If you run a salon and need one of the best clippers for barbers, we have something to share with you. Here, we will talk about the best clippers for barbers that you can use at home or professionally.

So without further ado, let's take a look at some of the best options available on the market.

Andis 66325 Barber Combo-Powerful Clipper

Wahl Professional Cord/Cordless Sterling 4 Clipper 8481

Oster Model 10 Barber Clipper

Best Clippers for Barbers Reviews

Andis 66325 Barber Combo-Powerful Clipper

This powerful clipper & trimmer combo kit by Andis is a great option to choose for professionals like barbers and hairstylists. The package comes with 4 trimmer attachments and 6 clipper attachment combs.

It gives you the freedom to work on any kind of haircut flawlessly. Furthermore, the sleek and lightweight housing is comfortable to handle, allowing you to work for an extended period.


So let's talk about two impressive products, which come in a combo deal. The Andis 66325 Barber Combo-Powerful Clipper/Trimmer Comber kit is a great package for almost every professional barber.

The availability of the adjustable blade clipper and a T-Outliner O blade trimmer allows the user to try new styles and cutting trends. Both these items are incredibly durable. Furthermore, this duo is fitted with two highly durable magnetic motors.

Talking about the blades, they continue to stay sharp for a reasonably longer timer. Moreover, these blades are made of stainless-steel for some extra strength.

Just like any other product launched by Andis, both the clipper and trimmer offer zero-gapped hair clipping and trimming, respectively. The T-Blade trimmer blade can cut the hair close enough to give a nice and clean haircut.

Moreover, Andis hair trimmers are known for their ability to give amazing fading results. The adjustable blade of the clipper gives you the freedom to switch between two available blade sizes (000 to 1).

The package comes with 6 clipper attachment and 4 trimmer attachment combs. This makes it possible to try a variety of styles and haircuts. Apart from these features and advantages, there are some drawbacks too.

The first one relates to the weight of the clipper, which is slightly heavy. On the other hand, the trimmer can get too hot even after using it for a few minutes.


  • Powerful and reliable magnetic motors, which ensure professional-grade clipping & trimming
  • Package includes 4 trimmer and 6 clipper attachment combs
  • Sleek housing is lighter and fits comfortably in your hands
  • Offers a smoother and flawless haircutting experience
  • Comes with a comfortable and easy to use hanger loop
  • Highly affordable and one of the best clippers for barbers
  • Doesn’t make much noise, which renders it as one of the quietest clippers


  • Weighs more than regular clippers of this size
  • Tends to get hot after using it for a couple of minutes

Wahl Professional Cord/Cordless Sterling 4 Clipper 8481

This particular product by Wahl offers you the convenience of both cordless and corded clippers. The Wahl Sterling 4 Clipper is explicitly designed for professional use. It is capable of serving you non-stop due to its dual power mode.


The Wahl Professional Cord/Cordless Sterling 4 Clipper is a commercial-grade product. It comes with dual operational mode, which allows you to use this clipper even when it is charging. This means you can use it non-stop without worrying about its battery power.

The precision offered by this clipper is satisfying and impressive. It promises to deliver a sharp performance that almost every professional demands from a clipper. In addition, the accuracy is outstanding too. With the help of its blade lever, you can easily adjust the cutting length.

It comes with 8 cutting guides, which allows you to get the accuracy you want. Moreover, its powerful Lithium-Ion battery is capable of serving for an extended period (990 minutes approx.).

To add a personal touch to this clipper, you can use one of the 4 insert chips that come with this product. When it comes to the downsides, there aren’t any significant issues that can bother you. For instance, it isn’t as quiet as you may expect, but still not too loud.


  • Cordless clipper with powerful Lithium-Ion battery
  • Comes with 4 different color insert chips, allowing you to customize it for a personal look
  • Capable of running for almost 90 minutes, which is simply impressive
  • Ergonomically designed casing for a comfortable grip
  • Sleek and lightweight clipper offers outstanding performance in almost any condition
  • Fitted with an innovatively designed taper lever for blending and fading


  • These clippers are slightly louder than similar other options
  • No battery life indicator

Oster Model 10 Professional Barber Clipper

This clipper by Oster is a classic product, designed and engineered specifically for professionals. The overall quality of this barber clipper is unsurpassable.


The Oster Model 10 Classic Professional Barber Clipper is the best tool a barber can buy. It is crafted with the highest level of craftsmanship. It is a compact, sleek, and lightweight clipper, which tends to perform well in any condition.

The outer casing is constructed with durable, break-resistant materials. Its heavy-duty motor can continue to perform for the whole day. It comes with two detachable blades, allowing you to create different hairstyles.

It comes with some of the most essential accessories, including a cleaning brush, lubricating oil, and a blade guard.


  • Comes with two detachable blades (000 and 1), which allows you to get the perfect trim
  • Break-resistant and durable housing for extended use
  • Built for heavy-duty use, as its powerful motor can trim even the thickest hair
  • The package includes all the essential equipment that you may need (lubricating oil, blade guard, and cleaning brush)
  • 10-foot extra-long power cord for hassle-free operation


  • One of the most expensive clippers available on the market
  • Not available as a cordless clipper


Once you have gone through the above reviews, it won’t be difficult to choose the most appropriate clipper. Although the products mentioned here are the best clippers for barbers, it doesn’t suggest that these clippers are not suitable for personal use.

These clippers perform seamlessly in almost any kind of working situation. To help you make an informed decision, we have discussed the pros and cons of all these clippers. You will surely be able to find the best clipper that is capable of meeting your needs.