is fitted with a safety pin mechanism designed to hold the arm until you are ready to complete a cut. Also, there is a removable guard to cover the exposed part of the blade always.


  • Adjustable paper clamp for precise cuts.
  • Saves paper by creating half-page flyers.
  • Has tons of safety features to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Rulers and grid on the cutter base for rough cuts.
  • Cuts multiple stacks of the same length with ease.
  • Highly recommended for heavy duty paper cutting


  • Does not include instructions on how to operate and handle the cutter.
  • Papers don’t stay put when cutting.

3. Dahle Vantage Guillotine Paper Cutter

The Dahle Vantage is yet another great guillotine paper cutter with plenty of unique features to give you the accuracy, safety, and convenience you need. First off, it incorporates an adjustable screened paper guide coupled with a backstop. This ensures incredible accuracy, especially when making repetitive cuts.

On top of that, the device boasts an 18-inch cut length blade featuring ground lever style for precision trimming. As such, it can easily slice through up to 15 sheets of paper at once.

To top it all up, the trimmer includes an automatic clamp for holding your materials securely in place in order to prevent shifting.


  • Solid and durable metal base for perfect foundation.
  • Easy to align cuts thanks to the screened guides.
  • Non-skid feet made of rubber to prevent slipping.
  • Boasts spring action on the handle for safety.
  • Crafted from lightweight and durable materials.
  • Provides good sheet capacity.


  • Has marking only to the quarter inch.
  • Ruler guidelines are not extremely straight.

4. Swingline ClassicCut Ingento Guillotine Trimmer/Cutter

With an 18-inch/24-inch steel blade, this paper cutter cuts everything from heavy mat board to photos and up to 15 sheets. The blade is self-sharpening so you don’t have to worry about replacing it or sharpening it now and then.

As if that’s not enough, the machine boasts a durable tension spring made of steel to keep the arm in place while making the cuts. In addition to this, it employs a finger guard rail as well as a latch hook on the blade to prevent the risk of injury.

An alignment grid along with dual scale ruler also comes in handy to help you make precise and perfect cuts every single time.


  • Perfect for nearly every kind of office environment.
  • Has a heavy-duty base for long-lasting performance.
  • Comes with 10-year limited warranty.
  • Offers solid and premium performance.


  • Quite large.
  • Does not cut square unless you re-align the ruler bar which is not easy.

5. X-ACTO Laser Guillotine Trimmer

Whether you are a design artist or a craft professional who depend on pinpoint accuracy, you can bet on this paper cutter to deliver clean cuts every time. Of course, this all thanks to its automatic laser guide that ensures every cut is accurate to the micrometer. It has good sheet capacity.

What is more, it employs a hardened and razor-sharp steel blade that cuts up to 12 sheets at a time. Further, the trimmer incorporates a spring-loaded guard coupled with a safety lock at the handle to keep your fingers safe.


  • The blade has a self-sharpening mechanism to keep it sharp.
  • Tons of safety features for worry-free use.
  • Includes a self-healing mat for extra cutting surface.
  • Sturdy and stays in place.
  • Lightweight.


  • The laser is very bright and can make it hard to see the lines for where to cut.
  • A little bit difficult to keep papers straight when cutting.

6. Westcott TrimAir Guillotine Paper Trimmer

Boasting a natural wood base, the Westcott TrimAir has an attractive and stylish design while at the same time being durable. Other than the looks, it comes with an ergonomic handle that is comfortable to use for long hours. Complementing the handle is anti-microbial protection that gives you the extra confidence to use it.

Further, the machine is equipped with titanium bonded blades integrated with Westcott’s unique technology to ensure they stay sharp for long. In fact, the cutter easily cuts through up to 30 sheets at a time without any fuss. The blades are fitted with a safety guard for added safety.


  • The blade is quite sharp and holds up very well.
  • Comfortable handle.
  • Includes a plastic guide to hold the papers in place.
  • Durable parts.
  • Cuts through a stack of papers effortlessly and straight.


  • No securing clamp.

7. Tonic Studios Guillotine Paper Trimmer 808

Featuring a simple build, this trimmer is not only inexpensive but also easy to use. It is ideal for scrapbooking, paper crafts, school projects and other small to mild uses - adequate sheet capacity.

For precise cuts, the machine boasts a measuring grid along with finger tabs to ensure straight cuts every time.

In addition to this, it is outfitted with a stainless steel blade that trims off thin cuts without any difficulty or even folding the edges. The blade is designed to cut papers of up to 8.5-inches wideness from cardstock to vellum.


  • Comes with a carry handle for ease of portability.
  • Sharp blades for making clean cuts.
  • Handle offers a comfortable and soft grip.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Cannot handle large projects.
  • Blade dulls up quickly.
  • Quite heavy despite being smaller.

8. X-ACTO Wood Guillotine Heavy Duty Trimmer

Designed specifically for heavy duty use, this trimmer from X-ACTO cuts high volumes of paper up to 15 sheets with so much ease. For steady cutting on various surfaces, it features rubber feet and a solid base made of durable wood.

In addition to that, this heavy duty paper cutter includes a steel blade featuring a self-sharpening system to keep it sharp after every use. As if that’s not enough, the paper cutter is outfitted with an adjustable guide to help make straight and accurate cuts.

Also included with the heavy duty paper trimmer is a safety latch to keep its arm in place while not in use and a safety guard to keep your fingers far away from the blade.


  • Has scales on the base that make for easy measurements.
  • Nice grid lines.
  • Has an oversized rubber grip for added comfort.
  • Base and rubberized feet offer a stable cutting platform.


  • Not as heavy-duty as advertised.
  • Handle construction is not extremely solid.

9. Evokem Wooden Guillotine Paper Cutter

If you are in the market for a simple guillotine paper cutter that can handle nearly every project you throw at it, this particular cutter is an excellent choice. With an automatic clamp, it easily holds your work securely in place so you can make accurate cuts.

Additionally, the machine boasts an adjustable guide to help you make repetitive cuts with utmost accuracy. Also included is an alignment grid as well as a ruler to ensure you obtain clean and accurate trim results.

What’s more? It is equipped with a sturdy natural wood base that provides you with a steady platform for executing all your cutting projects.


  • Papers don’t shift when making cuts.
  • Boasts an elegant and stylish design.
  • Can handle up to 12 sheets at a time.
  • Includes a lock for the blades for maximum safety.
  • Easy to use and assemble.


The Guillotine Paper Cutter Buying Guide

There are certainly a couple of things you will need to consider when purchasing the perfect guillotine paper cutter. These considerations will make the difference between your complete satisfaction and utter misery. 


A good guillotine paper cutter should have a sharp blade. This not only increases the machine’s efficiency but a dull blade can completely ruin your paper stack. In addition, you should consider a cutter with a self-sharpening blade to ensure it stays sharp throughout. Also, the blade should be easy to remove and replace once it wears out.

Number of Sheets to Cut

If you intend to cut a whole stack of at once, it would be a good idea to buy a bigger paper cutter. But if you’re only going to be dealing with a couple of sheets of paper, then a smaller guillotine cutter is all you need.

Safety Features

Guillotine paper cutters can cut human flesh if not handled with proper care. The good news is that most paper cutters usually incorporate a number of safety features to minimize the risk of injury. Some of the safety features to look out for include a latch to keep fingers away from the blade, tension spring and finger guardrail.

Size and Ease of Carrying

Some guillotine cutters are quite huge and at the same time heavy hence may take so much room than is available. As such, if you have very limited space and will need to move the device from one place to another, you definitely need a compact and lightweight cutter.

Which is Best for You?

Overall, the best guillotine cutter is one that combines safety, accuracy, ease of use and durability while giving you value for money. While any of the above options can provide you with cutting-edge performance, the winner for the best guillotine paper cutter in this guide is the Swingline Guillotine 9315. It has some great features that make it an excellent choice for home and office use including a sharp blade, great warranty, and various safety features.

Final Words

The above paper cutter options have some unique features that offer safety, different sheet capacity, and convenience while providing you with incredible accuracy. They will definitely make your work easy and enable you to handle multiple projects effortlessly. So, whether you are going to be cutting a single sheet of paper or a whole stack of them, there is guillotine paper cutter just for you.