Best Dog Clippers for Matted Hair in 2019 – Matted Fur/Hair

Matted fur is one of the toughest to trim. On a positive note though, don’t we all love dogs with thick fur coats? It seems, therefore, that to keep your pet looking awesome, you need to invest some time in grooming them. Of course, as far as trimming the hair is concerned, you’ll need to get yourself the best dog clippers for matted fur. Wondering how to figure all this out? The following is a detailed review, just for you.

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Product Name


Our Rating



Andis 22685 UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Clipper AGC2

7.7 x 2.4 x 9.8 inches


Wahl KM10 2 Speed Brushless Motor Clipper Kit

1.8 x 2 x 7.5 inches


Andis 22545 AGC Dog Clipper

7.5 x 1.8 x 3.5 inches


Wahl 8786-1401 Animal Clipper ARCO

7 x 1.4 x 1.7 inches


Sminiker Professional Cordless Pet Clippers

9.3 x 2.7 x 9.7 inches


Wahl Professional Pet U-Clip Deluxe Clipper 9484-300

1.5 x 2 x 6.5 inches


Oster A5 Two Speed Pet Clipper

3 x 10.5 x 6 inches


Wahl Professional Animal Clipper

4.5 x 6.2 x 10 inches


Andis 12485 ProClip Animal Grooming Clipper

2.4 x 7 x 1.8 inches


Andis Pro-Animal Clipper Kit 21420

10.3 x 10.2 x 3.1 inches


2-Speed Cordless Pet Grooming Clippers by Bousnic

8.1 x 5.1 x 2.2 inches

The market is full of blade clippers for dogs. However, if you’re looking for absolute perfection, it’s important to be cautious about what you buy. Our review of 11 different options is meant to help you get absolutely good value for your money.

In-Depth Review of The Dog Clippers for Matted Hair

01. Andis UltraEdge Two-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

UltraEdge from Andis is one of the go-to clippers especially for people who trim their dogs regularly. This is especially the case if your dog’s hair mats easily. One thing worth appreciating is that this is a 2-speed machine. It comes with a rotary motor which operates incredibly quietly.

Moving on, the UltraEdge’s line up of blades comprises robust blades that can cut through matting like a hot knife through butter. Also, the fact that this is a 2-speed gadget means you can switch speeds accordingly.

Slow speeds are recommended for thick hair coats. However, if you’re dealing with a stubborn pooch, it might always be a good idea to switch to a high speed.

In terms of value, this unit ranks at the very top of the food chain. This is especially so keeping in mind that it has a shatter-proof housing. That’s in addition to the fact that it has a generous 14 feet cord.

Of course, the 14-foot cord isn’t all that long but it certainly gives you a lot of room to play. This is a big plus especially for someone who might be shaving a playful pup. The cord is, however, the price you pay for not going for a cordless/battery-powered unit.

What if the blades become blunt or if you need to change them for any other reason? The good thing with the UltraEdge clipper from Andis is that it boats a detachable blade design. This is fantastic especially when cleaning and blade changing is involved.


  • Powerful motor.
  • Two-speed options.
  • Operates quietly.
  • Runs cool even after several hours of use.
  • Reasonably long cord.
  • Available in 5 different colors to choose from.
  • Light in weight (Less than 1 pound).


  • Only comes with one blade.

02. Wahl Professional KM10 Animal Clipper Kit

The Wahl 9791 Professional KM10 Animal Clipper is a two-speed device designed for trimming dogs, horses, cats, and other livestock. The clipper is a two-speed unit meaning you can operate it within the 3,000 and 3,700 SPM range. That, of course, gives you the confidence to face all coat types including matted and curly coats.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that that this is, actually, an improved version of the Wahl KM2. That said, it comes with a brushless motor and operates 12 times faster than the KM2.

Though it is corded, it is constructed with other features to provide control and comfort when you are grooming your pet. First and foremost the cord is long at 14feet which means it gives you a lot of room to play around. The device is also lightweight, weighing 12.3 ounces. Also, the clipper has an ergonomic design in addition to having low vibrations during operation.

Therefore, the clipper can be operated for long hours without experiencing fatigue and are suitable for professional all-day pet grooming.

What’s more? The front of the housing is rounded to prevent it being clogged by furs. The machine is also fitted with a secure and detachable blade system that’s super easy to operate.

Perhaps the only issue we can raise with this system is that it’s quite pricey. Fortunately, there’s little risk in buying it because the manufacturer provides a generous 5-year product warranty.


  • Fast clipping action.
  • Easy to grip.
  • Five-year warranty.
  • Two speeds and a high powered motor.
  • Detachable blades.
  • Rounded front.


  • Corded.
  • Expensive.

03. Andis AGC 22545 Professional Animal/Dog Clipper

Grooming your pet’s coat requires a clipper with enough power and sharp blades to cut through the fur. So does the Andis 22545 fit the bill? Well, first off, the reason this animal clipper made it to this list is that it’s relatively quiet and, therefore, pet-friendly.

It is powered by a rotating motor and not a magnetic one. Rotating motors are much cooler and operate with less noise than magnetic motors. The motor has a running speed of 2,700 SPM.

It is fitted with an advanced blade technology system which is compatible with CeramicEdge, UltraEdge, and ShowEdge blades. The blades are also detachable and, therefore, easy to maintain. The features of the motor and blade give the clipper power to cut through thick furs well.

On top of that, the Andis 22545 is designed with a break-resistant housing, for added durability. Even though the Clippers are corded, they have a long, 14-inch cord for easy management. Andis dog clippers is one of the best option for your dog.

Unfortunately, it is a bit heavy at 2.75 pounds and can cause hand fatigue if operated for long periods of time.


  • A product of Andis.
  • Rotating motor.
  • Effective blades.
  • They are fast.
  • Break-resistant housing.
  • Cooler motor.
  • Moderately noise.
  • Locking switch to secure the operation of the device.
  • Storage case.


  • The product is a bit expensive.
  • Limited to only one speed.
  • It is corded.

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04. Wahl Professional Animal Clipper ARCO 8786-1401

The features of Wahl Professional Clipper make it ideal for trimming small and medium-sized dogs. The cool-running motor operates at a speed of 5,500 strokes per minute.

The clipper comes with two rechargeable batteries with a charging time of 75 minutes and a running time of 80 minutes. Therefore, you will never worry about running out of battery power because you can use the clipper even while the other battery is recharging.

The ARCO functions with a five-blade system. It is also designed with many user-friendly and pet-friendly features. The clipper weighs 7.9 ounces, and therefore, is light and easy to hold. In addition, it has a slim construction, and it is suitable for trimming your pet’s sensitive body parts, sanitary area, and other body parts conveniently without experiencing hand fatigue.

An order comes with the clipper and the following accessories: two rechargeable batteries, a charging stand, and charger among others. However, we feel that this machine is a bit overpriced given the kind of features it presents you with.


  • It is one of the brands of Wahl.
  • Cordless.
  • Two rechargeable batteries provided.
  • A complete hair grooming kit.
  • One year warranty.
  • 30 days satisfaction guarantee.
  • Ergonomically designed.


  • The clipper is quite expensive.

05. Sminiker Rechargeable Professional Animal Clippers

Sminiker Rechargeable clippers are designed with features that make it suitable for both home and professional use. Its powerful motor has low vibrations and runs moderately quiet at 50 dB providing a comfortable grooming experience. It is also lightweight at 1.3 lbs.

Though the charging time is long and takes up to 4 hours, the Clippers have a long running time of up to 6 hours.

The clippers are fitted with titanium blades for effective pet grooming. Titanium blades are sharp, don’t get rusty and are, therefore, highly durable.

In addition, four guide combs are included to direct you on what length of fur to cut.

The package comes with the clipper and accessories such as the battery, adapter, cleaning brush and guide combs. One flaw with the clipper is that it takes repeat cuts to trim pets with heavy coats, shaving little by little.


  • Two-year warranty.
  • Cordless.
  • Long battery running time.
  • Titanium blades.
  • Very cheap compared to similar brands.
  • Complete hair grooming kit.
  • Animal-friendly with low vibrations and moderate noise.


  • A bit slow at shaving thick coats.

06. Wahl 9484-300 Professional Animal U-Clip Deluxe Clipper

Wahl 9484-300 is constructed with a powerful and speedy electromagnetic motor which runs at 7,200 SPM. It’s, therefore, ideal for cutting all types of coats. What’s more? It’s best suited for whole body clipping or touch-ups. The clippers are excellent for both professional and home use though they may not last long if operated every day.

The corded device is 8 feet long and weighs 16 ounces. The clipper may feel a bit heavy when trimming sensitive animal body parts, but the weight is generally manageable.

The clipper comes with sixteen accessories. It is a perfect kit for grooming your pet professionally at home. Generally, the full package comprises a storage case, DVD, color combs, blade oil, and a pair of scissors.

The only major complaint we could raise here is that this clipper tends to heat up like crazy. You may not like it especially if you’re a commercial pet groomer as you’d need to take breaks in between to let it cool off.


  • It is a product of Wahl.
  • Powerful motor.
  • They are pocket-friendly.
  • Two-year warranty.
  • 30 days satisfaction guarantee.
  • Unique and complete pet grooming kit.


  • It is limited to the USA market.
  • It is corded, and the cord is shorter compared to other brands.

07. Oster A5 Two Speed Animal Grooming Clipper

The Oster A5 clipper is designed with a powerful two-speed motor capable of handling different fur coats. That adjustable speed makes it possible to switch speeds depending on the area you’re trimming. For instance, you might need faster speeds when trimming a pet’s sanitary areas.

You, basically, have the freedom to choose between 2,100 SPM and 2,700 SPM. Add that to the fact that this unit uses CryogenX blades and you have a really good, high-performance clipper with you.

The housing is constructed with break-resistant features and is, therefore, durable. The device is corded and requires managing the cord while trimming. Fortunately, it has a long cord that measures 12 feet, for easy maneuverability.

The only red flag we could raise about this clipper is that it tends to heat up when used in the high-speed setting. You may, therefore, want to use that speed setting sparingly.


  • A product of Oster.
  • Two-speed motor system.
  • Durable blades that are cryogenically treated.
  • Durable housing.
  • One year warranty.
  • It trims fast.


  • They are not pocket-friendly.
  • They are corded.

08. Wahl Professional Pet Clipper #41870-0425

Wahl Bravura Clippers are light in weight and cordless and, therefore, very user-friendly. The clipper is devised for trimming small, medium and large animals including horses, cats, and dogs. It is perfect for grooming the whole body of pets including doing finish work.

The clippers are engineered with a powerful motor operating at up to 5,500SPM. The motor operates silently with low vibration and runs without heating up. The battery has a 60-minute charging time and 90-minute run time.

Also, the Clippers can be used while plugged in. This provides you with an assured performance because even if the battery runs out, you won’t be inconvenienced. You only need to plug it in and continue to work.

The Bravura is fitted with a 5-in-1 blade kit comprising #9, 10, 15, 30, and 40. The blades are made from high-grade steel and are sharp, strong, and durable. To top it all up, the full package comes with 6 attachment guide combs, charging stand, blade oil as well as a cleaning brush.


  • Manufactured by Wahl.
  • The Clippers are both corded and cordless.
  • One-year limited warranty.
  • A complete pet hair grooming kit.
  • Storage case.


  • Very expensive compared to similar models.
  • Not for international market but designed for the USA market only.

09. Andis ProClip 12485 Professional Animal Grooming Clipper

Andis 12485 Pro Clipper though expensive has many user-friendly and pet-friendly features. The device is equipped with a rotary motor for fast, quiet and effective grooming of your pet. This motor has two speeds to offer you the freedom of choice.

The higher speed setting is 3,400 SPM while the lower speed is 2,700 SPM. You, therefore, have two options. The slower setting is recommended for cutting tough coats while the faster one is ideal for dealing with sensitive parts of your pooch.

The blades are detachable for easy setting of cutting lengths and convenient cleaning of the device. In addition, the blade system is compatible with other blades in the market including ShowEdge blades UltraEdge, Oster A-5 blades, and CeramicEdge.

It has a locking switch to prevent your clipper from shutting off accidentally. Also, the Clippers have a square shape with a wide grip for comfortable handling. The machine has a cool-running design which keeps your machine from being clogged with hair.

The machine weighs 1.11 pounds and, therefore, light in weight. You would find it superb for day-to-day DIY pet grooming.


  • Break resistant housing and therefore durable.
  • Two speeds.
  • Rotary motor.
  • Long and strong cord.
  • It is light.
  • Low noise.
  • It is fast.


  • The price is a bit on the higher side.

10. Andis 21420 Pro-Animal Clipper Dog Grooming Kit

Andis 21420 Clipper has a powerful rotary motor that makes it a perfect grooming tool for heavy coated dogs and animals with other fur characteristics.

The motor runs quietly, making the clippers suitable for grooming noise sensitive pets. Rotary motors should be preferred to magnetic motors because they are cooler and quieter.

The machine functions with a detachable ceramic blade system for cooler, sharper and durable blades. The blade system is compatible with other blades in the industry including Oster A-5, CeramicEdge blades, and UltraEdge. The detachable blade system gives you the option to choose blades and switch them easily when grooming other animals. The kit is equipped with a Size 10 blade for delivering quality professional cuts.

The housing is shatterproof, assuring you of durability. Though corded, the Clippers are fitted with a long and strong 12 feet cord for easy maneuverability.

The seven-piece kit includes the clipper, blade oil, a storage bag and four attachment size combs of 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" to vary hair cutting lengths.


  • It is a product of Andis.
  • It is competitively priced.
  • Durable cord.
  • Great at doing heavy coats.
  • Break-resistant housing.
  • Adjustable blades for cutting different lengths of hair.
  • Rotary motor for a quiet run.


  • They are corded.

11. Bousnic 2-Speed Cordless Pet Hair Grooming Clippers

If you are skeptical about grooming your pet and you want to give it a try first without investing too much, Bousnic Clippers are worth considering. They are very pocket-friendly. Ideal for both home grooming and professional use, this cordless device stands out with its reliability.

It runs on low vibration and trims tough hair at noise levels of below 5dB. Unfortunately, the clipper has a five hour charging time, which is rather long with a battery running time of 70 minutes.

The machine is fitted with sharp and effective Titanium blades with an acute angle for superior performance. Also, the clipper has a knob for setting hair length easily.

In addition, it is light in weight at 1.4 lbs, therefore comfortable to handle for long periods of time.

The attachment combs are 3mm, 6mm, 9mm and 12 mm. The combs are countered to prevent nicks.

The full package comprises a wide variety of matted fur trimming accessories among them comb attachments, scissors, and a cleaning brush.


  • They are very affordable.
  • Satisfaction guarantee.
  • Titanium blades.
  • Complete kit.
  • Low noise.
  • Low vibrations.
  • Full Battery indicator.


  • The adapter isn't included, only a USB cable included.

What You Should Know About Matted Fur/Hair

Sometimes, pet grooming requires one to go beyond the usual light touch-ups. And when it’s extreme makeovers that are required, one should leave no chances. But why do dogs get matted hair in the first place?

Matting typically takes place whenever the fur faces friction. That’s why it’s quite common to find this kind of fur behind the ears, under the color, near the lower legs and so forth. Ordinarily, the best way to prevent matting in the first place is through regular brushing.

Depending on the type of dog you own, you may want to brush them every so often. We’d recommend a once a fortnight rule. The moment, your dog gets used to the routine, they’ll naturally enjoy being part of the action.

But what if the hair has already matted? Brushing such hair might irritate or even hurt your dog. For that reason, you should always be careful enough not annoy them. So, get yourself a sharp trimmer and simply trim the hair off.

This will create room for new hair to grow and you can start brushing this to ensure it doesn’t mat. So, in a nutshell, dog clippers for matted hair are a must have. Even the most skilled groomer will tell you that it’s virtually impossible to prevent matting with brushing.

The Buying Guide

Now that we have emphasized the benefits of getting one of these powerful machines, what should one consider when buying one? There are several factors to keep in mind at all times. These include:

# Speed

While single-speed motors are a boon for frugal shoppers, they may limit you when trimming matted fur. Normally, matted fur requires a slow speed setting of 3,000SPM or thereabouts. On the other hand, you can bank on a higher-speed setting when dealing with the sensitive parts of the body. So, we’d recommend going for a unit with multi-speed settings.

# Blades

It’s common sense that one might want to leave different hair lengths at different parts of the body. For instance, you might want the hair around the ears to be slightly large than one around the belly. For this reason, finding a trimmer that comes with multiple combs and blades can help.

# Corded vs. Cordless Matted Fur Trimmers

Corded trimmers are loved by many people because they also tend to be powerful. And since they don’t come with batteries, one doesn’t need to worry about recharging or not. Cordless trimmers, on the other hand, fully rely on batteries. A few years ago, though, people used to avoid them due to issues of the ability to retain power. Fortunately, modern technology has seen the introduction of new models which have superb battery run-times. The main benefit of having a cordless matted fur trimmer is that it gives you the unlimited freedom needed to trim playful pets.

# Noise & Heat

Noise and heat are two underrated but extremely important factors to consider when buying clippers for matted fur. Some pets get spooked by loud vibrations and, therefore, going for a silent machine would help in such cases. Likewise, it’s important to consider the fact that most clippers tend to heat-up over time. Ideally, you don’t want that to happen in the course of shaving a pooch. So, we’d advice you against buying models that are believed to heat up too quickly.

# Ergonomics

An average pet grooming session takes as much as 3 or even 4 hours. That’s a long time to hold a bulky clipper. For that reason, we generally advise buyers to go for ergonomically designed units. As far as weight is concerned, we’d vouch for 1.5-pound (and below) models.

Which One Is Best For You?

Keeping all the factors mentioned above in mind, our editors picked the Andis UltraEdge Trimmer as the ultimate winner of this showdown. It is powerful despite being slim and light in weight. It’s rare to find a machine that combines such features and still remains reliable.

The second runner’s up position would go to the Andis AGC Professional Animal Clipper all thanks to its user-friendliness. In fact, the only gripe we could pick with it is that it’s limited to only one speed. As mentioned earlier, sometimes you need multiple speed settings for the best trimming experience.

That said, each clipper that made it to this latest top list certainly deserves your attention. The answer to the question of “What’s the best dog clipper for matted hair?” ultimately depends on your taste and unique preferences.

Final Words

Have you noticed that your poodle’s hair has matted of late? Worry not, you only need to bank on a trimmer with sharp blades and multi-speed settings. Once that’s done, you can go ahead and keep your favorite pet looking neat without spending exorbitant amounts on a professional grooming service. How cool is that? So, go ahead and grab yourself one of these – thank me later.

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