Let’s face it – sometimes all we need is a trimmer line that gets the job done (that’s all). I mean, why would you end up spending hundreds of dollars on a 0.155 trimmer line yet you probably just want to trim your backyard? Well, the truth of the matter is that the best .065 trimmer line will, more often than not, be enough to get all those weeds and tall grasses out of your way. That said, we’d like to add a caveat emptor that you need a discerning eye to tell the difference between a good and not-so-good trimmer line.

Our dedicated editors have taken it upon themselves to help you get nothing but the best .065-inch strimmer line for the money. Here now is a detailed round-up of 7 best-selling options available on retail.

7 Best .065 Trimmer Line – Reviews

1. Cyclone Blue CY065S3-2 , .065-Inch 3-Pound Spool Grass Trimmer Line

While most common trimmer lines are made from nylon, we’re glad to see that in this case the manufacturer went a step further and used copolymer nylon instead. The thing with copolymer nylon, as opposed to just nylon, is that it is reinforced with extra materials. This provides extra strength and that’s something that comes in handy in boosting resistance to damage. So, once again, if you’re looking for a really powerful .065” commercial-grade trimmer line this is one of the few options available that can live up to or even exceed your expectations.

And that’s not all – for even more cutting power, this Made in USA trimmer line boasts a 6 bladed shape. As you might be aware, multi-sided trimmers tend to have loads of extra cutting power. So if you’re an average landscaping enthusiast who would like to explore the limits of your machine, this is probably something you’d want to get hold of.

What we liked

A product of Desert Extrusion Corporation, an Arizona based company with a proven track record.

  • Well-designed and made from high-quality products.
  • Can improve your trimmer performance.
  • Its diameter is ideal for light-medium work.
  • 6 edges equal more cutting power.
  • Comes already spooled.

What we didn’t like

  • Can seriously let you down when faced with very heavy work.

2. Arnold Commercial Trimmer Line .065-Inch Maxi-Edge 220 foot

Arnold Commercial Trimmer Line is manufactured by Arnold Corporation Limited. The line is universal and fits in both gas and electric powered trimmers. This string is blue. It is a six-bladed shaped trimming line and more effective in cutting than round and smooth traditional ropes. This shape increases its ability to trim weeds and tough grasses with ease and is therefore ideal for landscaping professional.

The line is 220 ft in length with a diameter of 0.065 inches. The rope can do 11 refills. When you order this trimming line, you will receive a trimmer line plus a cutting tool.

What we liked

  • The trimmer line is produced by Arnold Corporation, a company with over 50 years experience in manufacturing quality products.
  • It is a strong line and able to handle reasonably tough jobs.
  • The color blue.
  • Very affordable string.
  • Winding the line on the spool is easy.

What we didn’t like

  • It is not as strong as large diameter strings.

3. Oregon Gatorline 21-365 String Trimmer Line .065-Inch

Oregon Gatorline 21-365 is made from premium long-lasting co-polymer material. Therefore the line is strong and durable because it is designed to withstand breakages. The string is 1 pound in weight with a diameter size of 0.065 inches and a length of 611 feet. This rope fits most trimmer heads, and it can be used in gas-powered or electric powered trimmers.

The shape of the line is round. Besides, the line does not get tangled easily. What’s more, the line is very long at 611 feet. It will take long before you need another line if it is being used for home landscaping.

What we liked

  • The line is very long.
  • The visibility of the line because of the green color.
  • The line is very affordable.
  • Ideal for both commercial and home use.

What we didn’t like

  • The round shape and diameter size limits the level of difficulty this line can cut.

4. Maxpower 333665 Trimmer Line .065-Inch 1800-Ft

Maxpower 333665 is manufactured in the USA. The string is blue, round-shaped and made from durable Nylon material components. The line is 3 pounds, 0.065 inches by 1800 feet. This line will last for many seasons not unless you have a huge yard to maintain or it is being used for large-scale commercial work.

The line is suitable for doing light residential jobs and for personal use around the house. The line is designed to last long unless it is exposed to hard surfaces is when it breaks quickly. Using the line for the right job will see you working efficiently without the need to do many reloads.

What we liked

  • The length of the line is long and intended for 90 refills.
  • The blue color is visible.
  • Long lasting.
  • The line is perfect for handling light trimming work.

What we didn’t like

  • The line is expensive, but that is expected because of the length of the rope.

5. Arnold Maxi-Edge Trimmer Liner 0.065-Inch x 440-Foot

Arnold Maxi-Edge String Trimmer is one of the brands of Arnold Corporation a company that has been manufacturing quality products for over five decades. The line is a 6-point star, blue in color, 0.065 inches in diameter and 440 feet long. The 440 feet can do 22 refills.

This string is made from Polymer material. The material is sturdy and therefore the line will not break easily. Also, the line is serrated, giving it the cutting power to deal with thick weeds. Consequently, the line can handle commercial work well. The features make this string able to do up to three times more area than other ropes. This makes working with this line efficient because of the need to do few reloads.

What we liked

  • Very affordable.
  • It is a universal line compatible with electric and gas powered trimmers.
  • Fewer reloads.
  • The color blue makes the rope visible while working.

What we didn’t like

It is limited in power because of its small diameter size.

6. Weed Eater 588937907 Trimmer Line .065" X 200'

Picking the right tool to suit the job gets the job done easily. Consider buying this trimming line if you have light trimming work be it professional or home landscaping and if you have a Weed Cutter trimmer model. Made in the USA, Weed Eater 588937907 Trimmer Line is 0.065 inches by 200 feet.

The string is round in shape. The string is designed to handle light trimming jobs efficiently and will not break easily, therefore, lasting a long time. However, it breaks off if exposed to tough surfaces and hard work.

The line is easy to replace after it runs out because it is very affordable.

What we liked

  • The line is affordable.
  • The rope trims perfectly in Weed Eater String Trimmer models.
  • The rope handles light cutting jobs well.

What we didn’t like

  • Works in Weed Eater String Trimmer models only.
  • It is designed for light trimming jobs only.

7. Arnold .065-Inch x 220-Foot Residential Grade String Trimmer Line

This string is manufactured by Arnold Corporation, a company that specializes in making equipment accessories, attachments and parts. The trimming line is made from Nylon, and it is therefore reliable and durable because it does not break easily. The line is a 4-point star, blue line, 0.065 inches in diameter and 220 feet long. This is enough rope for 11 refills.

The string is designed to be compatible with light duty machines that have a head trimmer with a diameter of 0.065 inches. The string handles light-duty jobs efficiently and does an excellent job of trimming evenly.

What we liked

  • It is easy to unwind it and spool it.
  • The color blue is right because it makes the line visible.
  • The make of this string fits its purpose of doing residential landscaping jobs.

What we didn’t like

  • The string cannot handle tough jobs.

The Buying Guide

To get a task accomplished efficiently, you need the right tool. You need the right trimming line to handle the level of difficulty of the job. You also need to know the specifications of your trimmer to buy a line that is compatible with the trimmer head.

What You Need to Know about Trimming Lines

First and foremost consider the diameter of your trimmer’s head and buy a line that is compatible with it. Also find out if the line can work in your machine, gas or electric powered. Besides, consider the material that the trimmer line is made from whether it is Nylon, Co-polymer or Aluminum.

Trimmer line diameter is another important feature. Heavy work requires large diameter size trimming lines.

Also, the shape of the trimming line determines what level of work it can handle and whether it can minimize noise and vibrations from the equipment. We have various shapes of trimming lines including round, square, twisted among others.

Overall, choose a trimmer line that is compatible with your equipment and can handle the work at hand.

Which One is The Best?

Among the reviewed 0.065 trimmer lines, Arnold Commercial Trimmer Line is our top pick. It is then followed by Arnold Maxi-Edge Trimmer Liner 0.065-Inch x 440-FootNext, we picked Arnold .065-Inch x 220-Foot Residential, and then we liked Maxpower 333665 Trimmer Line. Our next pick is Oregon Gatorline 21-365 and last, but not least is Weed Eater.

We picked Arnold Commercial Trimmer Line because the line is universal and can work in both gas and electric powered trimmers. It is six-bladed, and this feature gives it more cutting power. We also like the blue color of the line. It also comes in an excellent package which includes a cutting tool. We love that the line can be used by landscaping professionals. What’s more, the line is affordable.

Advantages of .065 Trimmer Lines

The first advantage of trimmer lines of this diameter is that they tend to provide the best results when it comes to tasks such as cutting grass. Indeed, they also tend to be cheaper than their heavy-duty counterparts meaning they’re a good starting point for newbies. Most importantly, .065 lines are universally accepted by my most trimming machines. So, although you may still need to confirm the specs of your machine, .065 tend to work perfectly with 99% of the machines out there. The fact that .065-inch lines are the thinnest category available might make them look like they’re the least useful in trimming work but that’s not really the case. With a multi-sided blade, you can pretty much get the power of a .095 line on a .065 line.

Final Words

Sometimes, less is more when it comes to line trimmers. The key to understanding which .065 trimmer line is best for you lies in appreciating how different manufacturers can leverage on quality of materials and distinct shape to deliver award-winning final products. Facing a tough task of trimming grass? For sure, investing in one of the 7 choices reviewed above will not disappoint.