Ask any grooming expert and they’ll tell that to get the best value for your money you’re better off investing in Andis clippers. Indeed, Andis is a brand that has earned a global reputation for excellence.

Their awesome reputation notwithstanding, not all of their clippers are ideal for fades. Looking to master precise lines for an easy time shaping the hair up? Some of the specs you need to look out for include:

  • Great trimming speeds (no overlap)
  • Powerful motor
  • Availability of accessories e.g. different guard sizes etc

Best Andis Clippers for Fades in 2020 – Reviews

1. Andis Master 01557 Adjustable Blade 15-watt, Silver Hair Clipper

The Andis 01557 is hailed for its great power and durability. For starters, its housing is made of lightweight aluminum which makes it highly resilient to shock.

Moving on, the machine comes with adjustable blades which are perfect for tapering and cutting all around. What’s more? The unit also packs a powerful magnet motor complete with an easy-to-use thumb-controlled switch.

As far as the ergonomics are concerned, this unit impresses thanks to the fact that it’s light in weight and comes with a great grip. So, it doesn’t really matter if you’re a professional groomer or a DIY one, this clipper can be used for long hours without causing hand fatigue.

As far as fades are concerned you’ll be glad to learn that the Andis 01557’s blades can be easily adjusted from fine line (000) to coarse size (1). That’s a big plus for anyone looking to create some awesome fades.


  • Available in both corded and cordless options
  • The blades are adjustable
  • Lightweight for enhanced ergonomics
  • Powerful speed of up to 14, 000 strokes per minute
  • Has a user manual


  • It is expensive
  • Features one speed

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2. Andis Professional Fade Master 01690 Hair Clipper

It can be gaped to zero by adjusting the clippers giving you a tight and high haircut. This makes it the best for tapering, magnificent close cutting, and fading. Made of carbon and steel which enhances its durability.

The motor magnet is very powerful with the capability of generating high speeds.

It is quite heavy and works best on thick or coarse hair. Its unbreakable nature makes it longlasting. It actually gives you value for your money.


  • the adjustable blades come in different sizes
  • Its broth cordless and corded
  • Convenient – easily controlled using the thumb
  • Powerful speeds of 14000 strokes per minute
  • Full user kit


  •  It is expensive
  • No variable speeds

3. Andis 04710 Professional Hair Trimmer/T-Outliner Gray

This is a must-have trimmer for any professional barber. It is because of its ability to cut crisp designs and outlines. In addition, dry shaving using a slightly gapped cutting trimmer will reduce bumps and irritation.

The kit comes with a heavy duty cord that is 8 foot long and a loop hanger. It also has a T-blade made of carbon and steel which can be zero gapped.

It is best used for maintaining beards and all facial hair. This T-blade trimmer is popular among barbers because of its ability to cut very clear outlines. The edges of your beards come out evenly. Andis T Outliner is one of the best fading machine.


  •  Available in different colors and designs
  • High-speed motors
  • Comes with user guide
  • Comes with trimmer attachment combs
  • Quite affordable


  •  Single speed
  • It is corded

4. Andis 23360 Fade Gold Clipper (Model 66245)

It’s powerful and suitable for both dry and wet hair shaves. Cuts both coarse and fine giving them a very nice touch. Don’t worry about your skin being cut as the blades don’t chew the guards.

The blades are made of stainless which makes them strong and long-lasting. They are sharp thus cuts into hair quickly. Simple to handle and are also great for balding.

If you are a fan of wahl products, you can check this best wahl clippers for fades.


  • The clippers are of high quality
  • Light in weight
  • Affordable
  • Comes with user kit


  • It is corded

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Andis Clippers for Fades

What’s the best clipper for the money? There are quite a few factors that you need to keep in mind to this end. This way, you can get the best value for your money and make an informed decision.

How Easy Is It To Use?

The ideal clipper is one that’s easy to use. Remember, fades require a bit more keenness to be delivered to perfection. So, look for a clipper that enables you to use different length combs and blades with ease.

The Source of Power

Typically, the source of power can either by directly from the wall plug or the battery. If you want lots of freedom, go for a cordless trimmer. However, if you want a bit more power and oomph, go for a corded trimmer.

Availability of Accessories

This is an extremely important factor to consider when making a decision. As we have already mentioned, fades are best done using different settings, blades and even guiding combs. So, it’s important that these are either readily available or supplied with the clipper itself.

Product Warranty

Much as Andis is a great company, not all of their products are perfect. So, it still makes sense to be inquisitive of the warranty period if you want to make a safer bet. The typical warranty period we’d like to recommend is 1-year to 3-year one.

Which One Is The Best?

The Andis Master 01557 Adjustable Blade 15-watt is in our view the leading clipper for fades. It’s affordable though not cheap.

We really like the fact that it’s easily adjustable and also the possibility of zero-gapping it exists. Its aluminum housing makes it highly durable. Its thumb-controlled side switch makes it ideal for one-hand on or off operation.

Final Thoughts

The decision on the best Andis clippers for fades boils down to your individual preferences. But ultimately, you need to consider things like the power of the motor, controllability as well as durability.

With that said, we hope that the above mentioned guidelines will come in handy in helping you make an informed bet.