Sometimes you wish you had a strong and powerful saw that will be able to cut those branches without costing a fortune. And that is possible with the pole saws that are available for the homeowner to keep a hand on those stubborn branches.

In this review, we investigate what is available and what they can offer the amateur tree cutter out there. So without wasting any more time, let us take a look at some of the affordable gas pole saws and what they offer.

Remington RM2599 Maverick Gas Pole Saw

Poulan Pro PR28PS Gas Pole Saw

MAXTRA 42.7CC Gas Pole Saw

Best Gas Pole Saw Reviews

Remington RM2599 Maverick Gas Pole Saw

You get quite a powerful tool in the Maverick gas pole saw from Remington that is known for its high-quality products and tools.


A reasonably strong engine will help to make the job quick and easy without a lot of effort from your side. The 25 cc 2-cycle engine will very easily and quickly cut through those thick branches without a problem at all.

The automatic oiling feature will keep the chain oiled all the time the motor is running to keep it thoroughly lubricated. This will help the chain to stay cool even if you run it for quite some time and prevent it from getting stuck.

With the 8-inch bar and chain design, it will allow you to cut through those overhead branches with much less kick-back. This feature will allow for a much easier and safer operation of the pole saw while you use it to cut those stubborn branches.

The shaft of this pole saw is divided into two pieces to allow more flexibility for out of reach cutting. If you do not need a very long reach, the pole can be removed for a much shorter configuration and easy access.

It is a bit heavy and can become a problem when a weaker person wants to cut overhead branches; they might get hurt. It also does not come with a reach further than 8 feet, and that will mean the use of a ladder.


  • It has a reasonable strong engine
  • Automatic lubrication is included
  • It has a low kick-back
  • Two-piece pole for better reach


  • It is quite heavy for overhead use
  • Does not have a very long reach

Poulan Pro PR28PSe Gas Pole Saw

This is an easy to use straight shaft pole saw that comes with quite a powerful motor for easy cutting operation.


The starting up of this pole saw is quick and easy with the great feature of the surefire fuel delivery system. It also comes with an auto-return stop switch so that it will be ready for the next start without hassle.

It is very easy to use this pole saw for cutting those stubborn branches in no time and without a lot of effort. The setup, as well as the upgrading of this pole, is straightforward with a click and go assembly.

One of the great features of this pole saw and trimmer is that it can be upgraded with more attachments. This will allow the saw to quickly change into a hedge cutter or a side trimmer for great flexibility with many applications.

The trimmer spool is very easy and quick and can be done without effort by anyone with no experience at all. For a quick spool feeding, you simply tap the trimmer head on the ground, and it will feed and extend quickly.

This pole saw can unfortunately not extend far enough to reach those higher branches without a ladder.

There is one design flaw with this pole saw, and that is when you hold the saw at different angles, the gas can stop flowing.


  • Quick and easy pull start
  • Easy to use
  • Can be upgraded for flexibility
  • Easy loading trimmer spool


  • It has quite a short reach
  • When held skew, the gas will not flow properly

MAXTRA 42.7CC Gas Pole Saw

You get a strong and durable pole saw from MAXTRA that will last a long time and provide great service time and again.


Included with this pole saw to make the carry around a bit easier, you get a very convenient carry bag. This carry bag is made from heavy-duty materials to make it last quite long, and it will hold all the accessories.

The motor of this pole saw is strong and will cut quite easily through all those thick, stubborn branches without any trouble. It will help to get the trimming of the trees done in a very short time without a great deal of effort.

A long and sharp blade that feels and looks quite sturdy is included and it will last for many hours of hard work. Together with the powerful motor and the strong blade, you will cut those thick branches with ease.

With this pole saw, you will get quite a long reach that allows you to get hold of those hard to reach branches. This will enable you to get the job done without the help of a ladder that will make the job unsafe.

It is a bit heavy for those cutting branches overhead and may cause some trouble for the weaker people out there. And, while the motor of this pole saw may be strong, you need some time and effort to get it started.


  • You get a carry bag included
  • It has quite a long blade
  • A strong motor is included with this saw
  • Quite a long reach with the pole saw


  • It is a bit heavy
  • This pole saw is a bit difficult to start


And the winner on our list of the best gas pole saws is the upgradeable Poulan Pro with quite a long reach and a very powerful motor attached to the saw. It is quite affordable and comes with a lot of extra features to make your life much easier.

Second but not second best is the MAXTRA that comes with a long reach and a powerful engine that will get the job done. And it will be done in a very short time without you sweating at all.