10 Best Andis Dog Clippers of 2019: Our Honest Thoughts

If you’re thinking of getting a good clipper for your pooch Andis is one of the brands you can count on. Their machines are generally known to be quite powerful. Plus their motors have the remarkable ability to remain cool even after long hours of use.

  • Andis competes with the like of Wahl and Oster
  • The company mostly provides detachable rather than adjustable blades
  • All their clippers are made in the USA

Andis Dog Clippers

1. Andis 12485 ProClip 2 Speed Clippers Detachable Blade

The Andis 12485 ProClip Clipper is ideal for professional use and for use by pet owners. It boasts various features that make it stand tall in comparison to other clippers.

Firstly, it has a quiet motor. A buzzing sound usually causes a dog to get stressed which makes the process of dog clipping much harder. This won’t be the case if you use this clipper.

Secondly, the clipper has a durable construction and is ideal for professional grooming jobs. More so, the clipper is sturdy and can handle dogs with tough coats. Additionally, the clipper works on all types of coats.

Another significant feature of the clipper is that it doesn’t overheat which slows down grooming because of having to take breaks to let the motor cool down.

The clipper is also easy to maintain. It is designed with a cool-running motor that doesn’t get clogged with hair. For regular maintenance, the blades need to be oiled before and after every use.

Although the clipper is corded, the good thing is that the cord is long at 14 feet. Worth noting is that the clipper comes at a medium price point.


  • It is heavy-duty and it can handle professional clipping jobs
  • Firm and durable blades
  • The motor is silent
  • The motor doesn’t overheat
  • They work on different types of coats
  • They can manage tough coats
  • Long Cord


  • There are brands in the market which have a shatter-proof housing
  • The blades have to be lubricated regularly
  • Corded

2. Andis 22360 UltraEdge AGC 2Speed Super Clippers Professional Animal Grooming

The Andis 22360 UltraEdge Clippers suits extra sensitive dogs, thanks to its quiet running motor.

Furthermore, the blades feature the Andis Detachable Blade technology, which comes with a lot of flexibilityYou can use one of three types of blades because it is compatible with CeramicEdge, ShowEdge blades, and UltraEdge.

It an easy to maintain clipper because of various feature designs. First, it has no vents and fans. Secondly, it comes with a removable drive cap for easy cleaning. In addition, the clipper blades require no lubrication.

Just as importantly, it has two speeds, the low speeds suiting clipping sensitive parts of the dog. Besides that, the clipper comes with a locking switch which prevents accidental shut offs.

However, the clipper is a bit pricey.


  • It is has a powerful motor that clips efficiently
  • It uses the Andis Detachable Blade technology
  • It is compatible with different types of blades
  • It has good customer reviews
  • It is easy to maintain thanks to a detachable blade
  • The motor has two speeds
  • Shatter-proof housing
  • It has a long 14 feet cord


  • Expensive
  • Corded

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3. Andis 21420 EasyClip Clippers ProAnimal Kit

The best clippers can turn dog clipping into an easier exercise. The Andis 21420 EasyClip Clippers will not disappoint you. It is a 7 pieces kit that includes four attachment combs of different sizes, a storage case, blade oil, and the clipper.

What’s more, they are quite budget-friendly clippers.

The different sizes of combs included make trimming different dog breeds possible. You are also able to interchange combs when clipping sensitive parts of a dog’s body like its sanitary area. The detachable clippers are compatible with CeramicEdge blades, UltraEdge Blades and Oster A-5 blades.

They are fitted with detachable ceramic blades which don’t overheat and also stay sharp for long.

Besides that, The clipper has a heavy-duty superior rotating motor. It is a powerful motor that can handle professional clipping jobs and it also handles dog breeds with tough and thick coats effectively. It suits spaniels, terriers, and poodles.

Other features of the motor include its quiet operation which prevents stressing dogs. Additionally, the motor doesn’t heat up.

For power, it is a corded clipper that comes with a 12 feet cord.


  • It is designed with the detachable blade technology
  • Detachable blades makes maintenance of the clippers easy
  • The clipper is compatible with various blades
  • The clipper is pocket-friendly


  • It is corded

4. Andis Supra ZR-Cordless Clippers Ion DBLC 79000

If you want the convenience of using cordless clippers, then you can consider the Andis Supra ZR-Cordless Clippers.

The clipper has a battery running time of 2 hours and a charging time of two hours which is a reasonable shaving time.

And there’s more. The clipper has a powerful motor that cuts both wet and dry coats. In addition, the clipper has an adjustable speed system with five speeds. The five speeds make trimming different types of coats possible and it also makes trimming sensitive parts of a dog like the ears and sanitary parts easier.

Moreover, the clipper uses ceramic blades which are sharp, what’s more, they stay sharper for longer, and they also stay cool when the motor is running. Just as importantly, the clipper can operate with UltraEdge and CeramicEdge blades.

However, they are a bit pricey in comparison to other Andis clippers.


  • Powerful motor
  • Cordless
  • It has a long-battery running time of 2 hours and a charging time of two hours
  • There are five speeds on the motor
  • The clipper uses ceramic blades


  • The clipper is expensive

5. Andis 22340 ProClip Clippers AGC2 Professional Animal Grooming

Effective coat grooming requires good clippers. The Andis 22340 ProClip Clipper is a variable speed clipper making it ideal for grooming different types of coats. Variable speeds also make shaving a pet’s sensitive part easier.

Most significantly, the motor operates quietly preventing stressing dogs during grooming. The motor features a cool-running smart system which is basically a motor without fans and vents. Motors with fans and vents usually get clogged with hair.

Additionally, the clipper has a locking switch to keep the clipper on when clipping by preventing accidental shut offs. The blade is detachable for the convenience of maintaining it. It is also compatible with ShowEdge, CeramicEdge, and UltraEdge blades.

Besides, the clipper is designed for longevity with its shatter-proof housing.

Although it is corded, the good thing is that the cord is 14 feet long. That is just long enough to prevent entanglements and provide you with the freedom of movement. On the flipside, though, the clipper is more expensive than other Andis models.


  • The motor has two speeds
  • It has a quiet motor
  • Variable speeds for all types of coats
  • The clipper is shatter-proof and therefore durable
  • The detachable blade is easy to maintain


  • Corded

6. Andis 23275 UltraEdge Clippers Super 2-Speed Professional Machine

A clipper that can handle all types of coats is very convenient. The Andis 23275 UltraEdge Clippers is perfect for all dog breeds. It is powerful and it comes with two different speed settings, a high speed, and low speed.

Most importantly, the motor is cool and quiet running making dog grooming a bit of a more tolerable experience for even the most sensitive dogs.

Moreover, the blade is detachable for ease of keeping the clipper clean. In addition, it has a long cord that is 14 feet long. What’s more, it has a break-resistant housing for durability.

To add to that, the clipper has a locking switch mechanism to prevent accidental shut offs.

On the downside, the clipper is not budget friendly with the cost being a bit on the higher side.


  • Durably constructed with a shatterproof housing
  • The motor doesn’t overheat and it is not noisy
  • It has a powerful motor that has two speeds
  • The clipper has detachable easy to clean blades
  • The cord is long


  • The cost is on the higher side
  • Corded

7. Andis 68065 Pet ProClip Clipper Pulse Ion Adjustable Blade

Experience the convenience of a cordless clipper. The Andis 68065 Pet ProClip Clipper is designed with other advantages too.

First off, it is a coat grooming kit that includes a charging stand, blade oil, the clipper and four attachment combs of different sizesSecondly, it is designed small and light in weight for handling ergonomics.

More so, the rechargeable battery has a long battery running time of 2 hours and a short charging time of 1 hour. As for its maintenance, it is easy to clean the clipper.

Additionally, the blade lengths are adjustable, which provides convenience because you do not need to change blades.


  • Cordless
  • The battery has a two-hour running time and a one hour recharging time
  • Various colors to choose from
  • It is small and light in weight for easy handling when grooming
  • An order includes four attachment combs, blade oil, and a charging stand
  • Improved adjustable blade design saves the hustle of changing blades


  • The clipper is expensive

8. Andis ProClip Excel 5-Speed Clippers

A motor determines the quality of a clipper. The Andis ProClip-Excel Clipper features a rotary motor that is powerful for peak performance. That’s not all, the clipper has five speeds which gives you full control over your clipping.

You can use the high speeds for tough coats and tough areas of a dog’s body and use the lower speeds for clipping sensitive areas.

Having said that, the speed is up to 4,500 strokes per minute and the motor is faster by 10% in comparison to AGC Super two-speed clippers. More importantly, it has a detachable blade design which provides versatility and ease of cleaning.

In addition, it is compatible with all snap-on style blades. For ergonomics, it is light in weight and the grip is soft and anti-slip.

Included are CeramicEdge size 10 blades which are good quality blades that last long and run cool. The order also comes with a blade brush.


  • A powerful rotary motor
  • Five speeds on the motor
  • Detachable blades
  • It is light in weight
  • Blade brush and size 10 CeramicEdge blade included


  • It is corded
  • It is quite expensive

9. Andis 22545 AGC 1-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper 

This clipper is ideal for beginner groomers and home-grooming of dogs because of its one-speed settings. Although the Andis 22545 1-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper is a one-speed grooming gadget, it is still a popular choice. A one-speed setting of low speeds comes with the advantage of staying cool for longer.

In addition, it has a cool-running smart motor design and therefore there is no need for fans and vents. It eliminates the maintenance process that results from being clogged by hairs. The clipper also has a locking switch which prevents the clipper from accidental shut offs when grooming a dog.

The other good thing with this clipper is that it has a detachable blade system which makes cleaning the device easy. It is also easy to change blades. The clipper is compatible with UltraEdge, CeramicEdge, and ShowEdge blades.

It is designed with a 14-foot heavy-duty cord. The body is made from polymers for durability. The housing is break-resistant.

It is moderately priced.


  • Cool-running smart motor design
  • Break-resistant housing
  • Long cord of 14 feet
  • It is compatible with other blades
  • Detachable and easy to clean blades


  • Only one-speed settings
  • It is corded

10. Andis 64800 Super AGR+ Cordless Clipper Professional Machine

Professional grooming requires a heavy duty clipper because it is done the whole day. The Andis 64800 Super AGR+ Cordless Clipper is a heavy duty cordless device that clips with precision. It is ideal for doing heavy coats and for professional jobs.

It can also operate as a corded pack if you buy a cord pack recommended by the manufacturer, namely Item #63075. The order includes a blade kit consisting of blade oil, a charging stand, and a storage case.

It is designed with detachable blades which are easily removed for cleaning. Most importantly for professional grooming, the contoured housing offers a comfortable grip for all- day use. Moreover, it is break-resistant and durable.

To top it all up, the clipper is compatible with other blades including CeramicEdge, UltraEdge, and ShowEdge. It is also compatible with Oster A-5 blades but they come separately.

The battery charges fast in only one hour, unfortunately, it has a short running time of only one hour.


  • It is cordless
  • The motor is heavy-duty and perfect for professional work
  • The housing is contoured for ease of handling
  • The housing is break resistant
  • The clipper is compatible with other blades
  • A charging stand is included


  • The battery has a short running time

The Buying Guide for Andis Dog Clippers

Since there are no two clippers that are made exactly the same, it’s important to be armed with a buying guide when making a decision. What factors matter? Here is our list of the key factors to keep in mind.

Strokes Per Minute

Commonly known by its initials of SPM, this is a specification about the speed of the clippers. Generally speaking, the higher the SPM the more effective the clipper is likely to be. Needless to say, high SPM ratings ultimately translate into faster shaving speeds.

Cordless vs Corded

The debate pitting these two against each other has been raging for quite some time now. Ultimately, it all depends on your preferences.

Cordless clippers are good when you want to have freedom of movement. Corded clippers, on the other hand, are preferred when power is a requirement. For instance, they come in handy when one needs to shave matted fur.


You really don’t want to end up with a clacking clipper that disturbs your dog. For that reason, it makes perfect sense to go for a quiet unit. Units whose motors use the rotary motion tend to be quieter.

So, pay attention to this feature and functionality before making a choice. That’s because not all Andis clippers use this kind of motor.

Which One Is The Best?

A lot has been said about dog clippers, but the question remains – which one of them is the absolute best? While there’s nothing like a perfect clipper, we tend to think that the Andis UltraEdge AGC2 clippers are quite well-made.

It offers a flexible 2-speed design and packs a rotary motor which works quietly. Its shatter-proof housing and heavy-duty cord make it quite a reliable, long-term choice.


Whether you’re setting out on a career to become a professional groomer or doing it just for fun at home, it’s important to bank on quality. Luckily, popular Andis dog clippers are renowned for their top-notch quality.

Owing to this reputation, we feel confident in recommending them to the discerning pet owners or enthusiasts.

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